2612 29th March 2013 Written Episode Update

2612 29th March 2013 Written Episode, 2612 29th March 2013 Written Update


Jeddah tells her to tell the truth as to what she was hiding. She shows him the handkerchief. Jeddah a opportunist will tries to drive a wedge between Randeep and Rashmi. He tells her to find out who Randeep is meeting a day before the engagement. A very disturbed Rashmi leaves the place.

The Next morning Rashmi is getting ready and she is still recalling Jeddah words. Randeep comes to her house and wishes to talk to her. He tells her that he has a past and does not want to keep any secrets from her. He tells he he was involved with someone and had a live in relationship but they broke it off.

A shocked Rashmi asks if does he have any contact her and he tells no they have no contact. Then He starts describing her and they show a woman who is in leather jacket and pants enters a bar with high stilettoes. As he is describing her they show her in action fighting with all the goons. Rashmi asks whether she is a Punjabi and Randeep tells she is a Bengali.

They show her talking in Bengali with her mother while fighting with the goons. She then beats them up and takes a briefcase and goes out,. The manager tries to stop her and she threatens the man for having goons in the bar. She tells him remember her name Vidisha Basu.

Randeep tells Rashmi that she wanted to be the best STF officer. They broke up when she was transferred to Delhi and he to Mumbai. The distances caused differences of opinion.

He tells her to tell any secret if she had. She is about to tell when Ritika comes and tells it is late and they have to get ready.

The engagement takes place and the couple look very good. Randeep tells that he told his secret and she should tell hers. She says that she will surely tell before the wedding. Randeep then tells her he can take that risk and winks at her, The wedding is fixed for a date 3 months later. Malti Bhabi and Ritika are worried but Rashmi reassures them.

Then enters Jeddah much to the shock of both of them uninvited. He gives them a bouquet. He then mingles with the guests. After sometime he hides behind a wall and tells Rashmi sitting at a table nearby that she has to go to the airport at 7 oclock wearing a red hairclip. She asks why and much to her shock he tells her she is going for her first assignment and she will be Rosy for that


Update Credit to: anurao66

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