2612 28th March 2013 Written Episode Update

2612 28th March 2013 Written Episode, 2612 28th March 2013 Written Update

The wedding preparations are on and there are some good scenes today which I enjoyed. Rashmi the new confidant and serious Rashmi is quite a surprise. She is still Lallu for her Malthi Bhabi. I loved there arguments about the lehanga for the wedding. But what she does not like is telling lies to her family. She had to lie once again and go for the so called training,

This scene between Jeddah and Rashmi were very good indeed. Jeddah is trying to teach Rashmi the art of lying and gives a lecture as how difficult it is to lie to him. He then demonstrates with the lie detector connected with both of them. He asks her 3 questions and she fails the test. He is trying is best to provoke her.

The confident Rashmi then in turn asks questions. Jeddah fails this time. That scene was worth seeing indeed. When the last questions she asks was whether he was jealous of Randeep. Jeddah get very angry with this.

The next scene was Randeep and Rashmi choosing the engagement ring. They have a cute nhok jhok He then gets a call and he leaves from there. Rashmi then remembers her next task and goes following him.

My gut feeling is that Randeep already she is following him afterall he is a pro, takes her to a park. He jumps over a wall and then in a few minutes jumps back on to the road. Why can’t a person riding a motorbike not find out that someone is following in an auto. After he leaves the place she finds that the place is a park and a hanky belonging to the lady on the ground.

She spends a sleepless night wondering who that lady is whom Randeep is with.
The next morning its Rashmi’s turn to be followed and she escapes from the person successfully.

She then meets Jeddah who tells her that she was successful in her task today; She says I know I escaped from the person who sent you and disappeared as you asked me to. He asks her how she knows then she retorts that she does not have a pendant with a detonator or lot of money for someone to follow her. Jeddah then asks her what happened to her following Randeep and she shows him the hanky and tells him what happened. He tells her not to lie to him.


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