2612 27th March 2013 Written Episode Update

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2612 27th March 2013 Written Episode, 2612 27th March 2013 Written Update

Jeddah ( He will be Jeddah to me Until proved otherwise) has Kidnapped and blackmailed Rashmi to become a field officer in SIU ( Never knew such a department exisited at all) on Behalf of the Government of India.

Government of India to much knowledge I am sure will not stoop to such levels to induct a field officer for spying. I think the CV’s have made a big mistake introducing this track.

Rashmi goes and meets him and he tells her she has to sign a confidential file in which she has to agree not to disclose a secret to anyone, family friends and even her husband. He tells she that even married people can join the SIU and balance the family and career well.

He then asks her to report at 6 am the next day for starting training. On her protests he tells her she should develop the idea of telling lies for that is part of her work. For a girl who does not like telling lies this is going to be a tough task. She goes home and tells Bhabhi that she had an appointment.

A scene which I liked was Randeep coming home and finding strangers who want to take his measurements as instructed by Naani who had gone to meet the purohit.
He is taken aback and tries to extricate himself from them. He then asks them to leave and consult Naani about the preparations.

Randeep cant rest in peace till he finds what happened to Shahana. He searches on the net and finds it stange that no body was found. Jeddah come on Video chat and they kind of have a tiff. Then Randeep tells him that he will meet him tomorrow.

I liked the Randeep-Rashmi scenes today and how Bhabi and Ritika leave them alone. Randeep is quick to pick the turmoil in Rashmi for he knows her well even if she denies it.

The next day our normal school teacher Rashmi undergoes training to become an under cover agent. But the tasks Jeddah put her through was like college students ragging a new student. She passes in everything with flying colors and impresses Jeddah. He tells her that her next tasks is to disappear in a matter of second. He turns and he finds Randeep coming towards him. He will be wondering what to do if Randeep saw Rashmi with him. He turn around and finds Rashmi is missing.

Rashmi today was a very confident and determined lady willing to do anything dished out to her. She has indeed grown up.

Rashmi and Randeep are having dinner in an restaurant. She notices someone behind Randeep. She remembers Jeddha’s words that the next task was for her to follow Randeep and not to be seen by him.

Randeep turns around to see whom she is looking at and he finds no one. That person goes into the pantry of the kitchen and takes a mobile SIM from a bread loaf. He then uses the SIM in his phone to call someone. He informs that the batch of students have arrives. The person in turns informs the head that the spadework of 2613 is done.


Update Credit to: anurao

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