2612 26th March 2013 Written Episode Update

2612 26th March 2013 Written Episode, 2612 26th March 2013 Written Update

Rash has taken forcefully to swami. She demands to know why has she brought there. He asks her to calm down and tells he is not ASP. He is spy who works for Govt of India as an agent for SIU and wants her to become field agent too. rash denies outrageously telling him she can not have her family in danger. he tells they already are and shows her face with shahana name tag. Basically he blackmails her with it saying she was master mind behind the plot and her family involve too. rash is shocked.

Rash’s sister and SIL waiting for her while preparing for her engagement. They are concerned as she is late triy to reach her bt coudn’t ) ofcourse cell unreachable. she is with swami).
Rash tells he has no proof that she is shahana, he shows CD. she replies she too have proof just to know that swami has taken them from lockers. he tels her stop fighting and agrees what he says as here he gets the last word so join the SIU. She demnds to know why should she he says coz she could be good agent. She still denies as she worries for her family. He replies that does she think that those people will leave them alone?? atleast if she joins she can protect them. She is stil in denial, He yells she has no choice and has only 24 hrs to say yes and warns her not disclose about it ( boy one heck of stubborn agent). He orders his man to drop her home safe.

Randeed is at STF office and his Court Maarshal going on. Officers question him why he broke the rule, when he was removed from the case. Ran says he did to save his country, counter question comes if he thinks other officers are not able or efficient enough to save the country ( samjha karo boss hero hai)? Superior tells him the difference between them and terrorist is we follow every rule and the follow none ( nahi yeh sach nahi hai, choro ka bhi imaan hota hai. Infact chor hi aaj kal jyada honest hai) and also how serious charges are against him as he had run away from the jail, investigated the case, raid different places without permission from the higher authorities. He rebukes that if he had not done this all then you guys now would have been answering to public’s query. (OMG, his new hair cut looks so good on him and wit this his eyes looks more wider and bigger. Fida ho gayi mein, Kul must watch for you) He further takes his superior’s class by saying that I should be getting pat on the back for saving the country but instead here I made to feel embarrass for not to follow some orders.( bureaucracy and redtapness man). Officers adjourn the decision and ask ran to leave.

Rashmi gets home, before entering she breaks her purse’s strep and makes up the story about her purse getting snatch and how one guy helped her to get bag back, in all this she got late coming home. Ritika is sacred and their SIL asks them to move on and forget the past. Rash goes to her room, cries and remember swami’s threat, sees her face flashing with shahana’s name tag etc.
Randeep pacing while recollecting all the incidents in FB aka how he disarmed the bomb, saved the kid, saved rash, shot malik other, how he himself got shot, what accusition he got while hearing all and is frustrated. he hears shoe steps, comes out and notices some one in the elevator, he follows the guy but he runs away in the car

A new day. Rash goes out, picks up news paper at the door and while looking for auto she sees a front page article on her with her picture that rash bhargwa urf shahna malik is behind the terror plot. She is shocked to death ( boy good twist, poor randeep aur phasa, ek ke baad ek pange). REporters follow her and starts questioning if she is behind it, which terror grop she belongs to etc ( OOPS what lame questions?? can’t CV come up with few nicer one??), She starts running, they follow her just then police comes and tells her it’s warrant against her for terror plot so she is under arrest. ( how on earth cops know she is here ??) She tries to defend but in vain, cops take her.

Decision day for randeep. They tell him you are guilty, you have two choices either surrender ( wow good randeep do it, then we will witness Jail ka romance, rash is already there) or get suspension.( I will go with former randeep, phir se jail se bhaagne ka mauka milega). OOps saare umeedo pe randeep ne paani fera. He says he refuses to take first offer as body of shahana was not found and 26/12 was not completed means there has to be other plot ( yep samrty started today name 26/13). He is questioned if he thinks he is only saviour of the country, he denies saying every one needs to take up responsibility for country else we will be slave again ( so true,in last 60 years we came from nationality to individuality).

Rash in police van, swami calls to tell how does she likes her future, he can make it real. He asks about her decision ( does it mean it was only one news paper that came to her house??)
Randeep was told about the judgement that he is suspended from all STF services with immediate effect and was asked to return his ID and service card. he does so. Rash agrees to be SIU field agent. The screen split between rashdeep.

Tomorrow: same guy who ran away in car calls to tell student has arrived. ( did not get much, if some one can fill in)

Update Credit to: md410

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