2612 22nd March 2013 Written Episode Update

2612 22nd March 2013 Written Episode, 2612 22nd March 2013 Written Update

Shahana is surprised seeing that Ritika, Malti Bhabhi and Mithu have escaped. Randeep asks a policeman what was happening. He asked if Shahana ( Rashmi ) had boarded the flight. He says no. He says that someone had told him to stop Shahana ( Rashmi ). Randee gets a call from Jadda. Randeep tells Jadda that he knows his true identity. Nikhil leaves for Delhi without Shahana ( Rashmi ). But he goes with that black bag. Rashmi tries to prove that she isn’t Shahana. Rashmi is asked to write down what she has to say.

Shahana asks a person through a webcam if the parcel has left for Delhi. The person on the other side of the webcam says yes.

Jadda gets a call from the a person and he is asked to go back to the office. Jadda is really angry.At Delhi, Nikhil is at the airport. Some reporters start asking him questions. A person asks Nikhil where Shahana (Rashmi) is. He says that she’s coming by the next flight. Shahana’s (Rashmi) bag is handed over to that person.

At the office, the boss of Jadda asks Jadda to see a video. It’s Rashmi as Shahana threatening to destroy India. Jadda tells that person everything about Shahana and her plans. That person asks Jadda to get the detonator of those bombs.

Nikhil gets a call from Karuna. Nikhil tells her that Shahana ( Rashmi ) couldn’t come. Karuna gets frustrated. Nikhil tells Karuna that he got Shahana’s ( Rashmi) bag.

The policeman and Ran suspect that someone is trying to have Rashmi out of the security clearance .

Nikhil calls Karuna. He is angry and tells Karuna that he has had Shahana (Rashmi) freed from the security clearance. Shahana is happy. Nikhil just tried to prove that he is as powerful as the CM.

Rashmi goes out of the airport and is happy to see Randeep. She goes towards him when Shahana’s car comes in front of her. She is forced to get into that car. Shahana tells Rashmi that she’ll call the police telling where Randeeo is if Rashmidoesn’t get into the car. After the car goes, Randeep runs after it but he isn’t able to catch it.

Jadda asks a preson to have Randeep’s location found out. Rashmi is taken to a place. Rashmi tells Shahana that she’ll never be successful. Shahana is angry at Rashmi.

Shahana gets a call from Randeep. Radeep says that he wants to make a deal with her.


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