2612 20th March 2013 Written Episode Update

2612 20th March 2013 Written Episode, 2612 20th March 2013 Written Update
Mallik manages to escape but Ran. stops him. Fi8 takes place btw them n finally Ran. hits Mallik hard n handcuffs him to chair again.

Ran. wishes Mallik once he is into senses and Mallik says though he may have stopped him again but he must not think they are losers. Ran. says he got to know everything abt 26-12.

Mallik says the mission is so powerful n he only knows a part of it. 26-12 is like a storm n the things involved in it has diff. motives at diff. places. A big earthquake coming their way n he can’t stop them at any cost.

Ran. gives left n ri8 n says he very well know how to save his country’s dignity n Mallik can’t do anything.

Ras. day dreams that she has revealed everything to CM n Commissioner. But she comes out of that dream n feels really bad n helpless. She reaches the police headquarters n a staff guides her in.

There Ran. talking to his co-member who is helping him n says that Mallik n team are trying to deviate them from original mission n they must think like them to know what their real intentions are.

Ras. sees Jadda n makes excuse n asks his help but she couldn’t as the staff again comes back n takes her to Sha.

Ran. reaches to the Dr. with the micro chip detonator. Dr. praises Shantanu for making such a innovative one. Ran. shows his disappointement for that n they start making sure of what they want.

There Ras. n Sha. in the office n Sha praises Ras. n when the staff informs that Sha is going to get the stuff of her, Sha says, its Ras. who have given those Tablets to distribute. Ras. finds something fishy.

There Ran. traces something like a map n asks Dr. what’s all that. Dr. says its some kind of location or something.

Sha n Ras. with staff in the store room where the tablets are n Seeing the Sha’s anxiety, Ras. feels fishy. They all gets to search for the packet as it wasn’t getting. Ras. finds the packet n thinks its good time to stop Sha. n she hides that package.

There Ran. n Dr. are in dilemma as they are not able to trace the meaning of the diagram.

There the staff member identifies the package n Ras. panics n Sha was happy. Staff says she needs to sign some papers but Sha says as its Ras. who has given them she will sign that. Ras. was shocked while Sha leaves to meet CM.

There Ran. was trying to decode that diagram n Nova 6 location activated. There Ras. gets beeps from the bag n was paniced. Here Ran. too shocked to see Nova 6 is activated. He tries to stop but fails n the screen freezes on both their faces.

Precap: Jadda asks Sha to give his share of bombs n Sha asks which face he wanna hide – Jadda’s or Anand SWami’s. Jadda shocked.
There a man asks Ras. to accompany him as Sha left on some work n she asked him to take care of her showing a gun n Ras. panics.

Update Credit to: swethasyam08

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