2612 1st April 2013 Written Episode Update

2612 1st April 2013 Written Episode, 2612 1st April 2013 Written Update

MR. Randeep and Miss Rashmi.

This episode as I had predicted in my last analysis proved my quest was true. Rashmi with great intelligence sees a card when sh goes to order the wedding cards. The card was of an Ashima who was getting married the same day. She takes the card home and tells Malthi Bhabi and Ritika that she has to go for her friends wedding to Delhi. She got an excuse to leave for Delhi,

At the Airport she is waiting for the handler. She misses a important thing that a terrorist coming into Mumbai in the guise of a NRI student. Randeep sees Rashmi. She tells him the same story but Randeep does not believe her.

He tells Rashmi he is going to Delhi because he was called. But he has no idea as to why he was called.
He goes to collect his ticket and Rashmi gets a paper from the handler. Then Randeep comes and sits next to her and asks her to tell the truth. She tries telling when she sees the handler sitting in front of her. Then she tells even I had a lover but did not get married to. She says even you know him.

Randeep tries to question further but they have to board the flight. When they reach Delhi they go there own ways.

Intelligence office

Jeddah with some officers are waiting for a very important member and that is none other than Randeep. Then he calls the next officer and it turns out to be Rashmi. Both are very shocked to see each others. Jeddah is feeling very happy that he shocked Randeep. Randeep tells him that it was not a surprise for he knew the day he made Rashmi folloe him.

Jeddah tries to change the topic and tells Rashmi she passed the final test of confidentiality. Randeep tells Jeddah that he knows that Rashmi would not have ever joined the organization without informing him. He tells him that he will be waiting for the day till he finds the truth.

Jeddah is informed that 2 more officers are yet to come. They move towards the training session.

While all this was happening MR.X, the person who received the NRI student in the Airport sends a mail to the higher ups that the 2613 have started and waiting further instructions. They show some one, in that office closing a laptop while they are going to the training room. I think he is a mole in the Security office.

One of the last Members to join will be Vidhisha. Rashmi and Randeep will be shocked to see her.

Let us see how Vidisha will move with Rashmi, Randeep and Jeddah. It seems to be very interesting.


Update Credit to: anurao

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