2612 19th March 2013 Written Episode Update

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2612 19th March 2013 Written Episode, 2612 19th March 2013 Written Update

Randeep breaks the password successfully and chants saaren jahaan se accha.
Swami walks in shahana’s place, she hides seeing him coming and one paper gets dropped. Swamy takes that paper and leaves. Shahan’s self talk that every one is playing one or other game, danger is rising and she should now done with his work without delay. She says loudly that rashmi Bhargwa the time has come that you should be done with 26/12 mission.

Randeep comes to see his grandma, who is very much worried about him. he calms her down and tells for work he has to leave again. Grandmaa is happy to see him. Randeep goes in FB how shahan has held rashmi hostage and threatened him. He is sure until he has Malik shana won’t touch rashmi.

Shahan waiting eagrly for rashmi to come, he asks some one to check on her just then rashmi walks in saying she is ready. Shahana tells her even though she is late but seems she did not waste the time.

Randeep calls swami and asks him to meet. Swami asks him how come now he trusts him or needs him and if he still hiding in nursery. randeep denies and tells no one would know where I am and you come to see me.
Shahana in car tells rashmi, that she should be thankful to her as all her effort, hard work and credit she will be giving it to rashmi. There will be her name in the news paper, all prais and fame will be for rashmi only, who has no idea what they are gonna do. rashmi chides her, insults her saying her life is worst than hell. rashmi’s self thought that she knows shahana you are using me but I am with you just to know the plan so that I can finish all for ever.

Grandma’ goes to get groceries, she passes by swami’s car but two miss each other. Swami makes randeep’s fun that he is one of his kind who hides in his own house. Swami asks why he wants to meet him. randeep replies he knows all about shahana and her hubby’s plan. Swami sarcastically praises him saying smartest person after him and asks for the details of plan.

Shahana takes rashmi to CM and requests him to have shahana Malik aka rashmi part of 50th year celebration of SPS. CM agrees. while requesting to have rashmi attend the function she disclosed she has come as nikhil told her that Ms Malik would be coming to interview. Cm wants the grand celebration, shahana says it will be and a memorable for everyone too.
Randeep refuses to disclose the plan but asks help from swami. Swami mocks him that he wants help from him but does not want to tell the plan. Randeep says swami is raw agent his job is to get secret information, where as randeep is field agent who’s job is to arrenst people and stop the attacks. Swami asks him to trust him, randeep tells him to prove himself. he shows video where a small girl is hostage by shahana. Randeep asks about girl. he dd not tell .
Shahana takes leave from CM. Nikhil shakes hand with shahana aka rashmi, does not leave it and asks wat was she trying to say or ask after interview. rashmi is concerned with shahan’s presence and says she wanted to know his favorite holiday destination. nikhil tells Paris while holding her hands and adds it will not be beautiful like her.
Randeep and swami shown talking, randeep comes down to see off him when grandmaa returns and she sees swami talking to him. She recalls him pointing gun towards her, firing shots, she gets scared and hides. After he leaves she comes running and asks randeep to stay away from him. Who asks her to calm down and asks what is she saying. She tells him all the incidence. Randeep gets that the jadda who works in Malik’s gang is swami.
Shahana gets home to find randeep is waiting for him. She tells he will not find rashmi here if he is here to look for her. He tells he is here to talk to her. Randeep says we are equal. Shahana denies as he has two of her people malik and detonater. he says lets do one thing you return my people I will give you rashmi and her family back. Randeep says sorry as he does not do any deal with terrorists. He gives malik’s picture that has malik in hathkadi. SHe is shocked. He adds seems you were so busy in focusing on rashmi and her family that you forgotten about hubby, perheps you are used living with out him. She replies I will get my hubby back. He says keep on trying, you have time until I catch you red handed. She tells randeep to dream on as it is impossible to catch shahana malik and the role of shahana Malik is playing by rashmi, so he can catch her if he wants. She also tells him that it is her game and she will win. He says looks like you do not know the rabbit and tortoise story, in which rabbit looses due to over confidence. He leaves after saying see you at finish line. Screen freezes at shahana’s face.

Precap: Malik runs away, CM’s ad tells shahana, Karunaji, CM said you will get your stuff soon. Rashmi is shocked to hear this, shahana smirk.

Update Credit to: md410

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