2612 18th April 2013 Written Episode Update

2612 18th April 2013 Written Episode, 2612 18th April 2013 Written Update

The show begins with a shattered Rashmi breaking down in Mr Swami’s office .. and he tries his best to pacify her ….and tells her to keep personal and professional lives separate….

As he tries to hold her they are misunderstood by Randeep and Bidisha and another associate ..
the SIU team watches a video of Mr Sameer …name “2613″..password “Destroy” but none are willing to take Rashmi’s findings seriously…

Randeep is burning with jealousy and he blasts her for her minor mistake … and Rashmi answers back telling him not to bring their personal relationship between their work ….and we get the first Rasdeep face off …

Randeep is upset and tries to contact Rashmi .. only to find her cell switched off .. he is told by Bidisha that he never could handle jealousy …and Randeep realizes his mistake ..

Bidisha is given the task of “Pleasing ” some clients by her boss … and she accepts unwillingly

Musa refuses to believe his henchmen as they complain about pinto

Musa is shot by AL and thrown off a highrise ….

Rashmi and her associate observe reels and reels of Sameer and his wife’s video footage .. and are about to get disheartened when they suddemnly stumble upon his motive behind his mission …..”Hindustaan Ki Khaatirdaari”….

Mr Sameer Malhotra was disowned by his country and declared a terrorist and was left in the enemy territory for being tortured by them …. even though he pleads innocence…. he then vows to take revenge from his country for each of the wound sustained on his body…

Rashmi and her associate’s faces light up on their find ….


Update Credit to: sumana

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