2612 17th April 2013 Written Episode Update

2612 17th April 2013 Written Episode, 2612 17th April 2013 Written Update

The episode starts with Rashmi is getting ready to go out and Malthi Bhabi is asking her to have breakfast. The bell rinds and Randeep is outside with roses. Malti Bhabi welcomes him inside and tells even you were busy like Rashmi. She leaves them and goes.

Randeep takes her hand and tells that there is not work which is more important than our relationship. She tells you were he one who brought it and leaves the place saying she has got work to do.

Randeep is alone and Bhabi comes there and ask where is Rashmi. He tells her that she got a call from school and so she left. That he also takes is leave.

Rashmi and her associate stand outside the bungalow of Sameer and waiting for hi to come out. Her associate will inform that he may come out in an hour.

Randeep is with his associates and he will be giving some instructions. The he will take his stance and the police come on the scene. Randeep who is acting like Pintu will run from the den. The associates get away. The police catch Randeep. He tells that the person whom he was catching left because of them. He shows his SIU ID.

Vidhi comes to the office and goes to the phone when the person at the desk gets up. He asks how is your papa. Vidhi tells that I am coming form the airport and my father is okay and its in the early stage of cancer.

He gives her a card. It’s a miss you card from Parekh He leaves the place and she will be trying to put a device into the phone instrument.

He will be coming down the stairs and she would have fixed and put a ear piece in her ear. She will sit in her seat. Parikh calls and tells that he cannot access the Internet for his card is not working. He asks him open a new mail id and password is disaster. He tells that all the mails, which are composed, should be saved as draft.

Rashmi will be waiting outside the house. Sameer will come down and finds Neha lying on the floor and a bottle lying next to her. Rashmi will hear what he is talking on the phone and he is taking Neha to the hospital. he reaches the hospital with Neha is taken inside in eh stretcher. There his wife comes and asks how Neha was.

Rashmi ad her associate tries to sneak into Sameer house. Rashmi will divert his attention and the guy manages to go inside.

Sameer will be waiting when the nurse will come and get the consent forms signed. He has forgotten to get the wallet. He wants to send his driver home and get the wallet

Rashmi associate inside the house will tell her work over and ask her to handle the watchman. She will be trying to divert the attention when the empty car comes. He goes inside and the associate will pour oil on the floor and comes out. They escape as the driver falls down.

Vidhi will be pretending to talk to her father when she is taking to Randeep. The Parikh has gone to the place and they are up to some plan. He tells her to find out as much as she can about Parekh. She tells I will find out and call you.

Sameer and his wife fight about the Neha. He accuses her of not taking care of Neha and her friends. She tells him not to question her parvarish.

Jeddah will be interrogating the Principal and threating him to give answers other wise he will never go home. He shows a paper and tells which IP address you were using for 2613 mail account. All these IP address are from the college. He wont answer and he will be tortured. The Principal will tell that he wont give any answer and will fall unconscious

A person will be watching all this in the CC TV room.

Akilesh will be roaming in his cell. He tells I am leaving this place. His friends tell him that you would have given information to the police that is why you are going out, He asks them why are you bothered and they hit him up in the cell.

The associate will put camera in Sameer’s house. Rashmi will ask if I can observe and the associate will tell sure. She will be watching when Sameer comes there and will be sleeping. He get a chat request from someone. Rashmi will be watching it. He will be telling all the preparations have been over. The person will tell that give your work 1st priority and your family next.

He will tell the waqt has come so be prepared. Another person will tell that the Sahi waqt has come and Hindustan will get its first gift.

She gets a call from the police. They say Akilesh is dead and he committed suicide. Rashmi will tell that who would have done that. Then the jailer will inform her that he asked for a book and he give the name.

Precap- They will all have a meeting and Jeddah will be telling that you have to keep your personal life separate. Parekh will tell Vidhi to go on a mission.

Update Credit to: anurao

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