2612 12th April 2013 Written Episode Update

2612 12th April 2013 Written Episode, 2612 12th April 2013 Written Update

Anand Swami is talking to Randeep on the phone and tells Randeep that he wants fast results! Rashmi is sitting opposite to Anand Swami. He then tells Rashmi that how could she remove her gun like this! Rashmi wants to leave the SIU. Anand Swami is very annoyed. He tells her to stop crying like this. He tells her to work for the SIU or get arrested. Anand Swami then calls Vidisha. Vidisha tells that Parekh wants her to go to Libya. Anand Swami orders her not to go with him as he suspects her.

Rashmi is removing some books from her locker. A lady comes and tells her that she’ll miss her. She tells Rashmi that her son had got arrested. That’s why she was forced to work in the SIU. She tells Rashmi that she was in the same state when she newly started working in the SIU.

Vidisha tells Parekh that she can’t go woth him. She is in tears and tells him that her dad’s got cancer. At that time, she sees a file in Parek’s hand.

Rashmi is in a room and is having a good look at everything in the room. She sees some books and leaves immediately. As she leaves the room a guy ( Shashank )asks her what she’s doing in the boy’s hostel. She says that she mistook that place as the girls hostel. Shashank tells Rashmi that Akhilesh got arrested as the police think he’s behind the blast in Pune.

Musa and Randeep are sitting in a hotel. A few people arrive. Randeep says that he wants to do partnership with them. That person denies the deal but before Randeep and Musa leave, he stops them. He agrees for the deal.

Rashmi scolds Anand Swami why he didn’t tell her that Akhilesh is arrested. Anand Swami tells Rashmi that he doesn’t sit all day in the office doing nothing! Rashmi says that she wants to go to meet Akhilesh.

Vidisha on her laptop is looking for 26 Libyan Accounts Detail. There she sees that they’ve taken 13 Loans for Sugar. She then remembers that it was written 2613 on the file that Parekh was holding.

Rashmi goes to the Police Station and says that she wants to meet Akhilesh. At that time that police officer gets a call and he lets Rashmi meet Akhilesh. Rashmi tells Akhilesh hat she wants to help him. He’s pretty annoyed. Rashmi says that she works for the government. Akhilesh tells Rashmi that he hates India. Rashmi tells Akhilesh that Mr. Naren had been killed.Akhilesh says that he’s a small agent and doesn’t know much. He just knows the email ID of those people related to 26-13. Het tells Rashmi the email ID.

Precap :-Anand Swami&#8217 boss asks Anand swami if he knew what has happened to him with this untrained common person?

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