2025 Jaane Kya Hoga Aagey 22nd September 2015 Written Episode Update

2025 Jaane Kya Hoga Aagey 22nd September 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The episode starts with Ganga introducing herself to Mrs. Thapar as Rithika’s swargwasi maa. Mrs. Thapar falls unconscious. She then wakes up and calls baba. Baba suggests her to change her direction. She goes and stands facing wall. Yash says she can stand in same direction in front of them also. Mrs. Thapar says she cannot disobey baba and she hears by ears. Ganga says she knows why she sent Rithika back home. Mrs. Thapar asks what is her name. Ganga says Mrs. Thapar. Thapar says just like she is known as Mrs. Thapar, abshaguni/inauspicious is known as abshaguni. Ganga says when baba said that, he must be having solution for that. Mrs. Thapar says she will call baba here and if he suggests for divorce, she will force Rithika and Chintu’s divorce.

Paresh and Deepmala enter seeing door open. Yash asks if they need sugar. Deepmala says no, they saw Mrs. Thapar and came here. Paresh starts joking with Chintu. Mrs. Thapar walks out angrily and orders Chintu to follow her. He runs behind her but then comes back and says Rithika though he is afraid of mom, he loves her a lot. She asks is it. He says yes. Mrs. Thapar shouts and he runs back again. Paresh stops again and deepmala starts that she could not reach baba. Chintu says they can meet baba tomorrow when he comes here. Deepmala gets very happy and runs home to inform her relatives.

Deepmala at home calls her mom and takes list of questions to ask baba and also ask to take relatives and neighbor’s questions.

Chintu comes back to Joshi house wearing casual dress. Rithika says it is good he came wearing casual dress than wearing his role dresses. He says his mom told today is his biggest audition.

Baba enters Joshi house with his puppets/chelas. Chelas start singing and praising baba. Mrs. Thapar asks baba to tell again if Rithika is abshaguni. He says yes and should be deleted. Ganga introduces herself as Rithika’s mom and asks if he told Rithika is abshaguni. Baba says just like life’s network goes and system will shutdown some time, rithika canot be downloaded in Thapar’s desktop as she is a virus for them. Ganga says he must be having solution for that as Rithika and Chaitanya love each other and their house should be saved.

Just when baba is about to speak, Deepmala enters doing garbha and praising herself. Baba asks if Deepmala is a new mobile. She says she is Deepmala. Paresh requests baba to get his bapuji’s cunningness as he does not even bath for 10 days to save water. Bapuji says to tell him how to save money as he cannot. Paresh says he does not get money out of his locker, then how will he spend money. Baba gets confused seeing their drama. A series of comic events continue.

Precap: Ganga tells family that baba will not budge so easily, so they will have to use baba’s style to teach him a lesson. Baba flies in air. Naisha also makes Ganga fly in air and also glow. Baba gets afraid and falls down.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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