2025 Jaane Kya Hoga Aagey 21st September 2015 Written Episode Update

2025 Jaane Kya Hoga Aagey 21st September 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The episode starts with Joshi’s automated voice telling Naveen that a daku/dacoit is standing near door and trying to enter. Naveen opens door. Chaitanya disguised as dacoit starts acting. A series of comedic events happen. Naveen does not let him in. Chaitanya/Chintu calls him saaleji and requests to let him in. Naveen lets him in. Chintu murmurs in India, even if ji is added to yelling, people think it is a praise.

Inder gets concerned for Rithika. Naisha asks him not to worry as mama has come to lessen his worry. Ganga nods yes. Inder says if she would not have died, she would have taken care of everything and tries to touch her, but then realizes she is a hologram.

Nysha sees Chintu on stairs and shouts dacoit. Naveen says he is our jiju Chintu. Rithika sees him and their romantic talks start. She says she will get him coffee. He says with ice cream, full of milk, etc… Naveen jokes that his mother came. Chintu gets afraid. Son asks if he is afraid of fufu. Naveen asks who is fufu. Chintu asks what if fufu. Naveeen says whoever fufa is afraid of is fufu. Ganga comes and he touches her feet from a distance.

Ganga asks Paresh why is he afraid of his mother and left Rithika here. He says no and a series of comedic events happen. Rithika says Paresh respects his mother. Ganga says he is afraid and does not love Rithika, so he left her here for silly reason. Chintu says his mom lied that she did not like Rithik as she does now technology, but because network baba ordered as he thinks Rithika is abshaguni/inauspicious.

Deepmala and Paresh listen to network baba’s pravachan and zodiac sign predictions. Deepmala tries to call baba from landline, but bapuji disconnects call and says she should give only miscall. Paresh asks not to be so cunning in religious matters and asks him to go and take bath as it is free hours of water supply. Bapuji removes toffee from his mouth and keeps it in polythene bag and says he will have it after dinner. Deepmala calls network baba’s number and voice over says all slots are booked for 3 years. Bapuji says she wasted 1 call.

Chintu’s mother/Mrs. Thapar reaches Joshi’s apartment building following Chintu’s location via GPS and praises network baba. Monica opens door and greets her in and their conservation starts. Mrs. Thapar enters Joshi’s home. Inder and all family member greet her. Chintu thinks they are joking and says he is not afraid of his mom. Mrs. Thapar asks if he is not really. He asks not to speak in his mom’s voice. Mom comes in front and he gets afraid.

Precap: Ganga calls network baba home and asks why did he tell Rithika is abshaguni. Deepmala starts garba and Paresh asks baba to get his bapuji’s cunning behavior out.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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