2025 Jaane Kya Hoga Aagey 11th September 2015 Written Episode Update

2025 Jaane Kya Hoga Aagey 11th September 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The episode starts with Ganga coming back to Joshi home. Joshi’s get happy and Naveen asks her to forget what mom told. Monica says she came back to take her charger and says Ganga aunty insulted her. Ganga enters and says a mother can scold her children and says she is talking about rules, but her maid mamta was like a family member and was like her sister. She reminisces when there a heavy rain and Naveen was ill, Mamta came walking and took care of her and Naveen. She used to ask why guests are not coming. Monica hears Mamta’s name and says mamta’s daughter was ill and she went to meet her hospital and scolded doctors for their carelessness. Ganga asks how does she know. Monica asks if she remembers mamta’s daughter’s name. Ganga says her mamta’s daughter’s name was Munni. Monica says she is munni and become monica. Ganga asks how is mamta. Monica says says mom is well and she gave her retirement and sent back to village. Rithika and Naveen says they used to play with munni and naveen reminisces going to market to buy choc for her and got lost. Monica remembers and says they got lost for 4 hours. Geetha gets jealous seeing their closeness. Family then says if she will be back to work now. Monica asks to pay 50000s agency fine.

Bapuji still waiting for Joshi’s party invitation and writhes in stomachache due to hunger. Son asks him to have food, but he says he will only at joshi’s party and ties belts around his waist. Yash calls him and he gets very happy and asks if he remembered now. Yash says he forgot to take society permission for party and asks to get permission via his son and disconnects call. Bapuji gets disappointed and says they are taking party permission, so they are self-invited.

Monica starts work back and washes wishes. Ganga while talking to Rithika passes via kitchen table subconsciously. Nysha sees that and gets tensed that monica must have seen her, but monica continues work without noticing Ganga.

Nysha tells family if same mistake is repeated during party, all guests will know that she is hologram. Someone should protect her all the time. Naveen says they can let Nirmal be around her, nobody would care come near Ganga seeing her cleanliness drama. Nirmal says Rosetta will protect her. Ganga asks them not to worry, she can take care of herself. Just then, she malfunctions and freezes in between, but nobody notices her.

Party starts. Patel’s enter wearing garbha dance attire. Yash asks bapuji why did they come in garbha attire. Bapuji says wherever they go, they will perform garbha and demonstrates. He then asks yash how was it. Yash thinks he is about him and says he is fine. Bapuji says garbha. Yash says ok. Bapuji asks about food and starts hogging it.

Nirmal comes down via stares and panics sees people sneezing, wiggling hair, etc., and tell Inder that she cannot handle so much crowd’s bacteria and runs back to her room.

Nysha takes Inder to Ganga’s room and gets her ready via computer by changing many saris and jewelries and taking Inder’s opinion. Yash gets mesmerized seeing Ganga’s beauty.

Precap: During party, Naveen addresses people and is about to introduce them to Ganga when she freezes and Nysha tries to defreeze Ganga.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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