1st Epi – Vish 10th June 2019 Written Episode Update: A story or Vish, secrets and mysteries

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Vish 10th June 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Dr. Subhash calls someone. I have started from here. Something very wrong is going here at Kothari Estate. Keep my ferry ready. Lights start flickering. He ends up hitting a woman and steps down from his car to check on her. He realises that she is a ghost and shouts. She takes out his heart in a second.

Everyone has heard about Vishkanya’s but no one would have heard about such a Vishkanya. She is the most dangerous of all! Her poison is unbeatable. She lives with us, near us and looks like one of us but she is very different from all of us! Who knew my search will bring me in front of her one day. I am Doctor Alia. I dint know that my life was about to change

Alia is buying fruits when she calls someone. She shares that she has been given assignment at Kothari Estate for the next few months. I have to find out the truth about my Dad. She notices the fruit vendor in shock. He advises her not to go there. There is something wrong there. It is dangerous to even take the name of that place. She takes it lightly. What if I say the name of that place? He asks her not to say it. She teases him with the name before she leaves the shop and laughs seeing his reaction. Alia takes a ferry. She overhears few people talking about many people going missing recently. They see an ambulance taking away a dead body. Alia looks on intently. She asks the driver about the Shiva temple and is surprised to know that it is closed. Everyone looks at Alia as she enters. Maria welcomes Alia. You will stay in the room next to Mohit Sir. Alia loves the place. Maria assures her she will love the duty as well. Sabrina will tell you your duty. Alia sits next to the swimming pool. A lady steps out just then. Alia shifts back startled. The lady introduces herself as Sabrina. Alia introduces herself. Sabrina says I know. I only appointed you. How was your journey till here? Alia thinks of the death she witnessed on her way here. Sabrina advises her to get used to it. Beauty is dangerous. There are some rules here. One, there is no U turn. You came here on your will but you will leave when I allow you to. You cannot leave from here till the time I tell you to! Secondly, I don’t like questions. No one should interfere in the family matters of Kothari’s. Alia thinks this is going to be tough one. Sabrina shares the third rule. No mirrors are allowed here. Alia asks for the reason but Sabrina tells her to get any question out of her mind. Alia thinks she is too strict. Sabrina reads her thoughts. One must be strict so as to handle these responsibilities. I welcome you to the mansion! Alia compliments her on her fitness. Are you on Keto diet? Sabrina shakes her head. My diet wont suit you.

Sabrina introduces Alia to Mohit. Sabrina shares that he cannot talk but I understand what’s in his mind. He loves drinking soup from my hands. She tries to feed soup Mohit. Alia notices his hand gestures and expressions. Sabrina leaves the bowl of soup next to him. Alia checks Mohit’s eyes. She recalls seeing her Dad’s condition. She asks Sabrina about his health. Sabrina lies that he had a stroke. She does not let Alia talk about his condition. It is Mohit’s Birthday today. You must come to the party. Alia agrees. She notices Mohit trying to murmur something but Sabrina keeps distracting her. She clicks a photo of Mohit’s face (eyes) before getting out of the room.

Alia checks the photo with her Dad’s report / photos. They share similar symptoms. She hears a bell and looks out of the window. You know since when I am trying to find out the poison which killed Dad. I feel Mohit ji has the same poison inside him. I am not like you but I want to end the poison which is still here on Earth. Please help me, Lord.

Everyone has gathered for the party. Sabrina addresses the guests. She offers champagne to Mohit but he does not take a sip. Alia thinks Sabrina takes very good care of Mohit. Sabrina sends Mohit inside with Maria. Mohit’s friends eye Sabrina lustily. One of the guys introduces himself to Sabrina as A Singhania. He gives her his card. Call me whenever you feel like. Sabrina looks unhappy. They see a helicopter coming there. Alia looks at the passenger curiously as he hugs all the girls one by one. Nashe Si Chadh Gayi plays in the background.

Sabrina welcomes Aditya. She turns to go bring Mohit but he swirls her towards him. I will meet Bhai but let me see you first. You too should see me first. He lets go of her hand thereby dropping her on the floor. Sabrina asks Aditya if no one taught him how to behave. He laughs. I could have learnt it from you but you don’t know it yourself! She apologizes to the guests. I dint intend to spoil the party but I don’t like leaving things mid-way. You all know Sabrina Kothari. Has anyone heard of her if we remove Kothari from this name? She came out of nowhere and married my brother! She now rules Kothari Estate. My brother is nowhere to be seen! Has anyone thought how he fell ill right after marrying Sabrina? Sabrina tells him to stop it. Everyone knows about Mohit’s stroke. He says it is Bhai who should be blamed for marrying you. You can cheat anyone but not me! I can see everything clearly in your eyes! He points at Alia out of the blue. What do you think about it? She replies that she thinks he is being rude to Sabrina. Aditya asks Sabrina about Alia. Do you pay such people to support you? He turns to Alia. I don’t care who you are but you will care who I am after knowing back my truth! He turns to Sabrina. You are nothing but a blo*dy opportunist! I will prove it very soon! He breaks the line of glasses there. Sabrina runs away. Alia calls out after her but in vain. A Singhania follows her. Alia decides to be with Sabrina.

A Singhania chases Sabrina to a secluded place in the jungle. Sabrina appears from behind and asks him if he is looking for her. He nods. How dare Aditya speak ill of you? She asks him if he felt bad for her. He nods. She says it is good that you came here. I was feeling alone. He tells her not to feel that ways. I am with you. She reasons that they have met for the first time. He says I have fallen for you since I met you! She asks him if he wont like to look into her eyes. Don’t you want to see how much I love you? He lifts her chin up and is stunned at what he sees. Her pupils are white and her skin is battered. He steps back but she does not let him go far. She holds him back by his neck and takes out his heart. Flashback shows him killing Dr. Subhash the same way. Poor Aditya does not know that I am a Vishkanya. He is right about his brother’s condition though. He is in this condition because of me only! You think I did this for money? My secret is above everything else. This is the reason why I have made Mohit this way. World might need money but Vishkanya needs her body. You may take 7 births but you will still not be able to find out my truth! She gets alert seeing Alia come there.

Precap: Aditya asks Sabrina about Mohit. Later, he reassures his brother that he will help him recover. Alia notices the word Help written on the glass in Mohit’s room. Mohit falls down from the balcony / terrace. Aditya and Alia rush to him at the same time. Sabrina is looking for a person with a special tattoo. Vishera remarks that Vishaili’s (Sabrina’s) countdown has begun. I am coming!

Update Credit to: Pooja

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  1. Riana

    Mindblowing episode.. Superb vfx and outstanding cinematography… ❤.. If people understands the concept it will get good trp but people will have to understand that its not like other supernaturals its totally different… In one word a classy supernaturnal thriller. Looking forward to Aaliya and Aditya’s coupling.

  2. Naagin aur vishkanya wale serial ki kami thi ki ek aur aa gaya?
    Colors ko aur kuch nahi milta?21 century mein reh kar bhi log in sab baaton mein believe karte hai.Saas-bahu jenre se chutkara toh mila but it got replaced by chudail,pischas,dayan,naagin aur na jane kya kya.Dimag ki chatni,dahi sab kuch ban rahe hai yaha.Hats off to the makers.

  3. Absolutely right SHALINI?

  4. Shesha485

    The shows seems interesting. The cinematography and actors have done really well. Don’t worry about TRP’s

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