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The episode starts with lord Shankar sitting under the tree in Kailash mountain and parvati comes. Shankar gets up and says what happened parvati, tell me? Parvati smiles and says prabhu, I am your wife and I know we don’t have a son yet but as a woman I feel like having a son in my life. Lord Shankar gets up and smiles, he says parvati I bless you, you will have a son but you know that our life is written and according to that you will have a son. Lord Shankar and parvati are in their palace in Kailash mountain and they both do the tandav romantically. Then parvati hugs lord Shankar.
There a demon on a mountain is standing on one leg and prays om namah shivay. The demon prays and then lord brahma appears in the clouds and says tarkasur I am impressed from your prayers for years, ask what you want from me. Tarkasur opens his eyes and says prabhu pranam, I want one thing, I want amrutatva, I want to live forever and no one can kill me. Lord brahma says that wish cannot be given to you tarkasur, it is against the world and against life, no one can live forever. Tarkasur says so what is the use of so many years of prayers brahma dev? Brahma dev says you can ask for anything else other than this tarkasur, even mahadev wont give you this wish. Tarkasur thinks about mahadev and says okay, if not that then give me only 1 wish, I can be killed by the son of mahadev only, he should have his brightness only and without the help of devi parvati, I can be killed by lord shankar’s son only. Brahma dev says how is that possible? But I will give you that wish, brahma dev blesses and goes. Tarkasur laughs and says now I will rule all gods, I will be the king and everyone will pray to me.
All the gods now take a meeting in the palace of the king of gods, indra dev. All gods say indra dev, who will kill tarkasur now? we have to request to lord shnakr to create a son from his own brightness and without the help of devi parvati otherwise soon we all gods will be forced to accept tarkasur and he will torment this universe. Indra dev says that is right, mahadev and devi parvati are the parets of this universe, they are our mother and father, we will ask lord Shankar to help us. Everyone go to lord Shankar.
There lord Shankar gets up, indra dev and all gods say that mahadev tarkasur has started to torment this world and the only person who can kill him is your son only, that son who is brought to life by your brightness without the help of devi parvati. Lord Shankar is silent. Indra dev then says prabhu, you have to promise us one more thing, you and devi parvati together cannot have a child because that brightness will be so powerful that the world wont be able to handle its power and the world will be destroyed. The gods say we know it is not right but lord, the world wont stand his power. Lord Shankar smiles and says tahastu and blesses them. Parvati is in the palace and hears this, her eyes become red and starts walking out of the palace angrily. Lord Shankar stops her and parvati looks at him with red eyes. Her eyes become normal again. lord Shankar says parvati I promised you would have a son, and my son is your son, he will call you mother. Parvati says how did the gods say we both together cannot have a son? Lord Shankar says it is right that the world wont stand the power of our son, but my son is your son and he will love you as a mother. Parvati smiles. Lord Shankar stands on the Kailash mountain and he send the brightness of his body to all gods, no god Is able to stand its power and the bright light falls on earth. Only earth is able to holds its power and from the light, lord shankar’s son kartikeya is born. Kartikeya walks from the cliff upside and stands as all gods bless him and spray flowers on him. lord Shankar says to parvati see, only you is that earth could hold the power of kartikeya, he is your son too.
Kartikeya comes in the palace. Parvati thinks will he call me mother? Kartikeya comes and takes lord shankar’s blessings and mahadev blesses kartikeya. Kartikeya then says to parvati, mother! Parvati smiles. Kartikeya is taking her blessings but parvati hugs him. parvati says you are my son. Kartikeya says yes mother, I am your son and without you I will be nothing. Lord Shankar says kartikeya now you have to go to kill tarkasur. Parvati says lord, what are you doing? Now I have just hugged him, I want to stay with my son and you are sending him away from me. Lord Shankar says devi, kartikeya’s birth was brought to kill tarkasur, that is his purpose, let him do it first. Parvati gives kartikeya her weapon and blesses him. kartikeya smiles and goes.
There devraj indra is standing with all gods and his entire army. Suddenly a sound is heard and tarkasur comes with his huge army. Indra dev says that is tarkasur and his army. The 2 armies clash and indra dev attacks tarkasur. Tarkasur becomes huge and holds indra dev’s attack and throws it back on him. indra dev falls from his elephant. Tarkasur laughs and says what happened indra dev? You fell down, you are not worth fighting me, no one can kill me. Suddenly on a peacock, kartikeya comes flying with his weapon. Everyone look at him. kartikeya comes and lands, he jumps down. Tarkasur says this kid will kill me, he laughs. kartikeya says don’t under estimate me tarkasur, I am a kid but I have come to bring an end to you. tarkasur sends his demon on kartikeya. Kartikeya jumps away and the peacock flies up with the demon and with its peak kills the demon. Tarkasur is shocked and he angrily turns into a monster, kartikeya says suffer my attack now. kartikeya jumps on tarkasur’s head and kills him with his weapon easily. Tarkasur is killed.
Kartikeya comes to lord Shankar and parvati in the palace as all gods and rishi’s say mahadev son kartikeya ki jai. They continue to praise kartikeya. Parvati looks down sad as she hears mahadev’s son. Kartikeya sees and says stop everyone. Kartkeya says this all happened because of my mother parvati, if she hadn’t blessed me with a weapon and victory then I couldn’t have killed tarkasur. Everyone now say parvati nandan kartikeya ki jai. Lord Shankar smiles. Parvati is happy. Indra dev now says I am sorry to say at this moment lord Shankar but in jambudeep, there are demons who always come out and start disturbing dev lok and earth too, then they go back and hide inside. Indra dev says if you put kartikeya there then he will kill the demons and save dev lok. Parvati is angry and says stop! Everyone stop. Parvati says indra dev you are selfish, my son will not go there, he just killed tarkasur and now you want my son to protect you all. Parvati takes kartikeya with him and says he will not go anywhere. Parvati and kartikeya go in the palace kitchen and she says kartikeya don’t worry you will not go anywhere, see what all I have made for you, so many sweets, kheer and food for you. lord Shankar appears and says devi you have to let our son go, we are the parents of this world and if we don’t protect dev lok, who will? Parvati says but why my son prabhu? He has just come. Why cant they protect themselves. Lord Shankar says kartikeya is very powerful, he can relieve the world of demons. Parvati says no dev, I will not let my son go anywhere. Parvati with kartikeya flies away from kaliash mountain. Lord Shankar says loudly, stop devi, your son will stay with you only. Parvati stops with kartikeya on a cliff. Lord Shankar comes and says this is jambudeep, you brought your son right where he has to be. Parvati says but prabhu, why shall my son go and fight the demons? Lord Shankar says now it is his purpose to do so and you will have another son with you devi, I promise you will have. Parvati says another son? Kartiekya says father give me one wish too, now that I will also have a brother, he should be the one to bring happiness in our family and in this entire world too. Lord Shankar blesses the wish. The demons come out of jambupdeep and kartikeya with his peacock goes and fights them. Parvati has tears and she hugs lord Shankar. Lord Shankar brinsg her in the palace, parvati sees around and says you did not let me hug my son once? Lord Shankar says don’t cry devi, if your tears fall down it wont be good. Parvati says so I cannot cry too? Parvati goes away.
In the garden, near the pool. Parvati’s tear falls and from there her son is seen. Parvati sees the laughs of a boy and sees his eyes. Parvati says who is it? come in front of me. Parvati says you want to play with me? Parvati smiles and says come otherwise I will start making a picture of you according to how I have seen you. she sees a child hiding and then starts making a picture of the son with her hands and paint. Parvati makes the picture and suddenly there is a bright light from it and her hand wipes on the nose of her son. Parvati looks at it and is shocked.

Precap: parvati is making a statue from her body and she makes a face on it as her son, the way she pictures him in her mind.

Update Credit to: Tanaya

  1. Fenil

    Excellent start.
    My Gannuji.
    Very well performance of all the cast.
    Can’t wait for next episode.
    Thanks Tanaya.

  2. I will see it for my Ganesh ji..

  3. we actually have a doubt ,the sceans shown in this serial are taken based on what reference…..?
    they are just showing as they like .as far as the story shown in the serial , is no where connected to the story of lord ganesha.
    the colours given to LORD INDRA IS RED which is wrong,lord indra should be in white.
    the shape of the weapon given to lord karthikeya is wrongly shown ,
    this is ultimate wrong story shown ,that is,” never was matha parvathi in a palace after marrying lord shiva”,but here in the serial it has been shown that she lives in a palace with many servants…
    matha parvathi is annapurna ,she is the one who cooks in kailasam,no other person cooks ,except all the ganas help matha parvathi in cooking.

    our sincere request to the crew of the serial is to please refer everything perfectly and then based on those facts telecast the serial.before someone would raise their finger on your plot. moreover the people are mislead by the fiction story that is shown in this serial…

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