1st Epi – Silsila Pyaar Ka 4th January 2016 Written Episode Update

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The episode begins with, at Krushna sweets, owner scolds everyone to prepare sweets properly they are to be delivered to Janki Devis place, Kajal comes there n says papa stop shouting n have medicine n don’t get tensed n all what matters More than work is ur health, papa says actually it’s Raunak sirs bday n u know his mom is so strict n we have to be careful as u know Janki Devi loves Raunak sir a lot.

Janki Devi comes down stairs with closed eyes, papa says u know Kajal Janki Devi can walk whole house with closed eyes, Janki Devi with closed eyes instructs servants to work properly n ask them to be perfect in their work, Janki enters Raunaks room n walks to his bed sits besides him, raunaks friend hides behind curtains, Janki opens her eyes n says my day begins with ur face, Raunak says thanku ma, Janki says what u wish today, Raunak says ma u know me more than I do myself n I know u must have got me what I need the most , Janki says ok ok get ready now n come down for Pooja.

Janki sees dishes n asks Raunak was Akshay in ur room yesterday, Kajal is busy counting, papa says Kajal go drop Vinay, Kajal says no papa u go today, papa says u know Kajal we are Janki Devis loan n Janki Devi on raunaks bday cancels one persons loan n may be this time we get lucky.

Raunak says ma Akshay was here to study n wish me yesterday, Janki says Akshay come out where are u hiding, Akshay falls in her feet n says sorry aunty sorry plz forgive me, Janki says ok ok, Akshay says good I woke up or else u would see me,Raunak says n ma would break ur face, Janki says Raunak u are my strength n my weakness, Akshay says aunty what will u do after raunaks wedding, Janki says Raunak is my world n I love him n its to him whether he will begin his day with me or his wife. Raunak says ma nothing will change this will remain the same n Akshay get ready we need to work n leaves.

Akshay says aunty very nice arrangements, Janki says ur dad made these arrangements u know he works at my place, Akshay says yes aunty I know he is ur accountant, Janki says yes u are right n u are his son n remember ur his son not my n ur dad I do call him bhaiya but he isn’t my brother n so stay in ur limits, felt bad right good n so now onwards keep this in mind n the college Raunak goes is very reputed one n u know how u are admitted there because I want u to keep me updated abt Raunak n next time I don’t wish to see u in raunaks room, now go get ready I have got u new cloths I want raunaks best friend to be with him.

Janki asks Munshiji are all arrangements done, munshi says yes mam. Janki gets ready for party n comes down n looks at all arrangements n welcomes raunaks friend, Kamini comes with a huge gift, janki says why are u so late, Kamini says was searching for best gift for Raunak n munmun would come later, Janki says ok, Raunak joins them, Kamini says here is ur gift, Raunak says thanku aunty, Janki says let’s begin with Pooja, Janki says one minute ma n walks to Munshi n takes his blessings, kamini says why is he taking an servants blessings, Janki says Munshi has been for Raunak since childhood n so Raunak respects him but he will always be our servant.

Akshay is feeling bad abt jankis words, his mom says Akshay go be with Raunak,Raunak Joins them n asks why is Akshay so upset, ma says u go ask him, Raunak says Akshay come with me n takes him with him n says u look upset so may be ma scolded u, u know she treats u as ur own son, Akshay says plz , Akshay says once I tell her abt ur news, Raunak says what news, Akshay points at Kajal n says that news, Raunak keeps staring at Kajal, Akshay says how abt telling Kajal before aunty that u like her, go tell here, Raunak says she is my junior, Akshay says but I talk to her n study with her to shall I go n tell. Raunak says u won’t do anything like this, Akshay walks to Kajal Raunak tries to stop but walks to Kajal.

Akshay says Kajal imagine that guy must be so lucky to have u, what says Raunak, Raunak waves to Kajal, Kajal walks to him n wishes him happy bday, Akshay starts laughing, Kajal says what’s wrong with u n says I got work will see u guys later n leaves.

Raunaks whole clg is at the party, Kamini asks why have not invited relatives, Janki says relatives are so fake n back b*t*h abt ur status, Kamini says why have u invited clg people then, Raunak says I invited Kajal so that I speak my heart to her, Akshay says but scared of aunty right but today just go tell Kajal, Kajal comes n asks what to tell me, Akshay says talk to Raunak, Raunak says no nothing Come lets go in.

Janki says today I have to check abt raunaks clg life n see if he has fallen for someone because raunaks every step was by my wish n now I have to check n stop he has fallen in love, Raunak says Kajal is perfect n ma will love her, Janki says if any girl tries to fall for Raunak I won’t bear that n if I ask Raunak n he lies I will die n so I have to check on my own.

Raunak says Akshay I will tell Kajal today abt my feelings, Akshay says go ahead.
Raunak walks to Janki n at same time Kajal does.

Precap :Raunak staring at Kajal, Akshay says today is right time to propose.
Janki says Kamini I will decide which girl will Raunak marry .

Update Credit to: Tanaya

  1. Its a really nice show, a very nice start. Looking forward for the next episodes 😀 <3 😀

  2. Ranaji(narendran)

    Nice start let us see pls don’t spoil like ek miththi aasmaan plsss

  3. Welll nyc start but the story will go like typical saas bahu

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  6. Seems interesting. …

  7. Nice,interesting story….

  8. Nice episode……

  9. Its a nice serial….loved janki’s acting…..she is soo strict…..she is just expressing her feelings towards her son…..hope she loves and accepts Kajal son

  10. Nice show

  11. Good …. Lets c how they take it ….
    Anyways wen it starts with sp .. Thn its lifeline is few months … Though it may have very good story line ….
    Now dnt knw wat is spk’s fate …

  12. Nice Good episode…. I shocked with janki’s acting mind blowing

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