1st Epi – Shubharambh 2nd December 2019 Written Episode Update: Raja loses his father

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Scene 1
Rani’s father is taking her out on his cycle. Rani is a small kid and plays with her kite.
Raja is in the car with his dad. He is a small boy with his kite. Raja asks why he goes to Patan daily to open his shop? He says if you want to earn in life then you have to go away from your house.
Rani asks her father why he goes all the way to Patan? He says we poor people have to go away to earn. They stop at a signal. Raja’s father’s car is there too. Rani’s father says wish we had money so I wouldn’t have to use this cycle to go there daily. Raja sees Rani’s kite and looks at her. Rani smiles at him and plays with her kite. Raja smiles at her.

Raja comes to his father’s big clothing shop. His uncle makes him wear a garland and sings happy birthday to you. His cousins Ektaan and Mehul are not pleased.
Rani sits at a stall with her father. Rani says that the shop in front of us is very big and our shop is so small, why? Her father tells her that we will get some gold from the broken shoes one day as it is all about fate. Rani asks her father if he will take her to the camel ride? He says yes.
Mota uncle tells Raja that your father bought this shop when you were born and your fate brought success for us.

Raja’s big party starts. Bhabhis are praising each other. Mom tells the guests that Dhanun (Raja’s father) will be here soon. She tells them that Mota brother and his wife work hard with us. Mota’s wife Kirdada smiles at her. Raja’s wife Asha comes to Baa. Baa asks where is mehndi? We need it for the pooja. Asha and Kridada are worried about their nail polish but Asha says I will mix it, let Kirdada be.

Kirdada gives mehndi to Asha and says mix it well. Asha stops Kirdada and says my fate shines more so you mix it. Kirdada says I am elder than you. Asha says to think about how will you get money to celebrate your son’s birthday? We have brought this luck and money in this house so don’t argue with me, she leaves.

Raja is enjoying the camel ride. Rani comes there and says I want to sit on the camel too. He scolds her and says I already have a ride. Raja tells the rider that I am done, let her take the ride. He gets down. Rani’s father comes there to give money to him but he falls down and is drunk. Rani’s mother takes him away. Rani sadly looks on as they don’t have the money as father spent on the alcohol. Raja sees it.

Asha and Dhanun cut the cake with Raja.
Raja brings the cake to Rani but she is sad. He says I will give you a magic ride. He makes a line with the kids and plays a train game with them. Asha stops Raja and says you can’t play with these poor kids. Dhanun stops Asha and says let him play with them, he tells Raja to keep his heart big for others in life.
All the family members dance at Raja’s birthday party. Dhanun is dancing with him but suddenly he feels pain on the right side and hugs Raja. He falls down. Asha screams.

Scene 2
Dhanun’s last rituals are done. Kirdada cries and says Asha is alone now. A man says who will handle Raja now? Mota uncle says I am alive, I promise you all that my brother’s family is my duty now, Dhanun has earned respect and I will take it forward, Raja is my son from now on. He hugs him and smirks at Kirdada as their plan succeed.

Mehul hit Raja and tries to take off his shoes.

Rani is trying to mend her shoes but some kids try to steal it from her. She runs behind them.

Asha turns to leave but Kirdada stops her and says from now on Hitan (Mota uncle) will handle the business and house, we will run that shop so don’t try to order me around from now on, you are going to listen to everything I say if you don’t want to live.

Raja comes to Asha and says Mehul was trying to get my shoes but papa gifted those to me. Asha slaps him and says don’t you look up, look down when you talk, you might be rich but you don’t have a father now, you have to keep a big heart, whatever you have, share it with Mehul and others. Go and give it to him. Raja goes and gives the shoes to Mehul.

Rani comes to her mother and says some kids took my shoes. Her mother slaps him and says don’t you look down, you might be poor but you have to get respect from others so go and beat them, take your shoes back. Rani goes and beats the guys. She gets her shoes back.

Rani sees Raja in the mandir and sees him without shoes. She sees his feet burning and gives him her broken shoes. She says my father says these shoes will bring gold in our lives if it does then share it with me. They smile and wave at each other.

20 Years later
Kirdada is ordering people around in the house. She is calling Raja with the required things. Raja is in the storeroom and falls down. Kirdada comes and asks if he is fine? Raja says don’t worry, you asked Mehul but I will bring the things to you. He finds the shoes that Rani gifted to him and how he painted them golden. He says I wish to find that girl and gives these back.

Rani is taking the shoes outside a mandir and takes some money from the people. A man tries to leave without giving her money but she stops him.

Kirdada takes the golden shoes from Raja and says I was finding those. Raja says you can give those to me. Asha takes it from Kirdada and says keep it with you. Kirdada says then I will give away Hitan’s shoes. Raja says no, you can sell these. Kirdada sells his shoes to a scrap seller and gets her money. Raja is sad. The truck driver is leaving with the shoes but it falls down from the truck so Raja takes it back and says now I just have to find that girl.

Rani counts her money and says to the Lord that can’t you get me some more money? I am happy with this too.

All family members are sitting to eat food. Ektaan’s wife comes there so Kirdada asks her to not show her black face in the morning. Krishna (Ektaan’s wife) gives food to Raja, he thanks her

Rani comes to her house. Her jiji says I am lucky to get a husband like him. Her husband comes outside the house in his big car. He asks Rani to take his photo. She takes it but it’s a bad photo. He comes inside the house and says I am lucky for you guys. Popat (Jiji’s husband) eats food and demands for some money as the house rent. Rani asks her mother if they have arranged the money? She says yes and takes out the money from the cupboard. She sees some money missing and says your father must have stolen it for his alcohol. Rani says don’t worry, I saved some money. She gives it to her mother. The mother gives it to Popat. He thanks them and leaves with his wife.

Mehul and Ektaan deny going to give the cards to people. Hitan says okay I will go without eating. Raja says don’t worry, I will go. Asha says eat first, he says I will eat later and leaves. Kirdada says I knew he would do it. Asha is angry.

Rani sends her mother to work with food. A man comes there and says your father is not in good condition.

Raja comes back home. Asha asks him to eat something. Mehul fights with his sister. Raja tries to stop them but Asha asks him to eat first. Mehul says my shoes have defected. Raja says I will get them changed, he leaves. Asha is angry.

Rani comes into the house and sees her father drunk. Her brother says he is useless. Rani says he is our father so respect him. The mother comes there and is angry.
Rani sits to eat with her family but her brother is called by his friend and leaves. Her mother asks if he is still with his friend that steals phones? Talk to him. She winces in pain. Rani sees her feet pained and says why do you do it? You shouldn’t have walked all the way here, the mother says I just cook. Rani says you cook for 200 people. Rani tends to her feet and leave.

Kirdada looks at her husband’s photo and says Raja doesn’t even eat, this is all your fault. Kirdada looks at her and says nothing can be done for her son now.

People are celebrating the function. Raja and Rani enter the crowd. Rani is putting stamps on people. Raja prays to Maa. They both put some coins in Mata’s feet.

PRECAP- Rani stands like a mannquin outside the shop. Mehul asks Raja to protect the statue. Rani coughs. Raja finds out that it’s a real girl. He keeps starting at her.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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