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First 10 minutes or so missing.

Devi Sandhya plays with her daughter Yam. Her daughter holds her finger. Devi Sandhya tells her she wont go anywhere. I will stay with you only. A Daasi informs her that Surya Dev is waiting for her for puja. She nods but looks tensed.

Devi Sandhya worriedly heads towards her husband. Surya Dev waits impatiently. Surya has to come up at the right time always. He steps down from his throne. Do my abhishek. She looks scared. He tells her to hurry up. She does his tilak. As soon as she keeps her finger on his forehead, heat emanates from him. It is very painful for her. She takes her hand off and it is actually burning. He notices it too. Hand turns normal in a while. He says I know it hurts very much but I

am more surprised that my wife still hasn’t got the experience of bearing my heat. He walks away. She says I am trying but it doesn’t mean I lose the right of my husband’s love. I want your love but your heat is always ready to burn me down. Can the Surya Dev who provides warmth to the world not be cool for his wife? He calls it impossible. The one who lights up for entire world cannot be cool for one person. She points out that that one person is his wife. Your kids are your part. they aren’t affected by it but what’s my mistake. Lamp also spread light but it has shade and coolness around it. Can you not stay the same way in your house? He leaves it on her to decide if it is his helplessness or something else. Your husband isn’t a lamp but Surya. She asks him if Surya has no solution to the darkness in her life. He speaks of the example she gave just now. Lamp burns to spread light. You will have to find a solution to your problem yourself. He leaves. Devi Sandhya thinks he is right. Now I will have to find a solution on my own.

A war is shown. Someone (Shukracharya) blames Indra Dev for the war. It is time for your destruction. He summons a giant monster. He makes Indra Dev drop his Vajra and keeps attacking him. Surya Dev appears just when the monster is about to attack Indra Dev. Many Asuras die because of his heat.

Surya Dev joins Indra Dev. Your Asura’s have got life from me. Today they will die because of my heat only. He attacks the giant monster.

Devi Sandhya watches the light that emits from far. You were right Surya Dev. You are fighting your own fight. I too will have to fight mine. Your war may or may not get you a solution but my father will have to give me a solution anyhow today. She leaves on her horse.

A man (Vishwakarma) speaks of the war. Don’t know how long it will lose. Till when will Vishwakarma make this alone? Devi Sandhya comes there. Will you only make weapons to attack or have you made something to ease the wound too? Husband doesn’t have solution to his wife’s problem? Does father have the same answer? He replies that husband can turn away from his wife but father cannot do that. What do you want? She asks for a solution. I cannot bear this fact that I cannot go near my husband. He feels bad. How can you expect a sword not to hurt? It is impossible to think fire wont burn you. You only chose Surya Dev as your husband so you have to stick with your choice. She asks for a solution instead of a lecture. He shakes his head. there is no solution. She refuses to believe it. You made this world but you don’t have an answer to this? I cannot believe it. You aren’t tell me but I wont leave from here today till I find a solution. He tells her she will have to go away for a long time, leaving your husband, your kids, leaving everyone for a tapasya. There is only one solution to your problem. You will have to do tough tapasya. Will you be able to do it? will you be able to stay away from your loved ones? She is quiet. He says I knew it so I kept quiet. Accept it when you cannot change the situation. Only then can you be happy. Tears stream down her cheeks. He advises her to become her husband’s shadow if she wants to be safe. Body burns but not his shadow. He pours some potion onto a weapon just when she begins to go. I found the solution to Indra’s problem! She looks at the potion keenly. Vishwakarma remarks that this potion can make anyone take the avatar of anyone whom you point it at. He turns around but finds his daughter has left. He gets back to his work.

Surya Dev fights with the giant monster singlehandedly. Indra Dev challenges Shukracharya. He gathers a storm around using his powers. Shukracharya uses his energies to counter it. Surya Dev also joins them. There is no one on the side of Asuras who is strong enough to hold our powers. You will certainly lose today. Shukracharya says the same to him. All 3 of them put their entire energies in it. Indra Dev and Surya Dev asks Shukracharya to stop this energy or the world will be destroyed. Shukracharya isn’t affected. There is a huge blast. Lord Mahadev appears. Everyone greets him. Indra Dev requests him to end the Asuras but Mahadev tells him that it isn’t in anyone’s hand to decide this. this wouldn’t have happened if you knew what is sin and what it isn’t. Indra Dev and Shukracharya blame each other for instigating Asuras or Gods. Shukracharya asks for Kamdhenu tree if they cannot get Swarg. Indra Dev tells him not to even think of it. It is our right. They begin to argue on the same. Mahadev shouts at them to stop. You have become so greedy in your quest for power and status. We are trying to build the world yet you are fighting here. Shukracharya leaves it on Mahadev to decide. The giant monster (Dambnaad) says Mahadev is a Lord after all. He too will side with Gods. Mahadev angrily holds his trident but then stops. Someone else will decide what is just and unjust or what sin is or not. An energy will be born on earth soon who will punish everyone depending on their karmas. This war is over till then!

Devi Sandhya holds that bottle in her hand. She notices Surya Dev passing by from there. She is in a fix but then makes up her mind looking at her shadow. Her father’s words echo in her head. Surya Dev enters. Devi Sandhya runs up to where her daughter is. She has made her decision. Devi Sandhya opens bottle. Surya Dev comes to play with his daughter. He notices his wife tensed. War is over now. I know you are worried because of what happened in morning. I can see it but I cannot do anything. Fate is not in our hands. He keeps his hand on her shoulder but it does not hurt her. He is happy to know that she can bear his heat. How did it happen? Real Sandhya peaks from behind the curtains. A soldier comes to inform him that Devraj Indra is waiting for him. Surya Dev excuses himself. Devi Sandhya’s shadow follows Chhaya. Flashback shows Chhaya pouring the magical solution over her shadow. She was amazed by the results. Flashback ends. Sandhya thanks Mahadev for giving her this option. I can go for tapasya leaving my shadow behind here. She calls her shadow Chhaya. I will call you by this name only. The baby cries. Sandhya hugs her kids. I will be back soon. She instructs Chhaya to fulfil her duties in her absence. Yam and Yami shouldn’t miss their mother in her absence. Chhaya agrees to try her best. Devi Sandhya tells her to take care of the kids. Don’t upset Surya Dev by staying mum if he asks you something. Tell him you got some magic potion from Vishwakarma. Love the kids. She shows a tree to Chhaya. Its shadow can stay with it but it isn’t allowed to cross limits. You got to stay in your limits too. You will fulfil my duties but don’t take away my rights. Surya Dev is my right. Chhaya starts at sunrise and ends at sunset. Don’t come near my son after sunrise. You aren’t Sandhya but Chhaya. Stay away from my husband’s shadow also. Chhaya agrees to abide by her wish.

Devi Sandhya bids a tearful adieu to her kids. They cry. Chhaya manages the kid which relieves Devi Sandhya a little. She leaves with a heavy heart.

Guru Shukracharya addresses his Asuras. We have to make sure Devta’s stay int heir limits.

Indra Dev is proud to be a God. No one can tell us our limits. Surya Dev tells him not to worry. Mahadev cannot take any wrong decision.

Brahma Dev, Mahadev and Vishnu Dev create a power together. It will have nothing to do with anyone. He will take birth in Surya Dev’s house only.

Chhaya is happy with the kids when Surya Dev keeps her hand at his shoulder. It is night time. Wont you take rest? She says Yam isn’t asleep yet. He reminds her she is a wife too. You have some responsibilities towards your husband too. She fumbles. He reasons that she used to ask for his love when she couldn’t bear his heat. Why be so rude to me when you can bear my heat now? I want you in my room now. He leaves from there. Chhaya is in a fix. She goes in the room.

Time passes by. Surya Dev is blessed with a son. Celebration is going on.

Tear falls down from Lord Vishnu’s eyes. Brahma Dev can see him thus. Why are you so emotional? Lord Vishnu says the one who has to light the world has to burn. The one who has to do justice has to go through lots of injustices. Mahadev reasons that it is bound to happen.

Chhaya walks forward with her son in her arms. Surya Dev welcomes her. I got another hand. I am sure Surya’s son will be as tejasvi as Surya. Smile disappears from Chhaya’s face. Surya Dev says you did your duty by giving me another son. Now I will do mine by naming my son. Show me his face. I will name him after seeing him. She removes the cloth from her son’s face. Surya Dev is shocked to see him. This cannot be my son! How can my son by so ugly?

Precap: Surya Dev tells Chhaya to take their son away from his eyes. You are characterless! Eclipse happens. Surya Dev screams out in anger. Surya Dev curses his son. He will die the moment even one of my rays fall on him. Chhaya leaves palace on a horse. Surya Dev’s light follows her. She jumps from a cliff. Indra Dev is curious to know what’s so special about that power. Young Shani Dev is shown.

Update Credit to: Pooja

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  1. Hi Pooja Di…Seeing you after CAS…
    Well feeling very glad to see you…
    I thought that no one will be updater of Shani….Well I am more interested in historical shows rather than mythological shows….Well I am watching this for Kartikey because he was my favourite contestant in India’s best Dramebaaz…


      hiii prakriti..✋✋
      u r 1st member comment in SHANI page…??and also 2nd member in this forum(1st pooja..?)

      prakriti means nature…

    2. Pooja

      Hey Prakriti..i am also glad to see the old faces 🙂
      I was unaware of a new serial starting in place of Ashoka so got late.. And I had no idea, Kartikey participated in India’s best Dramebaaz?

  2. Nandhini

    Nice and beautiful update! I was vert eager to watch the first episode but i missed it..they said they wil telecast at 10:30pm but they telecasted it earlier…the repeat timings is also odd! Next day only at morning time! I request the channel please first announce the serial timings correctly before showing it. Because of ur blunder i missed the first epic episode??.


      hiii nandhini…✋✋

      my most expected serial SHANI and i like historical & God’s stories ……
      all character are made for each other.. ????especially SURYA DEV..??

      repeat telecast today 9:30,11:30,2:30
      but, kall se change hoga? kyoun ki kall opening episode tha na issliye 1 hour dekhne ko mila aaj se sirf ½ hour hoga (9pm) …….

      my English is very poor..????this is the reason my most of comments in hindi…☺

      u know Hindi…❗❓

    2. Pooja

      Thanks Nandhini 🙂

  3. Sugar

    In the first 10 minutes, the devasur fight is shown where the asur guru shukracharya tells lord indra that asur is also rightful for the swarg then the extensive fight is shown
    For the first time ever I am looking forward a mythological show Thumps up for the cv, director and actors


    hello every one welcome to SHANI forum…..???
    first big thanks to POOJA…..
    naya forum,naya log, naya serial…
    sab kuch naya naya..??..

    i am Santhosha. p gowda from karnataka…?
    maine faisla karliya hai aaj se iss forum par daily comments karneka kohi mera saath dhogi…❗❓❓

  5. Hello

  6. Hi everyone. The first episode was wonderful. Eagerly waiting for today’s episode. But i want to ask something if chhaya would go away with shani then what will happen to yam and yamuna?

  7. its quite interesting and has really caught my attention

  8. Garima

    hy hello santhosh I am come here because of u are here hello .and prakriti I am also like kartikay in India best dramabaz he is so brilliant in imosional act.


      hii Garima nice to see u in this page…??

  9. Garima

    Hello everyone I am a 7 member on this page

  10. Garima

    o sorry 6.

  11. today episode is super

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