1st Epi – Sasural Simar Ka 2 26th April 2021 Written Episode Update: Story of Simar begins with fresh faces

Sasural Simar Ka 2 26th April 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The show starts with Simar walking in the big temple decorated with the diyas. She rings the bell, covers her head with the pallu and does the aarti of the Goddess. She tells Mata Rani that trust is the big power of the world, with which any war can be won, and my trust is in you. She asks her to help her in her endeavor. Mata ji comes there and tells that Mata Rani supports the ones whose karma are good. Simar turns to her and gives her aarti. Mata ji says you couldn’t refuse Didi, I know you can’t show your back when someone is in need. She takes prasad and says you have done all the duties well, and says you can’t back off from your duty of a niece. Simar says your and badi maa’s relation is sour, but she is your elder sister. Mata ji asks her to rethink again. Simar says if you don’t want then I will not go. She asks Servant to keep bags in the room. Mata ji asks her to go and says you will not agree without going. Simar seeks her blessings. Mata ji is sure that simar will win Badi Maa’s heart with her innocence and truthfulness. She says she trusts that on whatever she keeps the things on, it becomes gold…this is her trust. Simar says it is all because of Mata Rani.

A couple is shown praying to God. The lady prays to God to get her daughter Reema’s marriage fixed and says she will get the keertan done. Roma tells that groom’s family has come. She opens the door and introduces Kamalnath and his family to her parents. Kamalnath asks them to bring the girl. Reema’s father sends Roma to call her. Kamalnath praises his elder daughter in law for keeping the family united. Roma checks in Reema’s room and signs no. Reema’s father sends his wife Indu to bring Reema. Indu goes to bring her. Kamalnath praises the values which he gave to his sons. He says my son Sarandhar is complete. Roma comes out of the room. Reema’s father gets tensed. Indu brings Reema to the hall.

Sarandhar’s nephews tells that Chachi is beautiful. Their mother says she is not yet your Chachi. Reema’s father calls Simar and asks her to bring breakfast. Some other girl is shown whose name is also Simar and she makes aloo pakodas. Gagan comes there and says will make the groom’s family have the hot samosa and will get Reema’s marriage fixed. Roma scolds him and asks him to give them to Simar. He goes to kitchen and gives it Simar. He is about to take the sweets, but she stops him from touching the sweets meant for guests. He says you have much knowledge and is becoming copy of Maa. She asks him to take Aam Panna to him. He says he will not serve it. She says if Reema di’s alliance gets fixed then we will get even your marriage fixed with the guy’s sister. He says don’t say this, I will take the tray. She sees besan flour on her face and cleans it, comes out holding the tray and smiles. She greets the guests. Reema’s father says she is my younger daughter Simar. He says after Reema’s marriage, I have to get Simar married. Kamalnath asks about Reema’s education. Reema is silent. Indu says she has done BA and is a topper. Roma says Papa has given the same values to all three of us, and we all follow rules. Indu tells that professor Saheb is strict about rules, and don’t eat onion and garlic. Kamalnath says even we are vegetarian and don’t eat garlic and onion. Sarandhar’s bhabhi says lets the prospective groom and bride talk. Professor refuses, but Kamalnath tells that let them meet. Professor agrees and sends Simar with Reema and Sarandhar. They go to the terrace. Simar tells Reema that Papa asked her to stay with her. Reema talks to the guy and calls him Sattu. She compliments him and asks if he has any girlfriend. He says no. Reema asks him to tell the truth. The guy is about to say. Simar breaks the achaar utensil and asks Reema to help her. Reema goes to her. Simar asks why is she troubling the guy. Reema says she is testing him and asks him to say. He says he had a girlfriend, but she was from different caste. He says I eat onion and garlic, and also smoke and drinks beer sometimes. Simar is shocked. Reema asks him to say more…he says sometimes he eats eggs and also non veg. Simar thinks if Di finds all the guys stupid or if they come in her talks. Professor tells Kamalnath that he is against the dowry. Kamalnath says he understands, but everyone gives dowry. Reema asks the guy to refuse for the marriage, else she will make his video viral. Sattu tells that Reema is a bad girl. Simar takes a stand for his sister and tells that he is a dual face guy and is sarvagunn sampan infront of his family and different infront of others. Kamalnath demands dowry to build the top floor of his house. Sattu comes down and refuses to marry, leaves with his father and family.

Professor gets angry on Reema. Reema tells that she didn’t do anything and tells that the guy was bad, he had a girlfriend, eats garlic, onion, eggs and non veg. He even smoke and drinks. Simar says she is saying truth. Professor says this is the last time, that he is bearing all this. Indu tells that the guy’s family was bad, as they demanded dowry. He leaves for work. Reema asks Roma not to bring such alliances else she will run away from the house. Roma says she always become bad in their eyes and tells that now she has to go home and hear her saas’s taunts. Reema says are you well settled? Roma says guys will be such here and says guys will not come for you from America. Indu asks why she thinks this way, why can’t American guys like my daughters. Two guys are seen running in the airport. Their faces are shown as they smile.

Mata ji asks the viewers to stay safe and stay home.

Precap: The guys have a good perception of Indian guys. Simar is shown. Mata ji gets angry hearing the young Simar singing and scolds her Simar.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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