1st Epi – Saath Nibhana Saathiya 3rd May 2010 Written Episode Update

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Saath Nibhana Saathiya 3rd May 2010 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The episode starts with a lady saying karam jali, will you bring food today or make us die being of hunger? A girl comes taking food in veil. The lady says will you see my face from there standing or will feed me food,come here. Girl comes to lady and gives keep food on table. The lady tastes food and says what it is? Its food or Cow’s food,neither salt and chilly nor taste. I understand everything,Yes. Girl says that maaji! Because of much chill, you’ve pain na, that’s why…. Lady says Stop it! Karam phoot gaye Hamrai, like you Bahu/daughter in law come in our house. I’m not too less, which mistake did, will make it right.I’ll make you out of home and will make my son’s second marriage,understand! Girl says No maaji!please don’t do that and falls on lady’s feet. Girl says please maaji! took pity on me. Lady pulls girl and says get lost. Girl falls. Lady says you’ve to go, if you’ve to live here then why you came here easily without dowry. Dowry is marriage’s biggest shagun, but don’t bring. But don’t worry I give you shagun. She comes back with having petrol. Girl says No maaji! Lady opens bottle lid and try to throw petrol on girl but girl takes petrol’s bottle from lady. Girl says No Maaji! Bahu/Daughter in law should give shagun. Girl takes off her veil. She is revealed to be Rashi. Rashi throws petrol on lady. She burns a stick. Just then Indra says Cut cut cut! It is revealed to be skit. Girls laughs. Indra says just shut up guys! Rashi, what are you doing. Rashi says what is?

Indra comes with girls and says What are you doing Rashi, Saas/Mother in law will burn you not you. Rashi takes off sarhi. Her jeans appear. Rashi gives sarhi to Indra and says then I can’t play this role. Indra says but why you can’t do this? Rashi says because I don’t believe in such type of characters. What’s this,Saas/Mother in law come and burn bahu/daughter in law like this! it doesn’t happen. see,its 21st century! Rashi repeats 21st. Indra says I know its 21st century, and its been happening in 21st century from centuries. bahu/daughter in law has to tolerate and sometimes she have to be burnt. Rashi says that days are gone when bahus/daughters in law are born but now time has changed. Indra says nothing has changed. All are like used to be in previous.

Screen shifts to Urmila’s chall, A girl is cleaning fan standing on Stool. She was to fall but Panah comes and holds Stool and says be careful gopi behn/sister, see this table is shaking. Gopi sees panah and says nothing will happen panah. panah touches gopi’s feet. Gopi says don’t to be naughty panah, see how much work is remaining!

Urmila comes and sees. Urmila says oh girl! too much work is remaining in house and you are thinking of joking. Urmila sits on chair and says make your hands fast. Urmila says don’t you eat roti/bread, clean it more cleanliness. have you no strength in hands, make fan bright. Gopi says yes mami/aunt. Panah murmurs,hey bhagwan/god, this mami/aunt shout how much, my ears are burst. Gopi giggles, shoo! don’t say like that. Urmila says hey god, because of heat, my soul will get out. hey gopi! leave this and bring cold water for me. Gopi says Mami/aunt only one part is left of fan. Urmila says its not running, go bring water first. Gopi nods saying yes Miami/aunt. Urmila says where are you taking this cloth, keep it there and bring water for me. Gopi keeps cloth on fan and leaves for bringing water. Urmila switches on fan.Cloth fly with moving fan. Gopi comes and sees. Gopi says that aunt…. Urmila says what mami mami/aunt aunt! bring water fast. Gopi gives urmila water. Pieces of cloth from fan falls on urmila. Urmila softly slaps gopi and says why you kept cloth on fan, do your hands break in taking it down? Foolish of somewhere! Done a disadvantage of us. Gopi says that aunt you ask…. Urmila says stop! zaban chalati hai/Move tongue! who will clean this dust, will your mother come from heaven? Gopi says I clean it now. Phone rings.

Urmila picks phone and says Rashi beta!yes send it now! Urmila comes to gopi and says hey girl, you’ve to go rashi’s college. There’s rehearsal of her drama is, and she has forget her drama’s dress here. Go and give her in college. Gopi nods saying yes.

Indra says to Rashi, if her phone is completed, then can rehearsal?
Rashi says please Indra, stop for sometime, just my dress has to come, till I don’t come in my character custom, I can’t perform perfectly. Indra says oh my Maa/mother try to manage in your character instead of dress. Rashi says OK! tell.

Indra tells see! its naive and straight girl who always think of others,who always solve others problems,think of others in family except herself. Gopi is seen going. She comes to a lady and says which bus goes for this college? Lady says see bus has come. A man while entering in bus bumps with old lady, lady yells at him that she has push me. Gopi sees it and rushes to helps lady.Lady sees bus going and says beta! your bus go. Apologize me, because of me your bus have gone. Gopi says its OK! I’ll take other bus. Lady then thanks gopi for helping her.

Rashi says bechari! Indra says seriously, she is bechari because she knows about her character, not about her rights. and when she don’t know about her rights, how will she fight for them? One Cow with no tongue. Her friend says come on friend! where such types of girls born in today? Indra says they must born! Rashi says OK! tell where she be, your that heroine?

Gopi comes to college. Gopi asks someone for Rashi. Boy tells her. Rashi says see Indra, the character of your this bechari bahu, I don’t sit fit in it as I can never think to be a bahu like this and this character is present today, I’ve no believe in it. now, you should tell you my acting would seems real? See, how much rehearsals we done! but there will be nothing in me like that which you expect it from me. That’s why I’m saying stop this rehearsal. I can not do that. Indra looks on.

Gopi is seen coming upstairs. Indra says Rashi come na! see,I think you’re right, might be I was seeing this role with bechari. Which you like,you do, but do you best. Rashi says OK! Indra asks to take their positions. Gopi is seen going upstairs.

Indra asks Rashi to take her position. Rashi says ready. Indra says Lights off. Lights switches off. Indra says action.

Gopi’s voice comes, Rashi behn. Gopi comes on stage and says rashi behn. Indra ask to turn on spot light.Light falls on gopi. Rashi sees Gopi from behind curtain. Gopi sees Rashi and says Rashi Ben. Rashi comes to gopi.Gopi shows cloths and says Rashi behn you ask to bring these cloths na! please sorry me if I’m late. That’s na! bus….Rashi snatches cloth from gopi and says how you come on stage, only boys and girls of our college are allowed to come on stage not outside people are allowed. Go from here. Indra smiles seeing gopi and shouts mil gaye,mil gaye! I find my bahu.

Indra and girls come to stage and says to Rashi that my search is finished. I find my bahu. Rashi says who? Indra says the one who is standing in front of us. Indra asks gopi will she work in this rehearsal/drama? Rashi says not at all. Indra says let her speak Rashi. Indra asks will you do? Rashi says I said na gopi will not work. Indra says rehearsal’s date is final and we have no enough time,so please, let her do. Rashi refuses.

Indra sees watch and says OMG! I’m been late, I’ve to go home. Friends leave. Rashi angrily gives bag to gopi.

Indra is to start bike when Rashi comes and asks if something special. Indra says yes, Boy’s family is coming to see me. Rashi says wow! really. Indra says yes and when you will hear who are they, you must be unconscious! Rashi says OK! who are they? Indra says Kokila Ben modi. Rashi is shocked. All friends praises her. Indra leaves.Rashi sees Gopi smiling and says why are you smiling, come! They leave.

A car comes to Indra’s house. Children there rush to car. Pundit comes to open car’s door. He opens door. Lady comes out of it. Pundit tells lady that girl is diamond. She is revealed to be Kokila. Pundit ask kokila to come. Indra’s father come. He greets kokila and tells kokila that he is Indra’s father, Chandra Gan. Kokila says okay okay! you take care of my car,Hour’s street boys may not harm my car,take care. He nods yes. Kokila asks pundit to come. Pundit and kokila goes inside.

Kokila sees Indra’s photo,her trophies and her study certificate. Indra’s father tells kokila that our girl is first in every field, Sports, Drama,Kavita,in all,she is first. Its all her, she is great. Indra’s mother comes downstairs and greets kokila and asks kokila to come and sit. Kokila sits. Imdra’s mother says Your son has not come. Kokila says why? I come then what’s need of his coming? My likeness is his likeness. My Yes, His Yes. Indra’s mother says if he come, then our daughter….. Kokila interrupts saying what of daughter? In our society, Male likes Bride, not bride likes Male and of my son didn’t come then what? Servant brings food in plates.

Indra’s mother try to serve it. But Kokila says no no! I do not want sweet, no! She then try to serve it to pundit but kokila says pundit ji has sugar’s problem. Pundit them refuses. She says to kokila if you take some of it, then we feel happy. Kokila tells her that we have no relation with someone’s happiness. Kokila looks at pundit and says where is girl? Indra’s mother comes with Indra.

Indra try to touch kokila’s feet for but kokila says okay okay! Kokila says how much your unchia/height? Indra says yes! Kokila says height! Indra says 5 feet 2 inch. Kokila sees Indra’s heel shoes and asks her to take it out and show walking. Indra says to walk! Kokila says yes, to walk! My son is one in lakhs, If a girl with leg’s diseases comes in, it have to be seen. Take out sandal. Indra’s mother nods. Indra takes her sandal out and shows walking. Kokila says okay! best! Indra sits.

Kokila then asks her if she has habit of singing, you enjoy in doing other works. Kokila sees at Chandra gan and says song Wong! Chandra mods and says sing beta. Indra starts singing, ajeeb…. Kokila says I don’t like strange song, sing bhajan. Indra sings Baishnav jan tu. Kokila sees Pundit enjoying and says okay okay!

Kokila stares at Indra and pulls her hairs. Indra says what are you doing this? Kokila says Nothing! it have to be seen,Today’s girl wear all things fake, fake eyes,fake hairs,etc. Kokila turns her and checks her hairs and says alright. Kokila ready to go. Chandra gan asks kokila what you’ve decided of our daughter’s future? Kokila says No! Kokila’s tune plays. Chandra gan says what are you saying, what deficiency is in our daughter? Kokila sees at him and says get a side! He says yes and gets side. Kokila says pundit come. Kokila and Pundit leave.

Pundit says bhabi! listen while following kokila. Driver rushes to open car door. Pundit says Girl is good, but why you don’t like her? Kokila says pundit! how much time I say you! I need docile cow. Not need clever. pundit says bhabi! but even she not open her mouth. Kokila says Not opened mouth. Pundit don’t know! before it! where where she has opened her mouth? what has says and what has done! that’s why too much medals and cups in her house! no no! I don’t need such bahu/daughter in law. Pundit says then bhabi! which type of bahu you need? Kokila says pundit! Teri yaaddasht kho gaye ha/ your memory has loosed. how much time I has say that eat almonds. now telling you last time,listen carefully. I need such a bahu/daughter in law,who has tongue but don’t use. do not make my son mad with her doings, who having hands and feet, but act like my puppet. Under stand.

Precap: Postman asks gopi to sign here. Gopi try to but can’t. Later, Panah comes to gopi and says gopi behn/sister! Gopi says see na panah! I even can’t write my name. Panah hugs gopi.

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  1. Isaaq

    It’s strange thinking Gopi used to be a weak and shy gawar…

    Urmilla has changed so much as well it’s unbelievable!

    1. completely agree isaaq

  2. remembering rashi aka rucha a lot miss her

    1. Shakaib

      I AM TOO missing RUCHA, the way she used to call kokila as kagadi, was so funny.

  3. i liked ur status a lot shakaib

  4. Jasminerahul

    but y the WU of the 1st epi now?

    1. Shakaib

      Because its not available before it, so I think of updating it.

    2. Shakaib

      I wish you too update older episodes because thou give detailed one. I’ll be happy.

  5. Rembrng old episodes,keep giving older epi s update!

  6. Boss(Siddarth)

    Good work shakaib ?. Keep posting old episodes daily .
    Really kokila had too much attitude before and urmila was bad . Nw both of them changed a lot . And even Ahem looked completely different at starting .

    1. Shakaib

      Thanks u sid, I’ll be more happy when others too update sns older episodes. 4th may 2010episode is posted, hope it will published soon.well, you said well, all things are changed, kokila, Urmila, baa too, modi mansion. Ahem change after 8years leap. I just the looks of ahem after 8 &10 years leap. And now, jaggi too, he totally looks like ahem. Well both are played by mohammad nazim.

  7. Riana

    First episode will be always superb!!…but how did you wrote it officially

    1. Shakaib

      Hi Riana! I gmail tu to publish it it in written episode,written update, as older episodes are not available. It was too my wish that older episodes of saath nibhana saathiya should be available, that why too. I wish that all sns ffs writer should write older episodes update. Well, I’ve updated episode of 4th may 2010, it’ll publish soon. I will be more happy when you,isaaq,jasmine, nandhini, chithu, sid and all who are registered and who wish that also update older episodes.

  8. Amalina

    beautiful and detailed update bro. keep it up! plz continue and post next epi asap.

  9. I remembered that Kokila used to dress like a very rich lady.

  10. Chithu

    Nice remembering those first episodes. Giaa used to b so innocent. I wonder where all of sudden panah disappeared

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