1st Epi – Saam Daam Dand Bhed 28th August 2017 Written Episode Update

Saam Daam Dand Bhed 28th August 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Inebrited inspector goes to brothel and forces a worker there to let him spend night with her juvenile daughter. Lady says if he really wants, then as per lace’s rule, he should come at night. Inspector comes at night like a customer and enters girl’s room. Vijay Namdhari/Hero under sari kicks him and drags him down. He says these women work here helplessly, but inspector is trying to misuse them. Inspector shouts he will punish him for his heinous act. Vijay says he will not touch him and hits him with hockey stick. Women there count. Inspector yells again. Vijay asks women to stand with inspector and clicks their pics and warns inspector if he sends these pics, he will be dismissed from his job. He warns inspector to run away. Inspector runs away. Lady thanks and blesses him. He says he already has his bhaiya bhabhi’s blessings and just needs reward of his hard work. Lady gives him money. He gives some to lady’s daughter and says it is a gift from her brother and she should study well and become something and brighten Kaushalpur’ name.

Vijay then walks out silently in badnaam street when his nephew comes and says maa is waiting for him. They rush home on bike. Police stops them and let chief minister’s convoy pass. He comments VIP has made this country worse. Someone suggests him to join politics as it is very lucrative business. He says he will jump in dirty rivers, but not in politics drain. Voiceover tells Vijay does petty wrong works for money, but his future will punish him towards politics.

Vijay reaches home. His bhabhi doing pooja sees him and scolds why did not he and his nephew return home at night. He says they were sleeping in mango farm. His niece enters and says looking at their faces, they have not slept whole night. Nephew scolds her. Vijay gives dance CDs to nephew and she happily hugs him. He gives 12,000 rs to bhabhi. She says she cannot take his violent money. He cheers her up with his jokes and gives his promise. She accepts money. His sister comes and yells cousin brother and bhabhi are looting her brother and she has to beg for money. Vijay jokes to apply ice on her hot head. Everyone laugh. Bhabhi asks him to get ready for breakfast as his bhaiya is coming. Vijay gets tensed that Prabhath bhaiya is coming and will give him moral gyaan.

Family sits for breakfast. Sister yells she can have better food in langar, at least there variety will be there. Vijay waits for his brother while everyone enjoy breakfast. Prabhath comes. Vijay touches his feet. Prabhath says he should touch Vijay and son’s feet as they woke up so early today for breakfast. Niece says they did not sleep whole night. Prabhath gives him moral gyaan. Constable calls him and informs that inspector Hukum Singh is coming with team to arrest him as he taught inspector a nice lesson. Vijay says Prabhath that he is going to do surya namaskar and runs away. He runs on terraces and thinks how to stop inspector from going to his house. He throws pot in front of police jeep. Inspector sees him and orders constables to catch him. Constable runs on terrace to catch him. He escapes. Inspector is about to catch him when he jumps to another terrace and escapes.

Vijay then calls don Pankaj’s PA to save him. Pankaj is seen entering his yacht and punishing his kidnapped men for grabbing a land. His PA disconnects call repeatedly. Pankaj asks who is it. PA says their aide Vijay who handles their Kaushalpur work. Pankaj orders to pick call. PA picks and assures Vijay to handle Hukum Singh. Minister forces Hukum Singh to eat FIR and warns that Vijay is his aide and if he dares to touch Vijay again, he will be finished. Inspector fumes and determines to take revenge from Vijay.

Vijay celebrates with his team with public possession. Constable informs inspector that Vijay is celebrating his victory to make him jealous. Inpector fumes that Vijay is flying high because of Pankaj, he will not spare Vijay. Vijay looks at him and celebrates more. A girl signals him and nephew smiles. Vijay stops him. Nephew says his life is set and he needs a girl in his life. Vijay says he did not find a girl yet who can enter his heart. He briefs qualities of his dream girl. A girl is shown running on terrace and breaking things and then throwing chillies in air. Chillies hit Vijay and he looks in a surprise.

Precap: Vijay follows his girl. He then tries to hit someone and his brother stops him. Bhabhi says they should sort out differences outside home and behave like brothers at home. Vijay informs Pankaj that MLA has taken over his land. Pankaj’s aide says MLA is troubling them a lot. MLA tells his party aides if a minister dies, reelection happens.

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