1st Epi – RadhaKrishn 1st October 2018 Written Episode Update: The Classic Love Saga

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Voiceover says in their culture, they pray each god for different reasons, Ram for respect, Seeta for patience, Vishnu for movement, Lakshmi for wealth, Parvati for power, but when it comes to love, only Radha Krishna are remembered, but before knowing them, they have to travel to Golok where Krishna’s ardent Disciple goes to Golok to meet Krishna. Disciple Sridhama travels on heavenly flight with Narad chanting Krishna’s name. They reach Golok’s door. Narad says Sridhama has to take Radha’s name to enter Golok. Sridhama says Radha is Krisha’s love, he will not take her name. Narad says he will take Radha’s name then and chants Jai Radha Krishna. Door opens. They enters Golok. Sridhama sees Gopis walking in one direction and asks where are they going. Narad

says they are going to decorate prabhu Krishna, but it will happen only via Radha. Radha is introduced. She gets Krishna ready singing Krishna’s name and dancing. She then leans on Krishna’s shoulder.

Krishna says R for Radha, R for Romance. Radha says B for Bansi/flute and B for Baatein/chat. He touches his flute/Bansi to Radha’s lips and it glows. He then plays flute. Song about Romance plays in the background. Gopis dance around Radha and Krisha. Radha and Krishna’s romance starts. They dance on Radhaa.. Krishna.. dance. Sridhama reaches there and emotoinally looks at Krishna. He then gets angry looking at Krishna. Radha continues dancing and sings love, self-respect, body, soul is Krishna, Radha is nothing without Krishan. She then leans on Krishna’s shoulder and they both swing on swinger. Sridhama gets more jealous seeing that. Radha and Krishna dance again… Narad asks Sridhama to look carefully, Radha and Krishna are 2 bodies, but 1 soul. Sridhama sees Radha and Krishna flying in air looking into each other’s eyes and angrily walks away. Krishna gets sad. Sridhama walks aside and shouts Radha is doing magic and tricking prabhu Krishna. Narad says Krishna has called to meet him. Sridhama excitedly asks where. Narad says near Radha, he means near water fall. Sridhama walks on water fall and seeing Krishna’s footprints on ground touches them emotionally. Krishna enters and says he wanted to meet since years and now still at a dance. Sridhama runs and kisses Krishna’s feet. Krishna asks to reveal what is in his mind. Sridhama says Brahma’s message is. Krishna says he wants to listen what is in his mind. Sridhama says nobody wants to take Radha’s name before his name, she is just his lady love and love is magic, why should he take Radha’s name. Krishna shows water fall and asks if it is different. Sridhama says it is going in opposite direction. Krishna one falls on earth is gravity and one which goes in opposite direction is Radha, if life is Krishna, soul is Radha, if soul is less than life? Sridhama says how can water fall be bigger than ocean, Radha is tricking him, he is giving importance to love than reality. Krishna says possible he is believing magi, if a disciple prays, god will enlighten him, who will enlighten god. Sridhama says he will if he gets a chance. Bells ring. Krishna says it is time to feed, maybe he will get a chance there and leaves.

Krishna and Radha sit on swinger. People pray them and submit food. Krishna and Radha touch food and return. Sridhama submits butter pot. Radha ties to take it, but Sridhama gives it to Krishna. Krishna takes it and gives it to Radha Radha tastes it and feed Krishna. Sridhama shouts enough, what is she doing. Radha says feeding Krishna. Sridhama alleges that she is forcing disciples to take her name before Krishna and it is a big foolishness. Radha says it is just a view, in the morning he sees sun and it is sunrise and in the evening says sunset when truth is sun is at its place and only earth revolves. Sridhama says she is forcing disciples to take her name before Krishna, now everyone will take Krishna’s name first. He chants Jai Sri Krishna. Gopis behind him chant Jai Sri Krishna. Sun raises, trees flourish, lamps glow. Sridhama says with Krishna’s name, whole place is glowing. He shows worm and asks Gopis to chant Radha now. Radha signals to say okay. They chant same. Worm burns into ashes. He then shows butterfly and asks to chant Radhe Radhe now. They say Radhe Radhe. Butterfly also burns into ashes. He says this is what happens wen Radha’s name is taken and warns them not to take Radha’s name before taking Krishna’s name. He walks to Krishna and prays him to announce that Krishna is superior than Radha, prayers are superior than mind. Krishna says before taking any decision, he wants to rest for sometime and leaves looking at Radha sadly. Sridhama walks away angrily looking at Radha. A small girl hold his hand and asks to chant Radhe Radhe. He alleges Radha has done her magic on everyone and has invited her destroyal. Radha smiles looking at Krishna going. After sometime, Sridhama meets Krishna. Krishna says he wants to think deeply and does not need any disturbance, if he will become his guard and not let any disturbance in. Sridhama assures he will not let anyone in. Krishna walks into his palace and closes door.

Radha walks to small girl. Girl asks to tell everyone to chant Radhe Radhe. Radha hugs her and consoles. Gopi sees them and thinks she needs to inform everyone, she rushes to other Gopis and informs them whole incident and says let us go to Radha. Girl asks what will happen now. Radha says Krishna will call her. Krishna standing behind wall calls Radha. Radha walks towards palace, but Sridhama does not let her in. Radha says Krishna called her, she wants too go in. Sridhama says Krishna himself ordered him not to let anyone. Gopis reach girl and ask where is Radha. Girl says Krishna called her and she left to meet him. Krishna calls Radha repeatedly. Sridhama warns she has to cross his belief and then walk in. Radha says she respects his belief, so he should not stop her. He says she got respect via magic and once Krishna announces she does magic, she will be out of this place. Radha says Krishna is in her memory and nothing is powerful than memory. Sridhama warns not to go in else, he will snatch her memory. Radha says she is not Radha if she does not meet Krishna in fear of losing memory. She is about to open door when Sridhama curses her that she will leave Go lok and stay in mrityulok/mortal world away from Krishna. Tears roll down Radha’s cheek. Krishna opens door with teary eyes and looks at Radha. Gopi reach there. Sridhama says he cleared Krishna’s hurdle by throwing Radha out of Go lok. Gopi says he did wrong. Sridhama says he did right. Gopi says he had done right before. Girl asks to chant Radhe Radhe and says she was a worm and got mukti when they all chanted Radhe Radhe, if they chant Radhe Radhe again, she will get final mukti and will her soul/atma will meet parmatma/god. Sridhama realizes his mistake and cries. Radha touches him says in every mistake, there is a reason behind, whatever happens is with Krishna’s consent. He says she has to leave Golok and he did a big mistake. Radha says sometimes sins turn into good deed and asks what was Brahmadev’s message. He says it is time for Krishna to go on earth. He then cries that he did a big mistake. Krishna says he has to go on earth to remind that love is beginning and end of everything and he has to prove that. Girl asks to chant Radhe Radhe at least. now. Sridhama chants Radhe Radhe. Gopis chant with him. Girl’s soul departs and disappears.

Krishna gets Radhe ready and says it is not necessary that she go in this form on earth, he will get alert if she changes her face. She asks why. He says if he falls in someone else love trying to teach them love. She angrily says she will not spare him if he does that. She runs behind him holding tree stem and he runs in front, then stops with teary eyes and extends hand. He stops and says why will he come. She says he got a curse, it will be very tough for him. He says an easy path is not a path of love. She extends hand and requests to say her good bye. He asks if she is so eager to go. She says early she leaves, early she will return. He touches her hand. She turns and weeps. He holds her hand and cries, then pampers her and wishes her. Radha touches water fall and turns into water with smiling face.

Precap: Radha and Krishna are born on earth. They meet after 16 years.

Update Credit to: MA

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  1. AryanBhattacharya

    So beautiful starting 😍but emotional too. It made me cry.

  2. Kamalanayani

    The best serial ever.. I am emotional now..
    Siddharth Kumar Tewaryji’s creativity is really awesome.. He does justice to the mythological series..

    Dear MA, awesome update.. Keep updating in TU..

    1. You have written your ff since many days Kamalanayani

  3. Swetalina priyadarshini

    Starting is beautiful nd heart touching. The last ending part is made me cry. Seriously very beautiful story nd eagerly waiting for the nxt episode…loved it…” RadhaKrishna”

  4. Totally mesmerizing

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