1st Epi – Prithvi Vallabh 20th January 2018 Written Episode Update: A Grand Epic with a blend of good cast, strong concept, and power packed performances

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Prithvi Vallabh 20th January 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The India of 10th Century Era was divided by small riyasat/estate. They used to fight with each other often and this enmity was not limited to two rajyas. India was divided into two parts, Malwa in North and Manyakheta in South. There was a mission to rule, the soldiers are brought from Africa and china to fight the wars and for one such war, a ship loaded with rented soldiers departed from Africa.

Mrinal is seen riding the horse and asks the messenger or lady soldier if the news is true. Lady soldier tells that Paanchal king called soldiers on rent from Africa.. Mrinal asks them to keep an eye on the enemy’s all moves and inform her when the ship reaches there. Lady soldier says ok. Mrinal goes on her horse.

Maharani Jakavve says that even today Rajkumar and Rajkumari of Manyakheta is waiting for Princess Mrinal. Mrinal’s brother Tailap says the woman about whom you are talking is my elder sister. Maharani Jakavve says I know, you are king today because of her. He says if she wanted, she would have become maharani, but she made you Manyakheta ’s maharani. Maharani Jakavve says what do you mean, shall I indebted to her all life. He says I am going to bring Akka. Guru Aditya comes and calls his name Tailap. He says you can’t go at this time, you will only step out of Palace for war and says I will go and bring Mrinal. Maharani Jakavve says Mrinal listens to you only.

Mrinal comes to the place and reminisces her father. Her childhood is shown. She recalls Guru Aditya asking her why she is holding kataar/knife while having anklet on her feet and have so many questions in her eyes. Mrinal tells that her brother Tailap and says he gets scared and I won’t let enemy reflection fall on him. He says he brought gift for him and shows Veena. Mrinal plays it. Just then Malwa King Singhdant soldiers attack them. Her father fights with them. Mrinal asks Tailap not to get scared of enemies and asks him to be there until she comes. She sees soldiers killing relatives brutually. Her mother shouts and asks her to run. Mrinal cries and sees Malwa king killing her father. She shouts pita shri and throws kataar on Malwa king. Malwa king falls down from the horse and looks shocked. Soldier is about to kill her, but Guru Aditya saves and takes her. Fb ends

Guru Aditya tells her that he seen her sacrifices for Tailap and you made your brother as Maharaj of Manyakheta back. Mrinal says I couldn’t make him king without your help and says she will make him so big that he will be called Chakravarti and then nobody will dare to attack Manyakheta on Diwali again. Guru Aditya asks if I will get my old Mrinal back who loved Music and love. Mrinal says that Mrinal is dead and now her life is just war. Guru Aditya asks her to come and says your brother Tailap is waiting for you.

Tailap waits for his sister to start yagya. Jakavve asks him to give permission to start yagya and says if you will wait for Mrinal for yagya. Tailap asks Purohit ji to start the yagya and sits to do havan. Purohit ji says havan is completed now. Tailap bends to take the blessing of God. Mrinal comes and joins him. Tailap gets happy and looks at her. He asks you are in war’s attire. Mrinal says you are not going alone, but I am also going. Maharani Jakavve asks if you don’t believe on your brother’s competency. Mrinal says it is not that I don’t trust your capabilities, but my presence will increase your strength. Guru Aditya blesses them and says today after defeating Panchaal King, Mayakheta will rule on entire south. Mrinal and Tailap leaves to fight war.

At war’s place, Tailap gets confuses seeing the big wall. Mrinal comes and says enemy don’t want to fight with us and wants to postpone the war. Tailap asks what? Mrinal says now I can’t explain to you, now we have to step front and attack the enemies. The wall is broken by the bomb and they get inside enemies place. Mrinal fights with the enemy soldiers and kills them. Lady soldier informs her that the sunset is going to come. Mrinal sees the Panchaal king running and runs behind him on horse. She keeps sword on his neck. Panchaal king laughs and says it is sunset now, you can’t kill me.

Later she applies turmeric on Tailap’s wound and ties cloth on her hand. Tailap says you still think me as a kid even now, and hides things. Mrinal says you have grown up now. Tailap asks what does Paanchal wants? Mrinal says he brought soldiers on rent from Africa and says Sulochana will bring info regarding this. Tailap asks you are telling me now and asks what do you want. Mrinal says she wants those soldiers to fight for them. Tailap asks how is this possible. Mrinal says I told baba that I want to become like him. A fb is shown, Her father asks her not to step back without fulfilling her mission. Tailap says you still remember him. Mrinal says Malwa Panchaal king killed our father, mother, sisters and we won’t be at peace until we kill him. Tailap says Akka, I don’t know when African soldiers come, but whatever you wants will happen. Mrinal says I know that you are with me and tells that she wants him to become powerful king, and says she will kill all Malwa people.

Sulochana comes to Mrinal. The soldiers tease her. Mrinal asks her when will the ship arrive. Sulochana says in the morning. The soldiers laugh and dance. Mrinal comes out and scolds them for their actions. She asks if this is Manyakheta’s soldiers and asks if they have won the war. She says enemies was diverting us and tells that they are coming. African soldiers are coming in the ship are shown. Mrinal says our sena can’t stand infront of them. Soldier asks what do you mean? Mrinal says African soldiers on rent. Tailap says African Habshi soldiers will come in the morning, we shall attack in the night itself. Malwa Panchaal king watches girls dancing. Mrinal and Tailap attack them. Panchaal gets shocked. Mrinal attacks and kills him.

African habshi reaches the place. Panchaal’s soldier tells that they have to reach Panchaal’s king place and fight for him. They come and see Mrinal standing on their way. They happen to see King panchaal’s head kept on the stones there. Mrinal says Panchaal king who had called you here, we have killed him. She says now you have two ways. Sulochana translates in their language. Mrinal says one is you can return to Africa or work for us at your price. Tailap asks do you agree on our condition in return of gold. African soldier agree. Mrinal says enemy should not be saved, says Singh Dant, Malwa’s king. Tailap asks him to weaken Malwa and then they will attack.

King Singhdant gets the dream of Mrinal attacking him. His wife asks if he got same dream. He says it is not dream, but a curse. Guru Shradhanand said truth and says he just wants death. His wife tells that Malwa and you had changed after that, you are known for peace and help now and not for war. King Singhdant says that is because Prithvi Vallabh, an orphan boy, whom I met on that night who changed my perspective and says he is the future of Malwa and asks her to make their son Sindhu understand. She says I tried to explain him, but his perspective is also right. King Singhadant tells that Prithvi is the king. Sindhu comes and says I am your own blood and is the only heir of Malwa. He asks him to rest. King Singhdant tells that he has adopted Prithvi before you was born. Sindhu says you did that as you thought my mum can’t give you heir. He says but I am here now. King Singhdant tells that Prithvi can only maintain peace in malwa. Sindu tells that Prithvi is wandering in the jungle and do poetry. He says I am the future.

Prithvi Vallabh is seen in the jungle and does poetry, saying the sound of these leaves give peace to my soul. His friend says you are real poet. Just then his friend shout seeing snake infront of him. Prithvi comes there and tells snake is not in your way, but you are in his way. He gives his hand so that snake can climb on his hand and he makes snake go on the tree.

Prithvi vallabh see pond and tells his friend that one shall get happy seeing others’ happy and get sad seeing others’ pain. He says lets go, Banjare must be waiting for us. His friend says yes, Prithvi is going to have jashn with them.

Prithvi vallabh title song plays as Prithvi pours water on the idol and begins the jashn. He sings and dances with Banjaras. African soldiers attack the place with fire. The Banjaras run out scared. Prithvi sees African attacking a woman and killing her. Prithvi looks on angry.

Mrinal tells Tailap how the African soldiers shop came so early. Tailap says we shall go and check Akka. They go the shop and see the African soldiers’ dead bodies in the ship. The man bringing his bodies tells Mrinal that the man who killed them was a tandav, kaal and was heading towards us like a storm. A fb is shown, Banjara’s was applauding for him saying Munj. Prithvi vallabh kills all African soldiers. Man tells Mrinal that he was like a fast storm. Fb is shown, The African head runs towards Prithvi and attacks him. Prithvi gets beaten up first, then fights back and attacks on his head with his hand. His friend and others cheer for him saying Munj. Prithvi jumps on the African man and kills him. The man who brought African soldiers fold his hands infront of Prithvi for mercy. Prithvi wipes blood from his face and asks from where he came. Man says they came from Manyakheta. Prithvi tells the man to load the dead bodies back to ship, and take it back to Manyakheta, says Malwa don’t want war and believes in peace, but if anyone attacks them, then they won’t be quiet. Fb ends. Tailap asks who did this? Man says he is Prithvi Vallabh.

Mrinal tells Sulochana to enquire about Prithvi Vallabh and says she wants to see his face. Sulochana makes the sketch and says it is ready. Mrinal attacks his sketch with her sword.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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