1st Epi – Piya Albela 6th March 2017 Written Episode Update

Piya Albela 6th March 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The show starts with Pooja’s Mama and Cousin Anuj reaching college. Naren’s parents is honored at the college as chief guests. Anuj gets a call. Pooja gets ready and thinks why the light is off. Mama and Anuj think to give payal to Pooja and sees a man going towards the green room. Naren’s dad is busy talking on phone and sees Pooja catching a thief. Mama asks her to leave thief and asks her to go and get ready for her performance. Naren’s dad looks on and says it is useless to have hopes with Naren. She dances on the song Sun Sanyaasi…….on the stage.

Naren’s dad tells his wife Surbhi that this girl is perfect for that work which we had talked earlier. Supriya looks on surprised. Pooja diverts the sanyasi’s attention and everyone laughs. Announcement is made for the awards. Pooja wins the award. Naren’s parents give her award. Supriya congratulates her. Pooja tells her that she is her inspiration and says you have sponsored my education and says I will be glad if I can help you. Supriya introduces her to her husband. Mama asks her to come and says we will buy samosa on the way. Pooja says we will buy much more things…

Later she meets small kids and asks them to work hard and win the trophy. A boy tells that he can’t dance. Pooja makes him dance. Naren’s parents come there and get impressed. Naren’s dad tells that Pooja is having sweetness also. Supriya says can we think about any other idea. Naren’s dad says Naren didn’t leave any option for us and asks her to go to college office and get her details.

Pooja, her mama and Anuj get down the auto. Pooja tells Anuj that Mama ji gave her gift already. Mama asks her to talk slow else his wife will hear him. They go inside. Pooja takes the aarti given by Kusum. Mama says I will keep trophy near God. His wife Kusum taunts Pooja and asks her son to win trophy one day. Pooja looks sad and thinks she got best student award for her best mummy papa, and says she missed their claps. She thinks I have tried to become daughter of this house, but she missed and gets sad. Kusum asks her husband not to talk about Pooja in the house and tells that she got the bill of the gift which he bought for Pooja. Mama asks Kusum if you have applaud for her, and says you have never attended any function. Kusum says no, I can’t show greatness anymore. She says I have taken care of her ill mum for 4 years and then Pooja. She says she is trying to make Anuj get tuition, but…..She calls her son Anuj. Anuj says he is on terrace and studying.

Pooja comes there and tells him that education is necessary. He says he is fed up of two mums and says I have a gift for you. Pooja asks him to show. He shows pracheen kala’s admission form. She thanks him with a hug. She asks when do you need treat? Anuj says I will take treat when you pass out from this academy and open your own academy. Pooja says I am tired of two mamas and asks him to be younger with her. She pats on him. Supriya and her husband looks at them while sitting in their car parked outside the house. Naren’s dad says I know you are concerned for Pooja and says I think it is not more than your husband. He says I even pays for then favors, let’s go to hotel. Supriya says she has some work on the way. She comes to the temple and thinks she is standing infront of two paths. She thinks if she shall use someone’s daughter for her son. She thinks it is her sins and apologizes to God.

Naren is shown…he is seeing the nature standing near the river. His friend opens soda bottle and asks him where is he lost? They ask him to have it. Naren have it and looks at the bottle. Mayank says did you get feel or not? Naren says no, and says it is innocent. Malanga Re plays……….He reads a poetry.

Naren dives in the river intentionally. Naren’s father ask money lender to pressurize Pooja and her family. Money lender meets Mama and asks him to return his 35 lakhs. Mama gets shocked.

Update Credit to: H Hasan


    1st episode was fine let’s see what happens next

  2. Loved it. Waiting for next episode.


    Nice start.. but as usual ameerpanti will be shown.

  4. Good start, waiting for other episodes before analyzing. Sooraj Barjatiya banner is known for great cinema, let’s see how this one goes…YMGGK was awesome so hope this is just as good, not familiar with the main leads, they have to grow on me before I say anything of the characters they are portraying.


      What is YMGGK

    2. Trisha

      Yahan Mein Ghar Ghar Kheli…with Karan & Abha.

  5. Thank you H Hassan..for the update.

  6. Trisha

    Good start…looking forward to the rest.

    1. Hey Trisha.. Good to see you here. Thank you for the clarification on top… We in the this thing for long girl….. Lol

    2. Trisha

      hahaha….for real….

  7. hey Bhai(H Hassan) remember me i was a commenter of yeh kahan aa gaye hum updated by u happy to see u Bhai
    About serial start is good let’s see how their story will be

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