1st Epi – Pehredaar Piya Ki 17th July 2017 Written Episode Update

Pehredaar Piya Ki 17th July 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Surajgarh’s lavish Kesar Mahal is shown whose present owner Daata Hukum Maan Singh is shown walking holding sword and people greeting them. His wife Padma is shown with him Maan Singh shoots fire arrow and does holika dahan ritual. Rajastani folk dances starts. Half of Kesar Mahal is converted into hotel, but Maan Sngh does not differentiate house and hotel and thinks hospitality should be lavish in a royal style. With great respect comes great enemies. Maid Jhumki shows dead cat to Padma and says this kheer was served to Kunwar saa Ratan Banna, but cat ate it and died due to poison in it. Padma asks who served kheer to Kunwar saa. She says kaaki/aunt. Padma sees aunt walking suspiciously and shouts she knows she wants to kill Ratan Banna for property as he is the legal heir of property. Maan Singhhears her conversation and walks to his loyal aide and says he came at this time as it is a very important issue and needs his help. He says Ratan Banna’s life is in danger and Padma thinks choti thakurayin is trying to kill Ratan Banna for property, but she takes care care of Ratan like her own child. He says tomorrow he is going to elebrate holi to his friend Sajjan Singh’s house and taking Ratan with him for his safety.

Next morning, Maan Singh and Padma walk toward car. Padma calls Ratan and finds him sleeping in car listening to choti takhurayin’s voice over a device. Padma fumes that choti thakurayin has done magic on Ratan banna that he does not sleep without hearing her voice. Maan Singh asks her to calm down. They reach Sajjan Singh’s house. Sajjan and his wife excitedly greet them. Sajjan jokes that Maan Singh is looking dull and has gone old. Maan says he is hot blooded Thakur and is evergreen young. They walk in and Maan says he will have special dishes made by bhabhi saa. Servant informs that Ratan is not in car. Padma rushes to car and cries that choti Thakurayin.

Ratan is seen hiding in gift trunk and coming out of a trunk silently. Sajjan Singh’s daughter Diya is introduced. She is seen coming down on swinger decorating house. Her bhabi asks she has thought of giving cuffling to her husband as anniversary gift. Diya says it is a worst gift and suggests to give pendant as gift. Bhabhi leaves. Diya walks with maids. Ratan gets mesmerized seeing her beauty and thinks she is an angel. He follows her. Diya goes to terrace and slips seeing cockroach. Ratan holds her and says she is very heavy. She asks who is he. He says he is Ratan Maan Singh, class 5th D, etc. She says he is Daata huzur’s son then. Ratan chats with him and proposes to marry her. She laughs that he is too small to marry. Sajjan and others come searching for Ratan. Padma emotionally hugs him. He says he hid in gift trunk. Maan also reaches. He gets happy seeing Diya and says he is seeing her after 12 years. She touches his feet and says he gave her second life. Ratan says he wants to marry Diya. They all laugh. They then go to perform ritual. Sajjan and his wife insist Maan Singh to perform ritual as he is bigger Thakur. Maan breaks jiggery cube with great difficulty.

They all go to lawn for a tea. Ratan insists to marry Diya. Sajjan says boy should reach 21 and girl 18 years for marriage. Ratan says in 12 years, he will be 21. Sajjan says after holi festival, they will talk about his marriage. Ratan then goes to play bow and arrow game with children. His bow thread breaks and he tries to fix it unsuccessfully. Maan tries to help with his energyless hand, but fails. Sajjan’s wife says his condition is because of them and reminisces baby Diya playing in ground when a horse panics and rushes towards her. Maan runs to save her and holds horse. Horse kicks him to the ground and steps on his hand. Out of flashback, Padma says he got treated a lot, but could not gain strength in his hand. Diya helps them fix bow. Maan watches her smiling.

Precap: Kunwar sees Diya dancing and via his father sends his proposal for Diya. Sanjjan gets very happy. Diya and her mother get ready to go to temple. Ratan insists to accompany them. Maan says he is giving Ratan’s responsibility to them. Maan’s car blasts. On hospital bed, he says Sajjan that it was assassination attempt on Ratan, so he has decided something.

Update Credit to: MA

  1. I toh liked it <3 Watching my Teju again on TV was <3 <3 She looked gorgeou
    And the episode was fantastic right from the start till the end. The kid is sooo cute and his antics as well Looks like he found his "Pari" just as according to his Kaki Maa Sa

    And he proposed marriage to her but that was cute keeping in mind that kids normally do that but they leave all this nonsense when the grow up and these things become laughable memories but we know that this "marriage" is gonna happen here.

    As her parents described her Diya (Tejaswi) is afraid of many things especially those that involve violence, it's gonna be a wonderful experience watching Diya's character evolve into one shown in promo who was shown keeping gun in her purse, that means she won't hesitate to take some violent actions and become "Pehredaar" of her "Piya", her husband, Ratan.

    So basically Diya is owes her life to Ratan's father who saved her years ago from a horse, so this is also gonna be reason Diya will choose to marry Ratan to protect him. Because of course she won't let Ratan's custody fall into wrong hands and let him die.

    And precap just showed that that is exactly what's gonna happen. I am glad that I chose to watch this, the concept is actually fantastic

    This isn't just child marriage like some were saying, or promoting such kind of marriages and stuff, it is all about protecting the one whom you owe your life to and tbh I loved it

    1. Angelk1

      I agree, I’m gonna love this. I just hope they dont drag it for too long, for him to grow up. But the boy is adorable and the concept is unique.

    2. Fairy

      Wowwww .!!!!ur comment is sooooo good ?????? yeah xactly!!totally agreed wid u dear??????super xcieted for our queens new journey?????teja rocks????

    3. Sargam

      totally agreed.i also have all this in mind.quiet an observer.loved your perspective and yes waiting for diya’s evolution to be the pehredaar of her piya….

    4. Anindianwoman

      Wow! looks like you know the whole concept. maybe you are part of the promoters team and clarifying here to make sure people do like this nonsense. What are we showing our young kids that its okay to fall in love at 9? instead of asking parents for new books and sports equipment, its okay to ask to marry someone 12 yrs older? woah!!

      and i am astonished at the comments where everyone is just blind to common sense. no wonder there is no respect for women in our society and they are merely treated as objects even by young boys of age 9.

      There should be a censor board for television so that such serials never make it to primetime. I strongly oppose against this show. this should be banned right away. please dont let your kids watch this crap.

    5. Fairy

      Oh plzzzz from where dis women respect n all comes from!!! Dear i think it’s showing women empowerment nly…..in every serial always a male lead wl protect d female…Bt here female lead wl guard d male child!!!so dere is no point of women disrespect n all..
      N I think u also know dat a small child whether a grl or a boy,dont have so much sense to understand what is r8 or wrong…dey jst do wtever dey like!!! N here also ratan is doing d same!!!he is in his imaginary world!!!N everyone is taking ratan’s words in a kind of humor!!!
      Bt how n wen ,diya n ratan wl get married it’s a suspence…so wait till coming into an epilogue!!!
      N tell me which serial shows something sensible …atleast it’s better den all d Saas bahu n dere Shajish kinda thing!!!!it’s something new ,something fresh!!!
      Serials r to enteratain us!!!
      N for sure here diya n ratan wouldn’t share a husband n wife relationship!!it would be more of a cute sweet bonding!!! N diya wl marry jst to protect ratan!!!!
      Atlast jst wanna say wait n watch!!

    6. I love your post.It is better to marry them off to a woman who is an adult already than protect and educate the child..whatever the story is this show is promoting child marriages ,with young children and older spouses.This should be iillegal.This little boy child putting sindoor instead of reading a book or being a child.such a desopicable story line

  2. Berdilla

    Awesome episode

    1. IQRA222

      yes berdilla di totally an awesome episode

    2. Fairy

      Yeah frnd???????our teja rocks ???????even whole #ppk cast rocks?????

  3. Awwww woooow osmmmm

    1. Fairy

      Yeyy????????? it’s super awesome dear????

  4. Angelk1

    So I have some name suggestion for the two Riya, RaYa, RaDi, which one do you guys like I personally like RaYa

    1. IQRA222

      angel di i also personally like RaYa it is a cute name

    2. Richa19

      Thank you iqu dear!!! ? I hope I can call you that… ???

    3. Richa19

      I also like #RaYa ‘!!!?? even #DiRa is also cute… Just a suggestion….. .???

    4. IQRA222

      richa di DiRa is perfect name loved it!!<3 <3

    5. IQRA222

      off cource you can call me that didu!! ???

    6. Fairy

      Awwwn!!!!!such beautiful names dear ???????????? bt I think some fans already fixed dere name as “DIRA” …let’s see…I love each n every name? hehehehehhe diya n ratan rocks??????? Teja rocks????

    7. Sargam

      #raya#dira#diyara.every name just seems perfect for our cuties….hope that we get an official name soon……

    8. Actually v conducted poll regarding this in twitter #DiRa is liked by many… So v keep that itself… Whole fd should use the same ship name so it’s a request plz all use #DiRa

    9. Angelk1

      Wow twitter already had a name lol that’s fast. I guess Dira is alright

  5. Shrilatha

    It’s riya

  6. Shrilatha

    Oh my princess is back ..wow..I also happy I am so happy..and guys sure this show will rock…love teja

    1. IQRA222

      so happy to see u here shri didu
      yup shri di princess is back!!! same here di even i am happy happy and happy. and off cource this show has to rock cause its of our princess.. and di even i thought fairy di will be the first dont know where she is..

    2. They looked sooooo cute together…. I watched the episode soooooo awesome….. teju is looking so pretty in that orangish red lehanga…. and the way ratan saved her… from a tiny cockroach… and then saying… “aap bht bhaari hai”… that boy playing the role of ratan…. mera toh dil hi aa gaya uss par
      And he so cutely proposed diya…. finally our teja with her awesome acting skills is back…. the first episode was sooo amazing can’t wait for the next episodes

    3. Fairy

      Ofcourse meri Shri??????yeyy!!!!so xcieted yaar??? hehehheehheheheheh teja rockssssss????????????wohooo!!!!aaj to party banti hai yaar?????????????????????

  7. Astra

    woww…!! i loved it. after a gap… beautiful entry of teju. She just rocked in her role. Loved her introduction a lot. and ratan introduces himself was funny and way diya afraid to little cockroach. but later in the ending scene the way she held arrow just shows she is a brave woman.. which i always wanted to see teja as. and precap is super interesting. it’s great start and eagerly waiting for next episodes. will watch ppk surely without missing.

    1. Shrilatha

      Akka totally agreed with I was just going to put that point you when she held that now she didn’t look like the girl who was scared of cockroaches..god she is beauty.and akka the way she helped Ratan’s father it wasn’t symbolic that she will always take his place when it come to Ratan..loved ppk..

      I wonder where is fairy di..I thought she would be the first one to comment

    2. Shrilatha

      It was symbolic

    3. Astra

      yes dear.. and i was also looking for fairy comment.

    4. IQRA222

      asthu di !!! so happy to see you here!! yes didu teju’s entry was beautiful. and di she really rocks her role. agreed that it was a great start.and yes the tigress mode is on!!

    5. Astra

      yes dear.. tigress mode is on..?

    6. Fairy

      Exactly dear??? hahahahahahah yey!!!!! Out teja??????uff!!! I can’t xpress my happiness ????such cute story.???? N teja ke looks???? beauty at its best?????

  8. Lahari

    Awesome..my queen looking gorgeous

    1. IQRA222

      yup lahari di our queen is looking too gorgeous

    2. Fairy

      Yeah sis????? she ws looking drop dead gorgious..uff!!!! Sooo beautiful..jst like a fairy??? hayy!!!our pari???????love love love????

  9. tania-the fairy

    RaYa will be best Angelik.
    Today s epi was mindblowing.
    The way ratan proposed her for marry was cute.
    Diya’s character is awesome.we will see a bold Diya who gonna save her piya.
    Waiting for next.

    1. Fairy

      Aww!!! Dats so sweet .????? N our name is lill similar heheh??????r u also a tejaholic?????

    2. tania-the fairy

      Wowww,Hi,Fairy .our name…. lil same. I m big fan of teju..I was waiting for her tocome beck. what an entry she made! Really love her…

  10. Mona146

    tejaswi is really cute. But 10 yr old thinking like that is not really good. It is horrible

    1. IQRA222

      mona di yes teju is too cute.. and di its just the first episode the story has just started. you need to see what happens the next so pls dont say its horrible

    2. Richa19

      I know thinking abt marriage n all at this age is really u know as u said horrible… But he’s doing wht he was told by his kaki sa… The story she told him came as a live picture in front of him… So he goes acc to the story told to him……

      I really hope I haven’t hurted you!! If yes then I’m extremely sorry!!!! ?

    3. Mona146

      You havent hurt me. dont be sorry. thats the reason children have to told proper stories in their childhood. here it is being portrayed as cure but in reality u will be hell shocked when a kid thinks like this about you.

    4. Richa19

      Just wait n watch mona darling!!! U will be loving this serial a lot!!! ?? I agree children shld be told sensible stories but fairy tales are really common n children loves them….. Its just that ratan got to see wht he was told n he thought its all real….. Just keep calm n keep loving teju n ppk!!!!! ? ? ? ? ?

    5. Fairy

      Yeah teja ws looking damn cute n beautiful??? hmmm maybe dr,lets see what’s coming nxt!!! Personally m already in loved wid d show???????it’s so unique…N I found it interestng????

    6. Fairy

      Hahahahah n aajkal ke bacche? litterely ratan’s dialogue ws something hehhehe leave it??

  11. Asw

    Amazing our teju rock the show

    1. IQRA222

      yes di teju di will rock it!!

    2. Fairy

      Exactly sweety????? she rocked it???????love love love????

  12. Though I didn’t see the episode… will watch it on YouTube… but the episode update was so amazing…. finally… our teju is back and that too with a bang… loved it

    1. Fairy

      Yeah sis…she”ll surely rock it!!?????? hehehe I have watched it on tv n den on YT? wt to do that loved it?????hehehhehe hayy!!watch it’s such a pleasure to see teja onscreen??????? she totally slayed it!!???????? Teja rocks???

    2. Richa19

      Yeah actually with a bang!!!!! She’s got wht she deserves!! I’m sure this will be again a turning point in her career foe the best!!!!! ?????

  13. IQRA222

    woah!!!!!!! so a great and royal start to a magnificent show and that to of princess teju and cutiepie ratan
    the episode was soo soo glorious i was amazed all the time
    the palace was so magnificent
    i am a fan of rajasthani culture so this was a treat for me
    ratan and diya’s entry was cute!! especially ratan was looking to cute!!
    diya was looking just fabulous and beautiful
    so the villain is already chosen hmmm
    raya scene was amazing the scene where diya is scared and ratan saves her was funny and wonderful
    whereas the last scene totally brought the lioness out of diya
    i just cant wait to see how this interesting story will progress!!

    1. Fairy

      Iqu even i totally enjoyed dis show??? Hahahaha till now m in trance?????tejaz beauty n ratan’s cuteness hayy!!!! Dere bonding!!!!
      D royal scene…
      Everythng is jst stupendous superb fabulous??????
      Ufff!!! M damn excited for dis show…
      Totally in love wid it yaar???????
      Hehehehhehe teja rocks???
      Wohoo!!!let’s celebrate ?????

  14. Richa19

    What a beautiful entry of our queen ♕!!!!!! ????? TEJA is looking extremely gorgeous!!!! Diya is a pure mixture of innocence and bravery!!! N ratan is soooo cute ???? loved the epi!!!! I’m sure this will be super hit show!!!! The concept is lovely with super talented actors…… I’m soo eagerly waiting for today’s episode!!!!!!!!! Our #RaYa #DiRa!!!! ?????

    1. IQRA222

      richa di totally agreed it was a really beautiful entry for our queen. she IS looking gorgeous.

    2. Shrilatha

      iqu super excited na..it feels so good finding e Eeyore here .I am still missing Asra,dharani akka Fairy,Mintu Di and many others you know na admirers of our princess are many

    3. Fairy

      Yey!!!!! Xactly richu ??????? even m super dooper xcieted!!!!
      For sure dis show wl create history??
      Such a unique concept wid tremendous performance of all actors…
      Teja rocked it?????
      Her eentry hayy!!!super cute?????
      Love love love????

    4. Richa19

      Sachi dii… Its already creating history with such a unique concept n talented actors… No other show was hugely publicised like ppk ‘! I’m sure ppl will love it and everyone will love teja!!!! Hoping for the best!!!! ??????

  15. Wow wow wow seeing my teja darling after a long tym
    I love u teja …………..Loads of love n bet of luck for ppk
    Rock it the way u rocked swaragini

    1. IQRA222

      nayuu di you are back!!!!!!!!!!!!!
      yes didu teja rocked it !<3 <3

    2. I am back??????????
      but when did I go????????????

    3. Fairy

      Yey!!!!exactly sis????????? love teja sooo much!!!proud to be her fan??????? for sure she”ll rock it?????????wohoo!!!! Its such a pleasure to watch her on screen??????#ppk rocks????????love love love????????????????

  16. Follybraverl

    She is looking wowwwww and wowwwww and wowwwww what a woman definitely a suitable name diyaaaaa………Teju doll always make me drool over her…

    1. Shrilatha

      Folly totally agreed and you know what this show is showing her exactly like how we want our doll.haina. princess. And yes as Ratan says angel .she is so like angel..loved her

    2. Follybraverl

      Yeah shri and that red lehenga looks like designed only for her…..ratans love towards her was so cute it was like pure

    3. Fairy

      hayyy!!!!same here frnd???????? omgggg!!!our teja is d bestest????? hehehe love her to d core….wohoo!!!! Tejaholics let’s nacchooo????????heheheheh

    4. Follybraverl

      So good na fairy we should proud of our doll……Did you see namish wish to her oh my god they had some magic…dhanya Varun Kapoor also wishes her…..She deserves all love…….

    5. Fairy

      Yes dr…she deserves all d love yaar.(?????? Hehehe i saw nami n Danny’s post???? yey!!!!all loves our teja soo much!!!god bless dem????

  17. Antara


    1. IQRA222

      yes antara di it was totally grand episode!!
      and entry of diya was 100% stunning

    2. Fairy

      Yeah!!!sweety???? such a marvellous ntry?????? uff!!!!totally rocking!!???? Diya rocks??????

  18. Riana

    Awesome start…????

    1. Fairy

      Yeah!!!totally fabulous???????? already in love wid dis show????? teja rocks????

  19. Fairy

    Aha!!???????? Frst of yey!!!!!!TEJA is back back back ????wohoo!!!!! Soooooooooooooooooooooooooooo happpy????? n d frst episode…it ws jst WOWWWWWWW!!!! M not saying it jst coz m a teja fan,bt actually I loved dis serial!!!it’s reallly cute n sweeet yaaar!!!! Hehehe frstly i got lill jealous of AFFU? Coz teja paid a lot of attention towards him hehe n as m so obsessed wid her,it somehow makes me jealous? bt bt bt after seeing him in frst episode..oh my??? I loved him soooo muchh!!!such a cute boy wid awesome acting skill….N wt to say about DIYA???? uff!!!! She ws looking damnnnnn beautiful gorgious n wt not???? d way she came down her ntry n her cute antics hehehe jst loved it!!shez totally looking like a teen!!she potrayed 18 yrs old grl soooooooooooooooo welll!!!!her smile her eyes her acting..everything is jst priceless!!!! Such an interestng n unique concept!!!

    Now I got to know y teja said dat DIRA relationship is not of a husband wife kinda!!!Bt it’s more like a cute frndly relationship!!!! Jst by seeing frst episode,i got d glimpse of dere relationship!!!

    Let’s see how dey”ll get married,bt before dat m xcieted for suyyash ntry?????
    I wanna see more DIRA cute cute scenes???????

    Letss seee how a grl wl sacrifice her life to save n guard a lill boy!!!

    Already in love wid dis serial???? waitng eagerly for nxt episode!!!
    Love love love……???????????????????????????

    1. Shrilatha

      Fairy di our princess is here and you know it’s an awesome start I can already see this show winning awards and praises by same people who said its not a worthy show..OMG was the only word that came out when our doll came down and her determination when she said when she has given a word there won’t be turning back now…obviously she is bound by promise…but Affu is so cute.

      You know di we were just discussing you .you are late..but I was thinking you would be the first one to comment..never mind we know you will definitely be here. Afternoon many days we all are together .it feels like festival gathering.
      For first episode. 50 comments is a Great start .

      How is mumma di? I hope she is fine now.
      Love you di….

    2. Fairy

      Hey Shri?? yeah astru told me ? m so sry as I jst disappeared from here?…N mumma is totally okay now???yeah!! I wished I could be frst one to commnt,bt after seeing d frst commnt ,I felt sooooo happpy hehehe …it deserved to be d frst one? n dr whoever commnt frst or second it dosnt matter for me,d thing dat matter is it should have to be a Tejaholic???? heheheh n dats it!!!
      I missed TU so much yaar!!!ufff!!!! I litterely can’t explain how much m attached to it n u all??? love u so much???

      N yap super xcieted for queens new journey????????????maza aagaya 1st episode dekh ke???????????
      N if m not here den also I know u all Sissy’s wl always dere for teja..u all supported her sooooo much yaar!!!!U guys r d best??????

      Let’s nacchooo!!!M sooo happy today!!hehehhehehe teja rocked it!!?! Hayy!!! M totally in trance???? her smile her antics..hehhehe cho cute yaar!!!???????
      N Shri how r u sweetheart??? yeah after a long time v all r here..finally??????

    3. Sargam

      fairy di sooooooooo happy to see you here……you were also missing from tu like me.but i guess now we have a solid reason to come here evryday or should i say evry hour…hehe…….hoping to see more cute dira scenes and readers here becoming a family again and welcoming new members……you said so true she totally looked like an 18 yr old..her acting skills…..uff ……..you just spread your positivity and this enthusiasm evrywhere you are and see you have done it and made this page more lively……i really admire your love for teju di and hope to see you in upcoming epis and your heart warming comments…..love ppk…..love teju

    4. Fairy

      Jst wanna say love u yaar????????? love u cho very much!!!M sooo happy dat we all r together..heheh yey!!!! It feels soooo good??????????????????god bless u always?keep rockng…..N yap ppk wl b a u Superhit for sure??

  20. Fenil

    Awesome Start
    fairy tale

    1. Shrilatha

      Totally agreed Fenil bhaiyya well our teja is no.less than fairy

    2. Fairy

      Xactly…she is our fairy?????????????? pari??????issh!!? Jst love her???

  21. Awesome I m just going to love this..oh I my diya is afraid of cockroach..Diya entry is so grand

    1. Fairy

      Hehehehe yeah she is afraid of cockroach Hahahaha???? cho cute?????? yeah her ntry???uff!!!!! Love love love….#ppk rocks …Teja is d best????????????

    2. IQRA222

      hey saruu di(hope i can call you that) yup di totally loved this episode
      diya was choo cute in that scene and it was our princess’s entry so it had to be grand!! right??

  22. Bae is back..??loved 1st episode?

    1. Fairy

      Yeah our bae? back n dat too wid a banggggg!!!!! Hahahaha …shez jst awesome??? love love love????totally in love wid dis show???????

    2. IQRA222

      yes loved the first episode

  23. Asra

    omg omg omg teju back with bang…what a entry….diya entry awesome yar….ratan said to his dad…i want to marry diya…that time diya expression her laugh her shyness…she close her face na…that’s awesome….love u diya….last part she hold an arrow na that time bgm it’s create goosebumps to me….it’s jzt perfect….
    ratan introduce himself superbbb yar…dharani or astra in both of them someone wrote one os na in that one small boy introduce like ratan na…i forget that boy name but I remember roll number also same 20….cute ratan…
    love u Dira….today abhay entry….am sooo excited….
    am not watched in TV…am watched in tweet….
    ppk s rocking…

    1. Richa19

      Heyyyy diii!!! !! I too felt goosebumps at tge last moment when she lifted the bow!!! Gosh!! N her shyness n cuteness.. Her laugh everything was so mesmerising!!! ?????

      N yeah I too hv read that os… It was krish roll no. 26 something like that!!!!!!

      I was missing you so much dii…. !!! !! ? ? ? ?

    2. Asra

      Same pinch richu….hw r u dear….and sry for not commenting on us last updates…but I read it dear…
      YA krish got it…that time I remember that os

    3. Fairy

      Asru?????? how r u cutypie???????? hehehehe jst loved dis show yaar??? it’s so so sos soooo amaznggg!!?!!!! N wt to say about our queen!!!uff!!she slayed it!!!her beauty her acting her antics hayy!!!totally rockng???? n hehehehe yap ratan sa is cho cute yaar?????? yey!!!!dis show wl surely win everyones heart???sooper dooper xcieted for d nxt episode????????????????love love love????

    4. Asra

      Am good chocopie….what about u chocopie ?….our princess rock it in princess diya character…ppk also going to rock in tellywood dear….

    5. Fairy

      M also good dr..N after seeing teja m super awesome heheheh???? yeah for sure #ppk wl b a Superhit l?????

    6. IQRA222

      hey asra di!!! hello. maybe you dont know me but i know you very well. so i just wanted to say that as we both are teju and raglak fans will you become my friend?? do reply soon
      yes didu our princess di is back with a bang.. it was a superb entry and yes ratan is tooo cute!!!
      is abhay’s entry today.. i didn’t knew about it anyways thanks for infroming

    7. Asra

      Of course my dear choti…i also known u dear….my choti sister….if you need permission for my friendship dear…no dear…u always my choti

    8. Richa19

      I’m fine dii… How abt u?? Where were u all this while?? No need to say sorry dii….. ??

    9. IQRA222

      aww !! thanks a lot for accepting me as your sissy!!!
      and yayyyyyyyyyy!!! i got a new sister<3 <3

  24. Sargam

    she is back.she’s back…………i couldnt stop smiling for even a second for the whole time.it was such a heavenly feeling to see her on tv….my baby is back…..aww loved her…..so cute and beautiful……..ratan is too cute…..the way they showed their meeting with his kaki maasa’s story playing in bg .it really seemed she is his pari indeed……..the way she smiled,shyed away .her evry expression jst took my heart away…..diya has surely made her place strong in my heart with jst 1st epi……the last scene..well it gave such a feeling to me that their’s more to come,i felt proud of diya at that moment,today it was her cute,girly shade of her character but with time her braveness,her courage will take over and i am literally dieing to see that..kitna acha hoga woh…..and with the title track in bg with that killing expression on her face…..haye death hi ho gyi thi…..eagerly waiting to see toaday’s epi.abhay’s entry…..how will cutie ratan react?

    1. Fairy

      Heheheheheh…we r totally CRAZYYYY teja fans ??? ???love u soo much sweetheart ???ppk rocks??

  25. Call me mad or insane or an extreme tejaholic…. but I can’t seem to get over ppk’s first episode…. saw it kam se kam 10 baar…. till the last time I counted it…. its almost 7 minths and 3 days since we last saw teja onscreen and while watching her again I felt that she didn’t go anywhere… missed her like crazy… and she is looking so so so beautiful like a true angel in her royal attire….. teju is back…. finally…… and I really wish that ppk tops the trp charts and teja sets yet another milestone ????????

    Really hats off to teja to choose such a different and bold concept…. would love to see her as pehredaar of her piya ratan.

    And am so glad all teja holics are back… so lovely to see all of you once again love you guys a lot….. just half an hour for the 2nd episode… can’t wait…????❤❤❤❤❤❤???????

    1. IQRA222

      DiDi even i cant get over this grand episode so i can understand di even i wish PPK rocks the TRP charts . and yes hats of to our princess for choosing this show.

    2. Fairy

      Awww!!!love u too sweetheart????????yey!!!!!Teja rocks

  26. Silent_writer

    Oooopppppsiiiii i am late as always???? but what to do just now watch today and yesterday epi omg??????? pari and will you marry me was the best part and diya reply??????love the start and diya entry omg it was best no no no bestesttttttttttt entry of our teju ever♥♥♥♥ it’s like a real queen??????????? loving the serial

    1. Fairy

      Yey!!!fizzi? kaha tha na mast hai yaar???? hehehe even i too loved it sooo much????bht maza aaya dekh ke yaar???n teja ka kya bolu!!uff!!!she is epitome of beauty????suoerb show?

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