1st Epi – Mitegi Lakshman Rekha 28th May 2018 Written Episode Update: Kanchan gets inspired by Vishesh’s words

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Mitegi Lakshman Rekha 28th May 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The Episode starts with Vishesh playing music. The couples dance. A lady asks her husband for dance. He refuses. She dances alone. Vishesh does shayari for those who have sense to understand and who are daring to implement. He explains them that they shouldn’t draw a Laxman Rekha/limit for girls, does the girl’s clothes and accessories decide her character, does the limits set her life’s decisions. Everyone hears his deep thoughts about the Laxman Rekha set for girls. Everyone claps. The girl thanks Vishesh and says I wish every guy thought like you. He says I wish every girl identifies her strength, I wish I didn’t need to write these lines and say it today.

Kanchan holds on the belief in herself and fights with the man. She slams him down. Everyone claps. She asks the girls to gain all their strength and attack. She says even we have powers to hurt others, stay alert, class over. The lady comes and says you are giving good training to Bulbul, she got angry on auto driver and beaten him up. Kanchan says don’t get Bulbul to class from tomorrow, I m not teaching her violence, I m teaching her self defence. She goes. Kirti tells her dad that Kanchan will soon come home after the training class. Vishesh gets a call. He rushes somewhere. A guy is about to commit suicide. Vishesh runs to the terrace.

He jumps down the terrace by suspending in air via the ropes. He breaks inside the guy Jaggi’s room by breaking the window. Jaggi hangs to the fan. Vishesh runs and holds him. He slaps Jaggi angrily. Kanchan tells her dad to get 11 sweet boxes. She cleans the house. He wishes Thakur ji manages everything. He says Baldev is coming, he is finding an alliance for his daughter, matter is not settling, Sheetal’s alliance is getting fixed now. Kanchan says Sheetal’s roka will happen today. He says your mum also used to handle me this way, its your turn after Sheetal. She says keep me away from all this, no for marriage. He says you will marry one day, then I will see how much you miss me. She says you have more rights on me, we don’t know what will happen, just talk about present. He smiles. She prepares the halwa. She says everything is perfect. Kirti comes and says I m ready, how do I look. Kanchan sees her and asks why did you wear this dress, keep it back.

Kirti asks her to listen, mum got this lovely dress for you, you have worn it too, you had a small accident, its been years now, you don’t value mum’s gift. Kanchan says no need to question, change this dress. Kirti goes. Kanchan says how many times shall I tell her the same. Her dad says you have set things here already. Kanchan goes and cries in kitchen. Kirti sits sad in her room. Kanchan comes and cheers her up. Kanchan gets a call. Servant says Choti Rani is calling you home. Kanchan says I have a function at home today, its my sister’s Roka. Choti Rani says its about Rajkumar Vishesh’s Roka, else I would have not called you, just come and do my facial. Kanchan asks Kirti to manage Sheetal and Tau ji, she will come back soon. Vishesh asks what were you doing. Jaggi cries and says its Sheetal’s roka today, I can’t live without her. Kirti asks Sheetal to have juice and get tension free. Vishesh says life will give you a reason to live, we need to find happiness. Jaggi says you are prince Vishesh Devyaani Thakur, happiness comes to prince, you can never understand my pain.

The guy and his dad come for Sheetal’s roka. Kirti tells Sheetal that her Kanhaiya has come. The man gives the list and asks Baldev to do everything as per the list. Baldev worries seeing the list. Vishesh says pain and mum’s love are two such things which don’t differentiate with people, everyone has a life’s story, learn to give a happy ending to life. Sheetal worries when the guy’s dad asks for dowry. Baldev says this is out of my limits, how will Sheetal’s marriage happen. Vishesh says I won’t let you lose, everything will get fine. He hugs Jaggi. The man tells someone on call that his son isn’t cheap, he needs a price. He sees royal family’s car at their house. Kanchan gets down the car. He gets mistaken by hearing the servant. Kanchan greets the man and goes. The man misunderstands that Vishesh’s proposal has come for Kanchan. Servant gives the sweets to the man and goes. The man comes to Baldev and throws the list. He says you didn’t tell us that Kanchan’s relation got fixed with Vishesh. Kanchan gets shocked. She signs no to her dad Nandan. The man says relation is fixed from our dad. Sheetal drops the laddoos plate.

She gets Jaggi’s call. Jaggi says I couldn’t kill myself or your love. Vishesh takes the phone. He says you don’t know me, but listen to me, show some courage. She says I spoke to dad, he won’t let me marry Jaggi. He says try for the last time. Kanchan comes there. Sheetal ends the call and cries. She goes. She picks the laddoos and gets Vishesh’s call. Vishesh says sorry, but you need to decide, I called you again to help you, just decide, if your intentions are not wrong, the result will be right, I don’t want your family to get hurt. She asks who are you. He says I think its a wrong number, sorry. She says wait a mum, you told so much, shall I ask you something, its a cheat to lie and reach destination. He says yes, its wrong, but if the lie is told for someone’s good, then its equal to hundred bitter truths, just the intention should be good. She thanks him.

The girls ask Kanchan about Vishesh. Kanchan thinks what to tell them, I haven’t seen Vishesh’s pic till now. Kanchan and Vishesh meet.

Update Credit to: Amena

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