1st Epi – Main Bhi Ardhangini 21st January 2019 Written Episode Update: Entire family plots against Madhav

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The Episode starts with Madhav seeing Chitra’s pic and asking her how did she break the promise and left him alone, how could she break the marriage vows. The girl goes to switch off the lights in the house. She enters Chitra’s room and sees her ashes kalash moving. She gets scared and runs out, shouting to Madhav and Sangram. Everyone comes. Madhav asks what’s the matter. Sangram says my wife hears strange sounds from your dead wife’s room. He apologizes to Madhav and says Chitra’s spirit is wandering in this house, just immerse her ashes. Madhav asks Anuradha what did she see. Rani’s husband Jaichand says I think she has seen a ghost. Madhav’s mum Nilambari says I can’t hear anything against Madhav, we will decide this in the morning.

Nilambari asks the cow to have the prasad so that her bahu’s spirit gets peace. The cow gets violent and runs out of the vow. Sangram tries to stop the cow. Nilambari looks on. Madhav says you all are wrong, why will Chitra trouble everyone after leaving us. He gets sad and goes to his room. Nilambari says you didn’t regard me your own mum ever, just because I m your stepmum, you should immerse Chitra’s ashes. He rests in her lap and says you are my mum, your every wish is my duty, I can blindly believe you, I love you a lot, I love Chitra equally so I can’t make the ashes kalash apart, I can at least do this for Chitra, I lost her. She says fine, I will not eat or drink until you listen to me, its my promise. She goes. Sangram says I wish some ghosts catches Madhav. Narayan looks on. They all leave.

Nilambari and everyone discuss their plans. She shouts and says we will get Madhav remarried, his mum has named all the property to his wife, I will get the property named to you all, once he gets remarried, he will be ruined, we all will get free, ashes immersion will happen surely. Narayan hears them and goes. He sees his first wife Tulsi’s pic and says I m not able to do anything for Madhav, sorry, I know everything and can’t do anything, I wish I could get a nice girl for Madhav, he could have started life afresh. He reads a letter and sees pic. He says Vaidehi, Madhav’s childhood friend. Vaidehi is seen running around in the village. She meets the people on the way and helps them. Dadi asks her to think about herself first. Vaidehi says you are there to think for me. A girl says Madhav’s car has come. Vaidehi gets glad and says Madhav has come. She shouts Madhav and runs to see him. She closes eyes and thinks how will he be.

She reaches the car and meets Narayan. She asks where is Madhav. Madhav asks Nilambari to have water. She refuses and says I want Chitra’s ashes to get immersed. She acts dizzy. Madhav worries. Vaidehi says I will be going with Narayan uncle and meet Madhav. Narayan asks Dadi for Vaidehi’s hand for Madhav. She gets shocked. Doctor checks Nilambari and says her BP is low, I have to go to clinic and get an injection for her. Everyone starts blaming Madhav for her state. Madhav apologizes to her and asks her to have water. He says I will immerse the ashes, it will happen as you want, I can’t see you in this state. She drinks water. Dadi says Madhav lost his wife a year ago. Narayan says Vaidehi and Madhav are friends, they will find their happiness soon, Vaidehi will manage him, they will get their true love. Vaidehi says I like recalling our childhood stories.

Dadi asks about the spirit rumors. Narayan says its all a drama, Nilambari is doing this to convince Madhav for remarriage, I promise Vaidehi will be happy, just agree to this. Dadi nods. He smiles. Vaidehi says I m coming to meet Madhav. Chitra’s ashes pot moves.

Madhav takes the ashes for immersion. Vaidehi runs to him. She collides with him. The ashes fall somewhere else. Chitra gets freed.

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