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1st Epi – Jaat Na Poocho Prem Ki 18th June 2019 Written Episode Update: Suman and Badal’s love story to oppose honor killing

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Jaat Na Poocho Prem Ki 18th June 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The story starts in Banaras. The announcement is made for the play in the Banaras University. He says the play’s topic is heer ranjha and the play is titled as jaat na pooch prem ki. A man is organizing the play and calling where is my assistant? His assistant comes. He asks where is Suman? A girl says she is not picking the call. The man who is the producer of the play asks another girl to wear the costume and play the role. She says you are not a director. The man says he is the producer of the play and don’t listen to Badal also. Badal says Suman will me. The producer says he will lose money if the play doesn’t happen and says Jhimli will act. Jhimli says you couldn’t say I love you since 2 years, I am going. Badal climbs down holding the rope and claps his hand.

He asks Jhilmi to trust him and not the producer. He says once you wear clothes, you will get ready as Heer. The producer gets jealous and asks Jhilmi to go. He tells Badal that Suman ditched you and didn’t come. Badal says my Suman will come surely. Suman is shown, getting ready as heer and comes out of the room. Her friend says I don’t think we will reach on time. Suman wears the helmet and rides the scooty. Badal comes to the stage and plays music. He says she told that she will come here to meet me. Suman rides the scooty at a lightning speed and laugh. Badal describes his Heer/ Suman. He says when I am here then where is she? Suman is riding fast irritating the people on the road and coming there. The producer asks Jhilmi to go. Badal says if my heer forgot me. Suman comes and says what did you say Ranjhe…She says all her breath is because of him. She says she can’t live or die without seeing him. Badal thanks the God for giving him Heer and her love. Suman thanks the God for giving her heart and love. She hugs him. Just then some people come there and separate them as per the play script. They act to beat Badal. Suman couldn’t bear and asks them to leave else she will beat them. Someone says this is not your dialogue. Suman says what is my dialogue. Her fake parents are sent to the stage. They ask her to accept her mistake. Suman says when two people love each other then why don’t the people let them live. She says I will not die and will not let him die. She says I will see who will stop us, we will live in love and will not die. She cries on the stage. Everyone watching the play claps for her. They cheer for her emotions. Title track plays. Badal is upset with her.

Later, Suman and Badal are sitting near the riverside. She asks him if he is still upset with him. Badal says what happened to you during the play. Suman says play is hit and they got a standing ovation. She tells that she can’t see anyone beating him and loves him so much. He says you are lying and giving lecture being Panditayan. She asks Ganga river to take her as he thinks she doesn’t love him. He stops her and asks if she is mad to give life? She says you are here to save me. He holds her.

The voiceover tells that there is the other world where there is love, dreams and the sky to fly and the other end there is another city Ronakpur where there is love, dream, but the way to reach height is in someone else hands. A man comes on a cycle and proposes a girl wishing her happy valentine day. The girl thanks him. He says we will take a selfie. Just then they see something in the selfie and shout. They see the newly wedded couple hanged to the tree. Someone says that it is honor killing, but someone is saying that it is suicide. The police comes there. The man’s father tells that he is his son and tells about his son’s bride. The man comes and tells that it is the honor killing. Inspector finds the gold chain and keeps his leg on the chain. He comes to the Sanatan degree college. Professor Pujan Pandey is giving the intro to the students and says he is the head of the physics dept. One of the students sees the gun hanging in front of his pant. He says there are three rules. The boy tells another boy about the revolver. Pujan Pandey sees him talking and throw chalk piece on him. The boy asks why he is keeping revolver even though you are a professor. Pujan Pandey says he is teaching here and the revolver is his need. He sees Inspector coming there. He goes out. Inspector shows the chain and says I found it at the crime spot. Pujan Pandey takes the chain and gives his ring to him. Inspector thanks him and leaves.

Pujan Pandey is in the car and comes to the dead girl’s house. He says this situation shouldn’t have arisen and says if you need my help then tell me. He says all my sympathy is with you and says only the society helps you. The man tells that his son in law was good even though he was from a different community and loved my daughter. He says this is your selfishness which is speaking and talks about dharm and Kirti. Mishra ji says even you have a daughter and I hope she also follows dharm and kirti. Pujan Pandey says he doesn’t differentiate between family members and others. Suman is dancing with Badal in the college on the song kya kasoor….

Everyone is dancing while a guy is singing. Suman gets a call and goes out to talk. Badal sees her going out. She picks the call and says hello Bau ji. Pujan Pandey is on the call.

Precap: Suman collides with a goon. Goon misbehaves with her. Badal comes to her rescue.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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