1st Epi – Ishq Mein Marjawan 2 13th July 2020 in a Nut shell

EPISODE 1 – The Tragic love saga unfolds!

It was refreshing for me to watch show from the begining…..The intro part of Vansh and his BGM also known as mine and @AA’s national song, We both along with @TSA are damn obsessed with this song😂😂 (PS: Raise your hands if you are also someone who started to watch the show bcz of this BGM as well)

I always wondered why orange shall brushed against Rajasthan desert surviving this Extremely hot climate with a dancer outfit GIVING A GHOST VIBE. Okay Jokes apart, just tell me the light house is just few metres away from Party venue….Why it took long time is still a mystery 🤔🤔🤔🤔

” Galti tumhari nhi ki tumne mujhe dhoka diya, Galti meri hain ki meine tumne mauka diya” His first epic dialogue, trust me I thought Neha was his girl friend or fiance who betrayed him…… Just have a look, that IMMJ2 sad BGM on back ground and him telling Who ever enters in Vansh’s life its course will be changed. LOL ME AND MY MINDS😂😂 I had even shipped Aryan and Ridhima…. 😑😑

RidJal’s Scene

Yaar I hadn’t read the time lapse first and seeing Vansh glaring at the Orangish Red shawl I made him an White collar Psycho who kills women wearing Orangish Red shawl, All thanks to my craze for psycho trillers 🤦‍♀️🤦‍♀️

Coming to Ridjal’s scene
TBH, I felt that scene to be a little artificial, But still it was okay, and Sejal is savage broh 😂😂
and to be admitted that one scene brought every thing about them within 1 minute, like they are orphans one is party planner and other is Phezo-therapist (Taking Ridhima accent😅😅)
Ijust cracked up hearing Ridhu praising Kabbu….don’t ask me anything 😂😂🤦‍♀️🤦‍♀️
Now only I noticed that Kabbu had a good BGM too, other than Dau diggi dau dau,….BINGO
But what was the need to exposing your prioroty to PINGLE ?
Kabbu should also need to mention about Vanshu being his obsession he didn’t… Vansh will be pouting now🤧🤧
But only to console Vanshu He told, Vansh is his mission of life….How cute #KaVa Goals 😻😻
BTW, why all are hell bent to low the proffession of PT teacher 🤨🤨 Its the only teacher whom students never swear or curse 🤞🤞
The scene of Kabbu chasing smugglers

Now only I noticed Kabbu just forced him to say it is of Vansh, but he told he can’t go against his BOSS! and he consumed Cyanide and died. Angre and Vansh had gone through major changes in their looks, posture, movements etc from 13 July to 5 th JUly
Just tell me how can a Benz or Audi or whatevr the car was such a long one can pull stunts in a lil crowded road and no one gave attention other than Ridhima ……. Okay #askToShashuBhai

Isnt that Cute?
Ridhima proposing him was just simple and cute as herself …..and meaningful too….But the kid just cracked it…. RidhBir is adorable yaar…(Riansh Too…..now are you okay guys🤭🤭)
and very next scen gave us a hint of Kabbu being out of his words and Ridhu being dump…..But still last was still emotional.

RidhJal’s convo
Why shouldn’t Sejal gone to Vansh’s party when he is a big shot than he other one…. Lets kepp it aside, since our Riansh wants to have their fiery first meet.
Vansh’s scene with his iconic BGM always gives me goose bumps.
When both’s eyes met one’s was raging with mixed emotions while one’s was mixed with confusing and fear…… On next moment Ridhu turns out to be a typical teenager who just shut her typical Aunt who was throwing taunts on her life styles sanskaar😂😂😂😂
Jokes apart, BTW How come a party planner made her guest disappoint….isn’t it against their principles 🤔🤔

Angre was always been protecting about Vansh whether its any girl or guy……REAL SAUTAN OF Vanh’s wife🤭🤭
One point to be noted, This diamond deal with Chang took almost 200 episode to complete and last our dear Chang got died,
Kabbu’s description about Chang reveals that they’re not involved in human traficking and all…..Good souls in Mafia’s body 😌😌

His every dialogue was just lit, (which went missing by episodes) the attitude all gave a real Mafiaso vibe. Just Perfect!!


Trust me guys, Kabbu was lying! Neha didn’t got stumbled and jump from light house…..Vansh indeed pushed her down! 🤞🤞

OVERALL:- The first episode was powerpacked with trills and suspense with a pinch of flaws.

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