1st Epi – Ishk Par Zor Nahin 15th March 2021 Written Episode Update: Ahaan meets Ishqi

Ishk Par Zor Nahin 15th March 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The Episode starts with Ahaan coming to his office. Manager says Sir doesn’t give his life’s control to anyone. The staff sees Ahaan and gets to work. Ahaan gets a message. He smiles. Assistant asks does he smile also. Manager says yes, just when he talks to his sister and brother. Ahaan gets Sonu’s message. She asks him to select a lahenga for her roka. Kartik also messages to advice her. Ahaan says guys, I have a meeting, I will come home and choose. Assistant comes and says you have a meeting with Mr. Mehta in 15 mins. He drives somewhere. A girl runs on the road. He stops the car seeing her in front.

She asks him to give lift, just look at her face, she is saying the truth. He nods. She asks the couple to sit fast. She asks him to drive to the city. He looks at her. She asks the couple to put some efforts, its good they got a car guy to help them. She says the families were following us. Ahaan asks why. She says I helped them elope and marry. Ahaan stops the car. He asks her to get out. She asks why. He says the girl who breaks their families’ hearts, she can’t sit in my car. She says fine, just drop them. He asks the couple to get out. He says family is everything, youngsters don’t understand family value. He asks the girl’s age, is she eligible to marry. Randhir sees the old couple. The girl takes the car and says sorry, its an emergency. She leaves. He crushes his shades in anger. The girl says I anger the mind directly. Assistant comes and asks Sir, your car. Randhir says it got stolen. Randhir takes the other car. The girl Ishqi gets the couple to the old age home. The old man thanks Ishqi for taking a big risk for them. Ishqi says you are very lucky to get love.

Ahaan meets the clients. He apologizes for being late. The client says property is worth 5 crores now, not 4. Ahaan says but we decided it for 4 crores. Sonu and Kartik come there. Ahaan gets shocked seeing them wearing lahengas, and showing off to take his opinion. Ahaan takes them away and says I m in a meeting. Sonu says sorry, I can’t decide anything until my lahenga is decided. Ahaan says this one. She thanks him. Ahaan says my sister’s roka is tomorrow, family is everything for me, what did you think. Client tears the cheque and throws at him. He says 5 crores, else deal is cancelled. Ahaan says I m talking to your dad, not you. Client says dad got old, talk to me, either sign the cheque or leave.

Ahaan makes a cheque. He says family runs on two things, love and discipline, when children don’t respect elders, its a problem, its a 6 crore cheque, your son spoke to you badly, just punish him, the cheque is yours. The old man goes to slap his son. The guy pushes his dad and asks what are you teaching my dad, everyone knows about your family, your mum left the family and ran away, you are giving us a lecture, your sister will also run away. Ahaan beats up the guy and says you should have not taken my mum’s name. Sonu asks Ahaan to just leave the guy for her sake. Ahaan leaves him. He says say sorry. The guy says sorry. He leaves with his dad. He says some are insulting elders and some are spoiling them.

Sonu does the aid to Ahaan’s hand. She cries and says we heard taunts since childhood, why did mum do this. Ahaan says our mum has left us ashamed. He hugs her siblings. He says I will protect you, really sorry. He consoles them. Ishqi says I have to return the car, how to get address.

She gets his visiting card. She says Ahaan Malhotra, his name doesn’t match him. Kartik jokes and cheers up Sonu. She says its my dream to marry a nice guy and settle. Kartik says I want to marry a working woman and settle, when we have kids, we will share the responsibility. She says I don’t want responsibility, I want freedom. She jokes on Ahaan. Ahaan says I want a good homemaker, couple dynamics change when they have a family, love, money and values are needed. Kartik says I wish I could upgrade you, everything has changed. Ahaan says no, everything is fine, husbands manage the world, wives manage the house. She says love will ruin your plans. She asks what if you love someone not matching your choice. Ahaan says no, I want a homemaker. She says love isn’t in control. Chachi comes and says I knew it, you will be here. She asks is the beer cold. They nod. She also likes to have beer. Ahaan asks her to have it. She says fine, I will take if you are forcing. Dadi calls them out. Chachi hides. Dadi asks did Chachi come here.

They sign no. Dadi sits and says beer is here, oh, I stay away from all this, I just had it once on my roka, its Sonu’s roka today, her heart will break if I don’t drink it. They sign no. Dadi also takes a beer bottle. Chacha calls them out. Dadi also hides and sees Chachi there. Chacha says I shall have beer with kids, its Sonu’s roka. Ahaan asks them not to hide anywhere. He shows Dadi and Chachi hiding. He says we will celebrate together, cheers. Ahaan says I will be happy that Sonu will get married. He cries and hugs Sonu and Kartik. Everyone sings Kya kehna and dances. Ishqi comes to meet Ahaan. Servant says a special someone has come to meet you, she got a letter for you. Ahaan asks what nonsense. Kartik teases Ahaan. They all laugh. Ahaan goes and sees Ishqi. He says you car thief….. Everyone hides to see her.

Ahaan complains about Ishqi. She kicks him down. They get into a fight and warn each other.

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