1st Epi – Hamari Bahu Silk 3rd June 2019 Written Episode Update: The search of job takes Pakhi to places

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Hamari Bahu Silk 3rd June 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Narration: Good jobs can only be secured with either reference or a degree, and Pakhi had none of the above. The search of job takes Pakhi to places.

A girl was shown dancing in the bar. After the performance, the director appreciates their work. He runs after Kapadia. Kapadia denies making this film, its rubbish. Kapadia tells him to let’s sit together and watch this crap. Kapadia tells Aakash that this is not a clip of a few minutes, it’s a movie of 2.5 hours. This male voice won’t work. The girl comes out. Kapadia blames that Aakash and Natasha betrayed him; he initially thought she had a bad throat. Natasha asks Kapadia if he really means who would watch Natasha. She looks around to see a young man. Kapadia tells her he is a world class ripper. Natasha walks towards him while Aakash tries to stop her. Natasha kiss the ripper amidst all the media. The reporters film the kiss for making it viral. Natasha winks at the ripper and walks back towards Kapadia. She says this kiss clip got five lac likes within a few minutes. Kapadia says on the screen, not only the picture but voice also matters. Aakash convinces them that they are finding a dubbing voice for Natasha. Kapadia leaves. Natasha was fuming, and says this film is her dream. She tells Aakash to find a voice only.

At home, a girl lay on his couch and spoke in sweet voice. It was Pakhi. He spoke to an old man, who flirtatiously speaks to her. All at once, Pakhi jumps off the couch and hides behind it as the old man walks out of the room. She cuts the call of the old man. The old man dreams of a heroine Sitara. Pakhi appears from behind the couch, and asks Kaka if he is home. She was looking down on floor and tells Kaka she lost a two thousands. Kaka tells her to go, he will return it to her if found. Pakhi feels curt that what kind of people have taken over the house.

Later, Pakhi was with a friend at the beach. Her friend tells Pakhi she might get caught in this trap. Pakhi says she wants to send her greedy Kaka Kaku from her home, it’s the house of her father and after he left these Kaka Kaku came to settle, they have turned her and her Ayi into maids in past five years. She calls him as Sitara only to call him back, and it seems to be working now.

Aakash and Natasha were going in a car for RJ hunt. Aakash tells Natasha he will get the dubbing artist through this hunt, and needs this for the film.

The friend tells Pakhi that graduates never get a job, she must go to post graduate. Pakhi says post graduate needs money, and her Baba is no more to finance. She must find a job, and she is constantly taking interview.

Natasha asks Aakash why they can’t find a dubbing artist directly. Aakash tells her that any good dubbing artist would be ready to work for their film. He needs a fresh voice for naughty Natasha.

Pakhi comes for an interview. The interviewer tells Pakhi they need a post graduate for the post. Pakhi says she has got a talent for the job, and fakes a call to client in her changed sweet voice. The interviewer gives a poster of RJ hunt to Pakhi and says this might be the perfect place for her. Pakhi thinks this RJ hunt might be her place.
There was a huge crowd for RJ hunt. Pakhi’s friend was of the view that they might never get their turn. Pakhi turns to leave. Token number 122 was called inside. Pakhi thinks of an idea, her friend says her number is 221. Pakhi turns around the token, it becomes 122. She goes inside for the audition. In the audition room, she was given instructions to read the lines in a naughty way. She reads a few lines, then asks who speaks such lines on radio. Aakash was irritated and tells Rocky to hurry up. Rocky tells Pakhi if she is unable to speak the lines and unconfident, she can leave. Pakhi takes the challenge.
She speaks the lines, in seducing voice. Aakash smiles while Natasha’s eyes sparkle.

PRECAP: Natasha tells Aakash she wants this girl. They turn to see Pakhi had left. Pakhi was on scooter with the friend, and thinks she won’t work even if they hold her feet now.

Update Credit to: Sona

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  1. So far so good….don’t know the actress thou

  2. Riana

    What an awesome storyline !! Something fresh this on zee !! ❤❤

  3. Agree with you Riana….something different from the usual love stories ….the actor who is acting as Producer Kapadia is an awesome comedian and the lead actor Zaan Khan was seen in ETRETR doing a supporting and somewhat a negative role as Jeeves…happy that at last his dream of playing a lead has come true…….and the female lead Chahat Pandey playing Paakhi seems to be debuting …Reeva Chaudhary as Nats is doing justice to her character….I wonder how she is managing to talk in that odd voice which of course is not her original voice….As Sean said so far so good….my only complaint is this serial should have got a better time slot….10.30 pm is a bit late for many Indian viewers…….

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