1st Epi – Guddan Tumse Na Ho Payega 3rd September 2018 Written Episode Update: AJ’s daughter in laws look for a wife for him

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Scene 1
Saraswati gives 15,000 to the worker. He says it is 15, you promised for 20. She says you made a mistake. There should have been more strings.
Lakshmi says to cook the color should look pretty. Add some red color. Cook says a lot of color can ruin the taste. She says better not Argue with me. Do what you are asked to.
Dadi says lakshmi is everything ready?
Women ask Saraswati this will insult the whole family and AJ. Third daughter in law comes and says you have heard right. We think about other people too here. We will look everywhere in the city and find our mother in law.

A woman runs after Rahul. Guddan says don’t worry I will stop him. Shopkeeper says Guddan you can’t do it. She says I am Guddan i can. She trips. Guddan runs after

Rahul (dog) and messes everything in the street. People are angry everywhere. The dog comes in front of a bus. She picks him. Guddhan returns him to the woman. She says how did this happen in the street? She says chaci I told you, I can. Never say that Guddan you can’t. She leaves.

Scene 2
Guddan’s father says we miss you Gudan’s mom. You left us too soon. I feel like you will come to me and say.. A woman says I am not dead. His wife Kaushaliya says its me.
Raiti bakes a cake. Kaushaliya says she got order from a big house. Dad says teach Guddan too. Kaushaliya says she will learn she is a kid only. He says people defame step mothers for no reason. Someone should look at you.

AJ comes home.
Guddan comes home. She says to Kaushaliya I saved a puppy’s life. Raiti says deliver this cake on time please. Guddan says I will. Kaushaliya says Guddan you can’t. She gets angry.
Everyone wishes AJ birthday. He checks the food and says to the cook this saucepan is burned. Get. dadi says its okay. Go and cook again. She says they are your staff. They will leave. He says people are here to test our restaurant. We can’t compromise of our quality and taste. There is no room for shortcomings in my life.

Guddan comes with the cake. The third daughter in law says you are 45 minutes late. This is AJ’s case. Guddan says what does it matter if its Aj or ABC. Kausaliya says sorry we will decorate the cake.
AJ says who are all these women? Third daughter in law says we are looking for your life partner. Lakshmi says you shouldn’t live alone. Saraswati says we have called the best families here. Dadi says give me a daughter in law and thes girls a mother in law. Lakshmi says yes please give us a mother in law. He says wow. You think a lot about me. Now lets see, who thinks about me like you three do.

AJ says thank you for coming to my birthday. Marriage is made on 7 promises. I will take seven promises right now. After that whoever is okay with this proposal can come forward.

Precap-AJ breaks bottles and is angry at Kaushaliya. Guddan says oye uncle. She smashes the cake on his face.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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  1. How come father in law look so younger than daughter in laws. I expected somebody really old.

  2. Wow, this is superb. I have a feeling that this will be an awesome show. Let’s not judge the show critically just before watching it.

  3. Riana

    I think it will be too early to judge this show… Although i enjoyed the whole episode… Lets see how this story unfolds ! #Guddan guddan 😂

  4. It’s early but after the show I wanted to go potty to see if my cr*p looked better and guess what, it didn’t.

  5. Most idiotic casting!! The sasur looks old enough to be the eldest bahu’son.they mentioned AJ looks young but still a 60yr old can look like 55 maybe even 50 but definetely not 25!! They should hv used sm sense.
    The concept is different but horrible casting!!

  6. ShraddhaSharma392

    Not much impressed with first episode, but it will be fun to watch, untill plotting of villians and spoiling by zee writers

  7. They could have cast a lead like ‘Kuch to log kehenge’ type lead so that he looks like a father-in-law of three daughter-in-law.Otherwise , I think serial will be good with comedy.The promo of it was entertaining.

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