1st Epi – Gud Se Mitha Ishq 18th April 2022 Written Episode Update: Story Of A Bubbly Tourist Guide Kajal

Gud Se Mitha Ishq 18th April 2022 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

In an Uthrakhand temple, a tourist guide Kajal/Kaju is seen praying Shivji and chanting Har Har Mahadev. She then distrbutes Bholenath’s prasad to tourists. A foreign tourist asks her the importance of Shiva. She explains the presence of Shivji and his dance/nritya between the presence and absence of void, flow of water, gushing breeze, glooming sun, jumping water, etc. Foreigner asks what is nritya. She dances on Shankara Re Shankara.. song. Foreigner records her dance. An old villager alleges her character. One of the villager verbally accuses her that she is dirt and unfit to live in their village. She gives them a befitting reply and asks what is wrong if she works and earns money to suppor her family and asks if he queestions even his daughter. Villager warns her to dare not take his daughter’s name from her mouth and says she is an illegitimate child who doesn’t even know her father’s name and is following her mother’s path. Kajal feels hurt and runs away from there crying. .She reaches home and sits crying. Her mother asks what happened to her.

In Delhi, Khurana family is seen taking their bags out silently trying not to awake up Pari. Dadaji and Daadi’s nok jok starts. They reveal that they are going to attend their grandson’s wedding. Their DIL Nutan shares she prepared food for travel. Their drama continues when driver walks in and loudly informs that car is ready with a car horn. Pari wakes up hearing car horn. Daadi scolds driver for making sound. Pari comes out and says even she will attend her brother’s wedding and asks them to wait till she gets ready, revealing she is mentally challenged. She walks down ready to travel and shows her excitement to her brother Dhruv.

Kaju rushes back to her home and break down in tears. Her mom asks her reason, but she hides it from her. Mom learns that someone must have hurt her by questioning about her father and sadly says its not her fault that her husband didn’t return to her . Kaju mimicks her mom to cheer her up and assures her that she sill bring her father back one day and show the villagers who her father is.

Dhruv gets irritated over Pari’s behavior and demands Nutan to stop her somehow. Pari says she knows Dhruv will be married first and if they find a good boy in between, they should bring him for her. Faher emotionally says they will take her wedding procession from Lal Quila To India Gate. Pari remembers having ice cream there and says they should attend Dhruv’s wedding first. Nutan says let them go, we both will go to watch Qutub Minar. Pari insists to go. Dhruv asks her to take care of the house until they reqeturn and requests to let them go for 2-3 days. Pari gets adamant to go. Parents try to drag her away when her chachaji JD enters and slaps her. Dadaji asks what is he doing. JD says Pari doesn’t understand anything without a slap and orders Pari to go back to her room. Pari gets adamant. Dadaji asks JD to behave like a human. JD says Pari is unfit to be with humans and is mannerless. Pari continues her adamancy. JD tries to slap her again. Neel holds his hand.

Kaju tells her mom someone will come to her who will stand for truth and understand their situation, she is eagerly waiting for that person. Neel asks his father JD why he is stopping Pari from attending the wedding and situation would e awkward if Nutan doesn’t attend her son’s wedding, so they all will go together. Pari jumps happily. Soniya says they have a big family and will take care of Pari in turns. Dadaji asks Nutan to get ready. Neel’s family heads towards Uthrakhand.

Precap: Pari’s mother asks a goon how will they repay her favors. Goon says he will get whatever he wants, looking at Kaju. Kaju becomes Neel’s family’s guide. Weather changes, and Kajal gets stuck in a storm.

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  1. Revu

    This episode was really emotional and Good. I felt sad for Kaju when the villagers passed abuse words on her, the way she explained Shivji’s existence was amazing. After long time something good, fresh and an appealing story is shown, Pari is like a kid and Neel as his good brother stopping JD from beating her was good. Waiting for Arhaan entry as he is essaying special teacher role, I am excited for it.

  2. Even I am waiting for Arhaan,the serial is fresh and picturisation is superb,all actors are so cool and good

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