1st Epi – Excuse Me Madam 14th September 2020 Written Episode Update: The new Madam entry in Sanam’s life

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Scene 1
A woman is showing doing tulsi pooja. She smiles and comes to her room. She opens the windows and asks Sanu to wake up. She hugs him and says wake up. Sanu/Sanam wakes up and is all sweaty. His wife asks what happened? He says Kantu/Kranti you switched off AC last night and gave me two blankets? Kantu says there was a snowfall in Shimla last night. Sanu says we are Dehradhun. She says there was a man who sneezed and the whole world got ill. Sanu says you kept me in a basement in the name of quarantine. She says I will make breakfast for you.

Sanam calls his mother and says Kranti is so paranoid. We went to eat at a restuarant and a man choked on a leg piece so she took my leg piece because of it. Kranti comes there and imagines a pot falling on Sanam. She screams and asks if he is fine? Did the pot fall? Sanam says we are sitting under the sky. Kranti says an eagle can be carrying a pot too and it might fall on your head. He is irritated and says I will go inside. Kranti says I have an idea. She puts a put a pan over his head and leaves. His sister in law comes there and is a police officer. She asks what the hell are you doing? He says talk to me with respect. Kranti comes there and asks Amar if she is going to the duty? She says yes and leaves. Kranti asks Sanam to take her brother (a dog) on a walk.

Scene 2
Sanam is on a walk with a friend. He asks if you had a romance with Amar? He says Amar beats me so much, she doesn’t act like a wife. She punched in the eye in her sleep. Sanam says she is always acting like a police officer. Sanam says don’t lose hope. They recall a beautiful girl Shella. Sanam’s dog Bhaisa bark at a girl. Sanam, his friend and the dog are mesmerized seeing the pretty girl. Bhaisa goes to her dog. Sh girl says take your dog away. Sanam comes there and asks what did Bhaisa do? The girl says he is Bhaisa? He was misbehaving with my Mishti (dog). Sanam says he was just trying to say ‘I love you’. She says you understand their thoughts? She says what Mishti is thinking? Sanam says she is smitten by Bhaisa. The girl says Mishti is young, your dog is old and cheap. Sanam talks to his dog and says this is happening because of you. The girl says bhaisa has to say sorry. The dog tells Sanam that I am not saying sorry to her. The girl says Mishti is my daughter, she leaves from there. Sanam says she is weird but very nice.

Scene 3
Kranti is making bhaisa eat and asks why he is silent today? Amar’s husband Addu says we will make pickle. Kranti says make dinner. Amar comes there and asks him to make food fast. Kranti says you are back early? Sanam comes there and asks if she got suspended again? Kranti says really? Amar says I beat a person and got to know that person is related to the commissioner so he suspended me. Sanam says my new madam is coming to the office, he leaves for the office. Amar says who is ‘madam’? I have a feeling. Kranti says really?

Sanam comes to the office. His collegue says this new madam is so pretty. Sanam says what are you saying? He says she is so sensual and beautiful. Sanam says what rubbish? I wanted to ask about her nature? He says you will have to find out, she called you. If you want to become a general manager then butter up. Chatterjee is trying to get the position too.

Sanam comes to the new madam. She jokes and asks why he got late? Sanam says my dog talked to a girl’s dog, her dog kissed my dog and she got angry on me. The madam turns around and is shocked to see that it’s Mishti’s owner only. She says how dare you?

PRECAP- The madam cries and says you took advantage of me and now I am pregnant with your baby so you are doing this? Sanam says me? What are you saying? He runs away from her.
Sanam tells Amar that Bhaisa has to say sorry to my madam. Amar says Bhaisa won’t say sorry to anyone.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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