1st Epi – Ek Thi Rani Ek Tha Ravan 21st January 2019 Written Episode Update: A Modern day Tale of Raavan tormenting docile Rani

Ek Thi Rani Ek Tha Ravan 21st January 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

A voiceover tells that if anyone thought that someone follow a girl till the rickshaw and then follow her while she goes back now. It is fear. One gets scared when someone calls and then doesn’t answers, when some rings the bell in night and then vanishes, and says everyone’s sisters, wife and mothers get scared by these tormentors. He says if Rani can fight and win from this tormentor.

A woman is sleeping when she gets scared seeing someone reflection. She moves the curtain and sees her daughter Rukmini. Rukmini says she will switch off the lights. They hear some sound and switches on the house lifts. They hear the sound coming from under the bed and move the bedsheet with the stick. They see Rani hiding with the puppy. Rani says sorry and tells that Jaggu Dada was unwell and that’s why she brought it home. Rukmini asks Rani if she gets allergic and pimple on her face because of dog. Rani tells that jaggu dada have feelings and asks her not to call it as dog. Their mum asks Rani to send Jaggu Dada out. Rani says she will send it out in 2 mins and asks Rukmini to go. Rukmini asks her to tell how many puppies are there in the house including this puppy. Rani says just one and sit down the bed. They pull the bedsheet and see many dogs inside. Rukmini shouts. Their mum asks Rani to send all of them out. Rani takes the dogs out making meow sound. Rukmini says she has intelligence. Someone is keeping eye on her. Rani takes the dogs out and pampers them. She takes selfie with jaggu and senses someone presence. She tells them bye and finds her favorite flowers fall on her. She realizes that it is different flowers falling down from the other tree. She closes her eyes and asks Jhansi ki rani to save her. The tormentor takes the puppy in his hand and follows Rani again. Rani comes back home, but couldn’t sleep thinking. She holds Rukmini’s hand. Rukmini asks her to sleep.

In the morning, their mother talks to someone on phone and asks Rukmini to take Rani with her. Dadi prays and rings the inhouse puja bell. Rukmini wakes her up. They have a cute fight. Dadi prays loudly that they shall learn sanskar else will return from sasural. She taunts girls’ mum and asks her to make mannat laddoo. Rani’s mum tells that she will spend money on her daughter’s education. Rani comes to the dogs house and calls Jaggu Dada. She couldn’t see it there. She finds Jaggu Dada hanged to the tree and is shocked. She reads the message that whoever hurts you will be no more. She runs home and informs Rukmini. She brings Rukmini there and tells that this is happening with her from before and tells that college guy Rivaaj is after her since the college days. A fb is shown, Rukmini and Rani come to the college. Rukmini fills the form. Rani says she will fills the form and asks her to give. Rukmini goes to drink coffee. Rani fills the form and sees a guy Rivaaj coming to the college and breaking her classmate’s car glass. . Girl gets shocked and asks what are you doing? Rivaaj says you have parked the car in my parking. He scratches on her cars and acts madly. Girl cries. He pushes the car off the stairs making it damaged fully. Girl cries. Principal of the college and the lecturer just looks on. Rivaaj warns everyone.

Rivaaj rags the students and tells Rani that he wants to make her drink water with his hand. Rani looks on.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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