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Episode starts with gayatri mantra and temple darshan. A voiceover says this story is about Chandrakantha, magical world’s biggest story, Chandrakantha was born in Vijaygarh, magical world’s most magical city, it had magicians who are called ayyars who can fly in car and can disguise as anyone they like. An ayyar disguised enters a man’s house. His wife gets happy seeing him, but real man comes and ayyar escapes. She continues even ayyaran had great magical powers and could do anything they liked. Among them was a great ayyara Chandrakantha and her mother, the greatest ayyaara Ratnaprabha who had Vishnuji’s dagger/knife who wanted to pass on her lineage to her next generation. Ratnaprabha prays god that she will give this dagger to the biggest ayyar/ayyara, after 21 years if her daughter fulfills her requirement, god should bless her and give this magical dagger to her. People chant Rani Ratnaprabha ki jai, Raja Jai Singh ki jai…Jai Singh comes and tells Ratnaprabha that she is submitting her magical powers to this dagger slowly and becoming normal human like him. Ratnaprabha says she wants her daughter to see her as mother and not ayyara. People then chant ayyara Vishakha ki jai ho and Vishakha enters.

Magical competition starts. Ratnaprabha orders to start competition and chants Vande Vishnu..Vande Vishnu. Rani Iravathi enters with paralyzed Raja Surendra Singh and Rajkumar Virendra. People chant their name. Iravathi says how can ayyar’s competition happen without her. Ratnaprabha says she did no invite her. Iravathi says she wants her sister Vishakha to win. Ratnaprabha says completion will happen with justice and whoever wins will get magical dagger. Iravathi says Jai Singh invited her. Ratnaprabha says she feels this woman will do something. Jaisingh asks to trust him and start competition. Vishaka and Iravathi compete, and Iravathi wins and asks to give magical dagger to her. Ratnaprabha takes dagger inside palace and says she does not feel Iravathi deserves dagger as she killed Surendra’s wife and become his wife. Iravathi enters and says she saved Surendra and his wife from black magical jungle and had to use black magic, saved Virendra, but could not save Surendra’s wife. She proposes Virenda’s alliance with baby Chandrakantha. Ratnaprabha picks Chandrakantha and says she will keep dagger in Vishnu mandir and will not give it to Iravathi, forget about Virendra and Chandrakantha’s alliance. Iravathi fumes. Jai Singh asks Iravathi to stay at palace tonight, he will convince Ratnaprabha in the morning.

Iravathi fumes in her room and calls her magical aide, shouts Ratnaprabha rejected Virendra and Chandrakantha’s alliance, she wanted to make Chandrakantha as her bahu and get that dagger’s magical powers after 21 years and rule over the magical world. Aide asks her to forget it, she is inviting her death, shows Ratna will kill her. Iravathi angrily throws magical power on her and says she will kill both Ratna and Chandrakantha. She orders her soldiers to attack Vijaygarh, she will burn whole Vijaygarh. Iravathi walks to Ratna’s room and attacks her bed thinking Ratna is in , but sees only pillows under. She then sees even Chandrakantha missing and shouts… Ratna walks with Jai Singh and soldiers and sees Iravathi’s soldiers running in. She says Jai Singh she told Iravathi is evil. Jai Singh says he will not spare Iravathi. Ratna stops her. They both head towards jungle to escape. Iravathi comes there and shouts she will kill Ratna and Chandrakantha and get the dagger. Jai Singh fights with her and soldiers and asks Ratna to run. Ratna runs. Iravathi pulls her with whip. Ratna escapes attack. Iravathi kills Jaisingh and then stabs Ratna. Ratna fights with her and flies. Ira also flies like in Chinese martial arts movie, but Iravathi follows her and stabs repeatedly. Iravati escapes somehow and reaches sea shore. She whistles and calls her pet dolphin and says she was betrayed, asks to take Chandrakantha to Surya garh and protect her, Chandrakantha has to return after 21 years and reclaim her dagger. Dolphin takes Charakantha away. Ratna then goes to Vishnu temple and prays that magical dagger should go to Chandrakantha after 21 years, till then it will be in this temple. Iravathi comes and tries to snatch dagger. She gets cover and Ratna dagger. Temple starts falling. Ratna prays Vishnuji to take this dagger under his control, she is sure Chandrakantha will be capable to hold it, till then, it should be with Vishunuji. She chants Vande Vishnu. Sword flies into sky. Iravathi angrily walks out of temple while Iravathi continues praying in temple. Iravathi’s aide says only cover is danger, but even it has powers. Iravathi says she kill her death. Aide says Chandrakantha will kill her and not Ratna. Iravathi asks to find out where Chandrakantha is. Aide says she is where where black magic cannot reach. Iravathi says she will search all dynasties and kill her.

In Suryagarh, fishermen couple try to catch fish. Wife Ruchi cries that they are not getting fishes and even did not bear child. Husband says when god will give child, it will come from sky. He throws net again and hears a child’s voice. He gets very seeing child and shouts they got a life. They both thank Vishnuji for giving them a daughter and name her Chandrakantha. Voiceover says again a wealthy queen’s daughter became poor parent’s crown. She continues that Iravathi destroyed surrounding dynasties searching Chandrakantha. A bit grown up boy Veer climbs mountain with great difficulty to please his mother, returns to Iravathi and says he climbed full mountain and one day , he will become very powerful. Iravathi dorns cloth on him and praises. Virendra says he needs special milk which he likes. Iravathi mixes some powder in milk and gives it to Veer and then asks him to go and rest. Veer happily runs. Aide comes and taunts that even chudail attacks 2 hours away, but she is attacking her own house, why she is giving drugs to her son. Irvathi says it will keep him under control. She then crushes leaf and mixes in milk. Aide asks even she is taking drugs. Iravathi says it is poison for Surendra, and he will become leaving dead body.

Ten years later, Virendra/Veer demonstrates his power in front of Iravathi and defeats warriors, but does not kill one. Iravati scolds him he is a warrior and should not lower his sword until he finishes his enemy. Veer says opponent is weaponless and his guru. Iravati says his father was stabbed by an opponent by trick, so he should not spare his opponent, emotionally blackmails who took care of him after his parent’s death. He says she. She orders to kill him then. He kills. Iraavathi says if she had kept do, it would have showed tongue for roti. She made a tiger instead by giving him luxuries and so cruel that he will wiggle his tail in front of her. A few years later, young muscular Veer walks into fighting ground to fight with 3 men. Men throw him in air repeatedly and attack him at once. He throws them all at once and trashes them. Maids then throw water on him and wash his mud smeared body. Veer reveals his face. Voiceover says Veer was so powerful that his mother was very happy with him, but she did not know her death was blossoming somewhere else. Young Chandrakantha is introduced. Chandrakantha’s foster mother wakes her up and says she got job in rajmahal just 7 days ago and should not be late. Chandrakantha says why did she wake her up, she saw beautiful springs, jungle, magic, even she did magic. Mom says they are poor fishermen. Chandrakantha pampers her parents and rushes for palace.

Veer walks in market and girls eagerly watch and follow him. His friend Tej joins him. Girls surround him and dance. He dances with them on Hutad Hutad…song…Veer’s enemy spies him. Veer catches him and tortures him, asks who is he. Man says he is Bhola and came to see if his mother will attack them. Veer says today is his mother’s birthday and he will not kill anyone, go and tell Veer is coming. Voiceover says Iravathi could not win Suryagarh as its Raja is very powerful and knows to protect his dynasty. Veer walks into pr*stitute and asks her to give his service money to children.

Iravathi’s aide tells she won many dynasties with magical dagger’s cover, but could not win Suryagarh and says her end is in Suryagarh. Iravathi calls Veer back to palace immediately and says in Suryagarh, Rajkumari Sonakshi and Sotakshi’s ayyar bodyguard is being selected and even a competition. Veer says he has sent his men already. Iravathi asks to kidnap them. Veer says okay and leaves. Adie asks to kidnap Ratnaprabha’s daughter instead. Iravathi says if she was intelligent, she would have been in her place.

Dolphin Raccho invites Chandrakantha to play. Chandrakantha says she has to go. She thinks where is her friend Umang. Umang comes flying on carpet and says look I am flying carpet. She asks to be careful. Umang says her jin came in her service and learnt flying carpet finally.

Veer and Tej reach near Suryagarh palace. Tej says it is very difficult to enter this palace. Veer says not to worry, he knows how to enter Sotakshi and Sonakshi wearing heavy making and acting as jokers fight who is more beautiful. Mirror says they both are not. Chandrakantha enters and they complain. Chandrakantha asks what did he tell them. He says truth. Virendra with his magic creates lizards and climb palace walls with the help of them and enters in. Maharaj tests ayyar. Sotakshi and Sonakshi enter with Chandrakantha. Chandrakantha cleans maharaj’s shoes. Maharaj asks why did they come. They both say to select ayyar. He says ayara and asks Chandrakantha to take care of them. She says she does not know magic, but can give her life for them. Veer watches hiding. Sotakshi and Sonakshi discuss about Veer and think he will love them. Sonakshi says this palace’s walls are very phard, ohw will Veer enter. Veer watching from tree thinks he has come. He enters disguised with beard and long hair and says he came, will they watch his magic. They get mesmerized seeing him. He shows his magic and throws flowers on them and asks to make him their ayyar. She hugs him and says they have. Chandrakantha enters and is shocked to see a man, asks who is he, how can he enter here. Sonakshi and Sotakshi asks why did maid enter. Veer uses his magic and darkens room. Chandrakantha slips and he holds her. They both look into each other’s eyes.

Precap: Chandrakantha says Veer took away Sotakshi and Sonakshi, she could not save them. She flies on carpet and Veer throws arrow. Iravathi scolds Veer how can he spoil her self-respect by getting defeated by a girl. Aide tells Iravathi that her death is alive and has magical dagger’s mark on her hand. Iravathi says Veer has to go and bring girl. Veer fights with tiger.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

  1. Nice starting….
    I thoroughly enjoyed the full episode?

  2. Bullshit…useless


    I did not saw full but only saw irrawati and ratangrabha act.. and they were awsome.. but after leap show is just dull as chandrakanta and virendra are just bore and bad actors…
    So for irravati and ratangrbha??????????? and for future i shall not watch or read its update

  4. tania-the fairy

    Nice start of C.K.hope it remain nice.I think veer will do fake love story with chandrakanta to get her into vijaygarh.

  5. Nice starting

  6. Saw the first episode fully dull and flat. It doesn’t start well also not story is not engaging it. Serial doesn’t have ekta kapoors touch for which ekta kapoors serials are known for. It will have same result as was of Kahani hamare Mahabharata ki a flop series made by Ekta kapoor

  7. Looks like a entertaining story. Too bad the English subtitles kept disappearing and reappearing so that it was difficult to follow. ( this has been happening for about 2 weeks now on colors) Plus keys points of the episode were left out when broadcaster on TV. ( like kings death. Fight between the queens. And fight in temple) Had to read updates to figure out what was going on.

  8. First fight for naagmani n now for the dagger…same old story..same old vamps…fed up of ekta kapoors stupid dramas..people are fools to watch n waste their precious time on such nonsense shows .

  9. worst show ever. Will beat the standard of Ekta Kapoor’s Mahabharata. Nothing comparable to Life ok’s Chandrakanta. Sad animation, cast and acting. Creators should stop this and focus on new project.

  10. There was no need to launch of this show..when already the one with same title is being aired on lifeok..no where matches the standards of life oks chandrakanta..n for god sake stop copying bahubali..first nagin n then this…show sum originality. .

  11. The first episode didnt manage to keep up with the expectations,i think. The ranis’ looked nice in the beginning…but i dont like madhurima as chandrakanta…yes she looks beautiful but its hard to watch her as the lead protagonist…and the hero…never thought he would be a womanizer but maybe he will change in the upcoming episodes…and i thought the story was a bit rushed in the first episode. It looked like they were going to finish the whole thing in two episodes. I watched the new show Aarambh in star plus…and i should say it looked a little more realistic and acceptable in the graphics department… Also the story line is more fresh and intriguing compared to chadrakanta…..anyway lets hope the story gets more interesting as it goes forward….and this was just my personal views…

  12. The first episode didnt manage to keep up with the expectations,i think. The ranis’ looked nice in the beginning…but i dont like madhurima as chandrakanta…yes she looks beautiful but its hard to watch her as the lead protagonist…and the hero…never thought he would be a womanizer but maybe he will change in the upcoming episodes…and i thought the story was a bit rushed in the first episode. It looked like they were going to finish the whole thing in two episodes. I watched the new show Aarambh in star plus…and i should say it looked a little more realistic and acceptable in the graphics department… Also the story line is more fresh and intriguing compared to chandrakanta…..anyway lets hope the story gets more interesting as it goes forward….and this was just my personal views…

  13. Can anyone tell who is the narratorial voice in the show???Who speaks in the beginning of the show??

  14. not nice already 1 show in running on lifeok so need 2 run this ekta mam all serial r vry nice specially chandra nandni but , by closing 1 show (naaginSo2) mam is opening another show this is not fair ….
    Only luv 2 watch chandra nandni or chandni?

  15. Jitendra jhariya

    Chandrkantha new show on colours…is really very bad ..raja Maharajao ke astitv ko gira Diya puri tarh..aslil pan ke dance khani puri tarh fake…characters itne bad h..bckgrund music bkwas..everythng is totally bad…costumes r designed very bad..songs modern dale h ..dnc modern dikya asa raja Maharaja me nh hota..vahiyad show telecast kra rh..kmskm chandrkantha ka title mt giro aslil pan me…

  16. This show didn’t match to my expectations I feel that chandrakanta on life ok is better .the show which airs on life ok has a better story and casttyen the one on colours.

  17. Pranav

    Hope trps dont drop drastically like Kawach

  18. VINAL

    I thinks they should change main leads & especially their costumes Life Ok chandra kanta is better than this I liked the war between ratnagarbha & iravati
    One thing is common in both shows in starting virendra (life ok show) use to follow everything told by his father & in this show also Virendra(colors show)is obeying his mother

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