1st Epi – Beyhadh 2 2nd December 2019 Written Episode Update: Maya’s Mayajaal/Trap Begins

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Maya drives her car near a lake and getting out of it walks into lake chanting a holy verse meaning soul leaves body and adopts another body. She dips into lake and wakes up with dirt all around her body. Mrityunjay/MJ performs Durgamaa’s pooja before visarjan. His wife Antara asks him to let devi maa go. Mrityunjay asks where is their son Rishi. Rishi walks to them and jokes with his mother. Antara applies color to Mrityunjay’s cheeks and wishes him happy anniversary. He also wishes her and then performs devimaa’s pooja and performs small idol’s visarjan. Rishi on boat performs big idol’s visarjan and his leg gets entangled in a rope and he also falls into water with idol and struggles to free himself. Mrityunjay asks Antara again if she saw Rishi and searches him. Maya gets out of ocean and walks out dragging Rishi. She performs his CPR and asks if he is okay. Mrityunjay and Antara run to Rishi. Maya seeing them gets into her car and leaves. Mrityunjay and his wife panic and asks how did he get into water and shout to call doctor. Rishi says he is okay. Antara asks how did he fall into water. Someone says good that girl saved her son, else her son would have died. Antara asks who girl. Rishi says her bahu. Mrityunjay says one who saved her son and he is indebted to her as Roys don’t keep anyone’s debts.

Mrityunjay’s elder son Rudra plays fencing with his friend and defeats him. Friend asks him to be gentle. Rudra says better luck next time and wraps up. Maya wearing helmet attacks Rudra and he fights with her. Her mask falls down and Rudra knowing she is a lady apologize her. She attacks back, and he trying to rescue himself asks if she is mad. She says yes and pierces her foil/sword with a newspaper cutout into Rudhra’s chest. Rudra shouts what is she up to, who is she. She says she is best selling author Maya Jaisingh whose book he wants to publish. He reads article and asks what rubbish. She says she knows, he should not cross his limit as he is not that big. Before he speaks, she leaves.

Rudra reaches his office and asks his assistant Ananya if she got the news article published. Ananya says sadly no, hope this news was true. Rudra says she is a psycho and asks Rohit to find out who got this article published. Ananya asks how can he say Maya is psycho. He shows his injury and says via this. She excitedly asks if he really met bestselling author Maya Jaisingh whose novel’s 20 million copies are sold and nobody saw her in 3 years. Rudra continues his stance that Maya is psycho. Ananya flirts with her.

Antara calls Rudra and informs him about Rishi’s accident and how a girl saved him. She walks into Rishi’s room where he shouts when Dr. Diya/MJ’s second wife injects him. He flirts with her and she asks to stop flirting at least with her. MJ asks her to get Rishi’s CT scan. Diya says Rishi is fine. MJ’s mother runs in acting as worried for Rishi and asks to call doctor. MJ says Diya is here. Mother says she told doctor and not actor. Antara asks her to stop taunting at least today as Rishi escaped a fatal accident. Once they all leave, Rishi calls his friend and asks to find out car’s owner which’s number ends with 4444 and is as s*xy as the lady owner. Rudra walks in and as how did he get drowned when he knows swimming. Rishi says he doesn’t know how his legs got locked in rope and he fell into water. MJ walks in next, and Rudra angrily tries to leave seeing him. MJ says he heard he got injured during fencing game and tries to see his wound, but Rudra warns him to stay away. Rishi says today is mom and dad’s wedding anniversary and Rudra should attend. Rudha denies, but agrees on Rishi’s emotional blackmail.

Maya standing at her house’s balcony thinks wounds in one’s heart give a pleasant pain and makes a person more stronger to take revenge. On the other side, MJ and his wife celebrate wedding anniversary. MJ’s mother tries to leave, MJ stops her and says he won’t cut cake without her. Mother says she cannot live without him. Antara walks to Mrityunjay asks where he goes leaving his mother alone and says it would be good if a whole family cuts cake together. Family cuts cake and enjoy.
Rudra gives a bitter reply, which MJ hears. Maya cuts a cake with both Rudra and Rish’s photo on it. She remembers how she locked Rishi’s leg in a rope and pierced foil in Rudra’s chest. She gets a call from her aide that as she ordered, he published a fake article that RUAN Publications signed a deal with her. Maya delivers one-liner that when pain increases, it turns into immense hatred, destroys cake saying he saw her immense love and its time for immense hatred.

Precap: Rishi says he loves Maya. Rudra says he hates Maya. MJ says someone is spying his sons. Maya lays a trap for Rishi and Rudra and shoots bullet.

Update Credit to: MA

  1. I watched it online and I’m flat….I last saw Ashish in ek mutthi aasman ND gosh?????he’s still the same…same intensity, same charm…and I like his possessiveness…it’s too damn killer…what to say about Maya… speechless…TG I saw her in white first…I didn’t like antara much as she lacked something….I wish he had a daughter too..always loved father-daughter relationship..would love to see MJ with her princess who would be like Maya…less dialogue more impact through expressions..but unfortunately only two son’s r their.
    Can anyone tell me it’s repeat telecast time?

    1. Beyhad 2 repeat telecast time in SET HD is–

      Morning– 8:30 a.m.
      Noon–12:00 a.m.
      Afternoon– 5:00/ 5:10 p.m.

    2. 9 PM at Sony TV

  2. I hope this is not at all related to Ek Haseena Thi Serial.

  3. Wow. Superb Maya. Loved it. U rocked. MJ and rudra ?

  4. Pls I don’t understand this maya at all.is’t thesame maya in season 1:if yes how did she survive after arjun shoot her.or is she sangh’s daughter :if yes where is her mom or relatives at least they should tell us how arjun, sangh,jainve,sunan and the rest disappear.And how did she get the title jaisingh .i don’t really understand this epi .rudra hate his dad just like the way arjun hate vandana and rudra is behaving like arjun.i really prefare the the first season cox it’s more entertaining.

    1. Season 2 Beyhadh and Season 1 Beyhadh has different story line. Season 2 is not linked to season 1 at all.

    2. Just wait and watch….all have some secrets they’ll be revealed later but focus on watching it first, don’t be judgemental at this stage

  5. maya is geting old😢her face have completely changed

    1. yes ofcourse here maya is a bit older not a teenage girl..This maya is not a young girl .its clear that she has past with MJ

  6. I thought Diya would be liking rishi she looks as young as rishi..but she is MJ’s 2nd wife?????

  7. The first episode was fantastic… the only problem i had was with the character’s ages. The doctor who was treating rishi looked the same age as maya. But rishi called the doctor aunty while he is dreaming of marrying maya… even the mom doesnt look old enough to play two grown up boys mother. The father has salt and pepper hair but the mom doesnt have a single white hair…. in season one all the characters clearly looked their age. But here i feel all the women are looking more or less the same age. And rishi looks like a child beside maya. Rudra is still better… i am wondering whether maya got cheated by MJ or what? Because the portrait had the same bracelet as rudra was wearing but clearly rudra had never seen maya before.

    1. Wait C’mon…if anyone will know about it the suspense is ended…they will show everything…producers of this season r different so I just hope they don’t drag it too much.. neither story not episode otherwise it will loose charm like Isha Mein Marjawaan♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️??????????????

    2. hey Dhara! remember me?
      i wonder where’s the rest of the bepanah fam at!? :p
      anyway,i agree with what you’re saying. the ages do seem to be quite confusing.
      i do believe the makers enough to know there is no reincarnation shiz that’ll be shown. and if MJ is maya’s fromer lover,it is still kinda weird because,i have a feeling(quite obvious one) that maya and rudra are gonna be paired. the context is just all over the place for now but i genuinely cannot wait for the things to be revealed! it is gonna be aweessooooomeee,i know for a fact.

  8. Please upload videos with English subtitles

  9. Where can I see the episode with English subtitles bcz I don’t know hindi.. in sony tv app there is noo English subtitles ..if anybody knows plz tell mee…

  10. Where can I see the episode with the English subtitles bcz I don’t know hindi..in sony tv app there is no English subtitles..if any knows plz tell mee…

    1. Me too yar

  11. Fenil

    ❤❤❤❤❤Jennifer Maya ❤❤❤❤❤❤

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