1st Epi – Bepanah Pyaar 3rd June 2019 Written Episode Update: Raghbir can’t forget Bani

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Scene 1
Raghbir plays kia hua tera waada and says to Bani that I love this song. Bani says I love this place. She runs out of cottage into snow. Raghbir says Bani listen.. he goes behind her but Bani keeps running and goes near edge of hill. He says be careful.. Bani loses balance and falls down. He runs behind her… Raghbir wakes up in his room. Family teases him about who he is calling out to? Raghbir looks on. Mom says that today is your wedding so get ready. Nakul (his brother) says that I will dance in his wedding. Dad says he will make fun of himself. Manager says press wants to interview most eligible bachelor getting married. Raghbir says ask them to get lost. Raghbir calls Misha and asks for files. Misha says we are getting married, can you imagine? He says I cant. He ends call. Devraj says she is a good girl. Raghbir says I dont have time and she knows that thats why I am marrying her. Beeji comes there and asks if he is happy? He says I cant lie. He leaves. Raghbir’s uncle and aunt fight.

Raghbir comes to his room and listens to kia hua tera waada.. He is stunned.

Misha gets ready for wedding and says I am dieting for days, everyone will be there at our wedding.

Raghbir sees red bridal dress and recalls flashbacks. His elder brother comes there and says dont be like this, be happy. Raghbir says I dont care. His mother comes there and says a lot of people are coming, go and choose mangalsutra for Misha.

Raghbir thinks that they ask me to smile but if they see inside my heart then they will know my pain. Raghbir gets ready and tries to smile but hears Bani saying that she fell in love with his lovable smile. He thinks people say a new life starts after marriage but I am dying at my own wedding. He takes mangalsutra randomly.

Raghbir’s brother tells him that its been 3 years, move on. Raghbir thinks I hear Bani’s voice only in this noise. He thinks nobody can take away that. Raghbir’s baraat creates traffic jam on road. Pragati comes to traffic police officer and says papa please let them go, they are my boss, this is my first job. He says okay and let them go. Manager thanks Pragati for helping them. Raghbir thinks that there is no girl in my life that can make forget her. His horse gets jittery but Pragati comes there and calms horse down. Raghnir looks on and asks who is she? Manager says office employee.

Raghbir comes to venue. Misha hugs him and goes to mandap with him. Raghbir recalls Bani’s words that wear white sherwani on his wedding, when nobody understands them then just close his eyes and recall her, she says I am always with you. Wedding starts but some woman Sukaniya Rai enters wedding. One girl says she is daughter of UK’s biggest businessman. Pragati tries to stop her. Misha says Sukaniya in our wedding?? wow. Sukaniya starts singing kia hua tera waada.. Raghbir looks on. Sukaniya starts crying. People gossip if they have an affair. Raghbir comes to her and asks if he knows her? people think I know you. Sukaniya says you are making issue of us. Raghbir says I dont know you, I loved only one girl in life that is Bani, I met other girls after her death but I didnt meet this girl, who is she? Skuaniya says enough, I cant take this anymore. She leaves from there.

Manager Sidharth comes to Sukaniya and asks if she is okay? Sukaniya says he forgot me, how could he? flashback shows Raghbir running behind girl and saying Bani be careful but girl turns and says its Sukaniya, Raghbir says I love Bani but I love you too, I thought you will fall down too from hill like Bani did, I loved her but when I met you, I thought I love you too. He drinks wine. Flashback ends.

Raghbir tells family that I dont know this woman, I went to London but I didnt meet this girl. Hie brother thinks girl is saying they met and fell in love and he is saying he doesnt know her, who is lying?

At house, mom says to Raghbir that you might have forgotten about that girl. Raghbir says I didnt forget, its not a film. Misha says you were in London for 2 years. Devraj says why that girl would lie? Raghbir says maybe she had a boyfriend whose face similar to me. His sister says that she is pretty and people follow her. Reporter on TV says that Sukaniya says that she met Raghbir and fell in love with him, they had close relationship. Raghbir and Misha’s wedding was stopped because of this.

Pragati and his father sees news on TV. Father says these rich people have no morals, this Raghbir was fooling around with two girls. Pragati says I have to go to office. She leaves. Father says I dont like her obss.

Raghbir says to family that she is lying. Mom says she is richest girl of UK and you are not of richest in India. Raghbir says I dont care. He hears Kiya hua tera waada.. He says who is playing this music.

PRECAP- Doctor meets Raghbir and says its good we met so we can treat your illness. Raghbir glares at his family and says you think I am ill? I loved Bani and will keep loving her.
Sukaniya tells reporters that if someone wants to move on and marry someone else then its his decision.
Raghbir cries in his room. He comes out of his house, reporters gather around him. Some girl in balcony has cut her wrist. Blood drip on Raghbir’s forehead.

Update Credit to: Atiba

  1. ShraddhaSharma392

    Either update is not proper or episode was like that, as I haven’t watched episode, but something is really fishy in this show, as promos relate to murder mystry I believe, I hope show stay good and doesn’t get spoiled like Ishq mein marjwana…

  2. Riana

    Good cinematography and Pearl’s acting as Raghbir was awesome and appreciable… Ishita as Pragati is also nice but nothing new same as other balaji f.leads…. Family is EXTREMELY ANNOYING & The bgms played are more and more irritating !! Each time they play the same tune “Kya hya”…. I have mixed feelings with this show !! The only thing that is worth watching in this show is RAGHBIR (Pearl) ?

  3. Pehla episode dekhane ke baad mujhe lagta hai ki Pragati hi Bani hogi kyu ki episode me hi dikhaya hai ki Bani ki death ko sirf 3 saal hue hai toh yeh bhi ho sakta hai ki Bani kabhi mari hi na ho just uska face plastic surgery se change ho gaya aur wo badla lene ke liye pragti banakar aayi ho like serial ek hasina thi .

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