1st Epi – Bahu Begum 15th July 2019 Written Episode Update: Razia shocks Azaan and Shayra with her choice Noor

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Bahu Begum 15th July 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The story starts in Bhopal. Voiceover tells about Bahu begum and says fragrance smell is bahu begum Razia Akhtar Mirza. He says the heart beat which went far from her 5 years ago, will come again. Yasmeen asks her to wear Pasa else people will say that begum sahiba forget her rules. Bahu begum says if she had forgotten her rules then wouldn’t have send his son away from her for 5 years. She says Bhopal has the first right on Azaan and I don’t want to give weak Nawab to Bhopal. She says I had told Azaan that I will meet him in Dargah. She asks her to sit and says I will make you wear Pasa. She makes Razia wear Pasa. Yasmeen picks her slippers. Razia says you are like my sister Yasmeen and asks her not to pick her shoes. She says if you haven’t helped me that day. Yasmeen asks her to forget that. Razia

says today is the happy moments and makes her eat sweets. She asks where is the Bhopal’s would be bahu begum Noor. Noor is shown and talks with attitude. Azaan’s sister says even my mum real bahu begum doesn’t have attitude. She says how you will marry Azaan. Noor says he is my childhood friend. Yasmeen tells Razia that she should have told Azaan about Noor. Razia says she knows what is in his heart. Mashuqa comes there. Razia gifts her earrings. She gives gold bangles to Sakina as promised to her on Azaan’s return. Surayya pretends to faint. Razia says she knows about her treatment. She says I brought gift for you, but you are unwell. Surayya says she is fine and accepts the gift. Her brother in law congrats her and gets his gift. Razia asks yasmeen what she wants. He says bahu begum gave you Azaan and asks what else you need. Surayya says Noor is not suitable for Azaan and says she will bring shame in dowry and not gold. Noor is dancing in someone’s wedding. An old man looks at her. Noor slaps him. His wife asks why did you slap my husband. Old man tells that he was trying to get the stuck bangle out from her dress. Noor finds bangles stuck to her dress and smiles.

Asgar tells Yasmeen that Noor tells everyone that she is would be bahu begum of Bhopal. Yasmeen says she is talkative, but not say this. Surayya says she doesn’t like such bahu. Razia says I don’t want such bahu who raised question at me. She says I know who makes Azaan complete. Noor tells the people that she is would be bahu begum. The people think who will make her bahu begum. Noor comes to the dargah and asks for forgiveness for slapping the old man. She ties holy thread. Shayra finishes praying Namaz and says it is wrong. Noor tells that she will feed the hungry people. Shayra asks her to apologize to the person, she hurt him. She tells that’s he don’t want lecture and tells that many relatives of hers have done Hajj. She says she gets what she wants. She goes. Her thread falls down. Shayra catches it and ties it. She prays for her.

Razia comes to the Dargah and says my heart beat, my Azaan is returning. She shows Noor pic to the priest there. Azaan comes to the dargah and looks at Shayra. Priest thinks history is going to repeat itself. Yasmeen comes and says Azaan came. Razia runs out to meet Azaan. Qawwali is sung by some men. Azaan and Razia come face to face. He says Ammi and gets teary eyes. She looks at him and cries with happiness. She hugs him. Yasmeen comes there and smiles. Razia says I was yearning to see you. Azaan says daily you used to talk to me. She says britishers made you lean. Azaan says why didn’t you come to London. She says sometimes distance is necessary. He says when you talks heavy dialogues, you looks cute. Yasmeen says your Ammi is your bahu begum. He greets her and hugs her. He asks about Noor. They see something falling down. Safina says she slipped. Razia sees Safina’s husband made her bangles worn by someone else. She asks if your husband raised hand on you. Safina says no. Razia asks why did you marry her when you wanted to make others wear bangle. Safina’s letter tells that the woman is his second wife and says he loves Safina even now. Razia says love is not charity which is distributed to many. Safina’s husband says our religion permit 4 marriage and says how can an abandoned woman understand. Azaan gets angry.

He wipes his mother’s tears and recalls his father leaving them in his childhood and promising her that he won’t let tears come in her eyes. Razia tells him that this is dargah. Azaan drags him. Safina’s husband says your mother is the abandoned woman, this is the truth. Azaan kicks him and makes him fall down. He says Azaan Akhtar Mirza can bear anything, but can’t bear three things, insult of my religion, nation and mother. He beats Safina’s husband badly and makes him injured. He hits him for making tamasha of the nikah, making fun of religion and for insulting his mum. Shayra comes there and calls Azaan. Azaan stops beating him. She shows him fingers counting 54321. She tells poetry and calms him down. He wipes his hand with her dupatta. Safina’s husband says 4 marriage are permitted in Islam. Shayra argues with him and tells that multiple marriage is possible in some situations. She says you haven’t understand Islam and tells his other wife that Islam don’t permit to snatch first wife rights and give to other. Razia asks who are you? She says I didn’t see you before. Azaan says she is the surprise for you which I talked about. He says she is Shayra Syed and she studied with me in London. Shayra says usually elders talk about marriage, but I have nobody so I am talking about my marriage. She says Azaan and I want to marry each other. Razia is shocked and says I have promised someone else for Azaan. He asks whom? Noor comes and says me. She cries. Azaan and Shayra look at her.

Precap: Noor tells Azaan that he has to marry her. Asgar says bhaiyya did two marriages and now Azaan will do the same. Priest says two marriages will happen again.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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  1. P.S.T

    OMG , Best episode ever, i really like this show and i want Azaan and Shayra as couple they are both amazing together. i like noor but she should stay as best friends not wife. i really want Azaan and Shayra as the couple leader. i’m excited to see more of this show. looking forward to my favioure couple Azaan and Shayra i would always support u . i’m your first fan and of this show.

  2. Riana

    Absolutely beautiful show. The set the costumes the cinematography the script the dialogue the acting everything was excellent. Dramatic, affluent, mesmerising and alluring and stunning. Azaan and Shayara’s characters are too well written. Noor is mindblowing. Asgar is wicked but a handsome villain. Simone singh as Bahu begum is breathe taking. Everyone acted very well in the first show and disclosed the moto very well that its all about love, friendship and justice. Totally in love with the show will try to watch it daily ❤

  3. Haseenah2020

    Thank you for the written update,much appreciated

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