1st Epi – Ayushaman Bhava 28th August 2017 Written Episode Update: Avi gets cheated and murdered

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The Episode starts with a scene in Madhura, year 2009. A lady cooks food and sends for her husband. Her daughter checks computer. The lady says mixer is not working, its big day for Avinash. The girl asks Avi to see the computer. Avi repairs the mixer and computer as well. The girl says Avi made face recognition software, he will get good job. Avi says I booked a scooty for my sister, I will get a big home ad car for us. His dad asks him not to dream big. Avi asks don’t you trust me and my hardwork. His dad says we trust you and your dreams.

His mum blesses him. Avi takes his dad in his cycle. He drops his dad and goes by walk to a bus stop. He meets a girl and apologizes for coming late. She tells about her friend who bought a new scooty. He asks her to take a scooty and drop friends, he will buy a scooty for her, which color he likes. She asks are you getting any lottery, its my MBA’s third year, this won’t work, I got late. He asks will you marry me. He asks again. She says we have recently met, how can we take such a big decision soon. He says it means no. She says I didn’t say no. He says but you didn’t say yes. She boards a bus. He asks yes or no. She says yes. He smiles. She leaves in the bus. He jumps happily.

Avi comes to office and hugs his friend. He says I need to say something. His friend says I told them to let you give face recognition software presentation. Avii says I have to tell something else, I have got courage and proposed Samaira today, she agreed. His friend gets shocked. Avi asks what happened. His friend turns too unhappy and says its good news, congrats. They see news of face recognition software launch by some company. Avi gets shocked. He says how can this happen, its my software. He checks the files and gets shocked. Senior comes with police and asks inspector to arrest Avi for selling software to someone else. Avi asks his friend Sudhir to tell them. Sudhir lies about Avi. Avi gets shocked. He says Sudhir is lying. Inspector shows bank statement and asks how did you get one crore in your account. Avi says its some plan, all data is erased, I can’t show anything. Boss says just your and my password is needed to access this workstation, you want to say I have done this. Avi gets shocked and says you have done this…..

Another colleague holds Avi and says you were my inspiration Avinash. He gives a chit to Avi. Police takes Avi. Avi checks the chit. He gets a pendrive and reads the colleague’s note, that his software is stolen, he got cheated, this pendrive has the CCTV footage, sorry I could just do this much for you. Avi calls out and says I m innocent, I have proof. Inspector asks what did you say. He asks Avi not to shout, you are like my son, I have seen many such cases. Avi says I m innocent, I have proof, this pendrive has footage. Inspector says keep it inside, I will talk to commissioner, he will help you, be quiet. Another inspector comes and says I have spoken to commissioner, just give him the proof. He takes Avi to commissioner.

Avi gives the pendrive. He sees his boss and Sudhir stealing and selling his software. He asks commissioner to punish them, his life got ruined. His boss, Sudhir and someone else come there. Avi gets shocked. The man taunts him for being sincere and honest. Avi takes pendrive. Inspector and others catch Avi. They strangulate Avi to death. The man asks them to make this look like a suicide. Inspector sees Avi hanged and says he was taking enmity with big people.

In Gokul, year 2017, a young boy gets ready for school. He smiles. His mum doesn’t want him to go to picnic. His dad says let him go, else how will he grow, think about him, he wants to go on picnic this year. His mum allows him and hugs. The little boy leaves in the school bus. He sees Avi’s parents walking on the road. Avi’s mum sees him moving his hair just like Avi and gets shocked.

The boy plays game and hears someone laughing. His mum worries. The boy digs something out.

Update Credit to: Amena

  1. Now now…i like a good reincarnated to take revenge story which gladly doesn’t involve a pair of separated by the villain lovers.

  2. Pranav

    best serial of star bharat so far

  3. Love u avii ,apart from saas bahu drama,it’s a new one,loving it,one of the best plot that I ever watched


    Nothing just copy of film tarzan with little form… worst show…

  5. Lokesh

    Its really nice. Luv to watch tarzan like serial

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