Guess Bigg Boss Season 9 Winner?

Colors’ Bigg Boss is one such show where people love the reality drama. The concept of keeping the contestants in constant sight hit the right chord with the audience. The viewers like to get an insight in the celebrity’s lives and also see how they look in non-dramatic genra. Even then Bigg Boss brings a lot of drama.

The winner has to have few capabilities to become deserving. Like winner has to he ahead in dramatic fights in the shows, and entertain the audience with unseen tricks. Rochelle Rao and Keith Sequeira failed to fulfill these things. They were seen dull and non responsive in antics. Some participants who do not attract the audience attention fail to stay in the show.

Prince Narula was seen instigating others and going towards victory. Rishabh and Mandana Karimi follow closely to Prince. Many participants wish Prince to win the game. Prince Narula and Rishabh Sinha are the clear front-runners for winning the show. Mandana is one of the most controversial celebrities of this season, Mandana could only manage third position in voting. Keith Sequeira has won many hearts by his diplomatic nature. But he turned out to be weakest participant by the voting. Rochelle managed to receive the highest number of votes, while Rishabh who got the second highest votes. Guess Bigg Boss Season 9 Winner? Let us know in this poll.

  1. Rochelle will have to win..cutest girl of bb9??

  2. As Priya had said Rishabh is not manipulative and playing fair positively he deserves to b the winner. Imams stay in the house was the best. .

  3. prince deserve Trophy more than anybody in the bb9 house..

  4. Will vote for rishabh, however, kishwar and priya were deserving! But i think mandana wl win!

  5. simranjeet kaur

    prince is always best . he gonna win bb9 ?

  6. I would like to see mandana winnin d show

  7. Rochelle?

  8. At the beginning I wanted prince to win but later he actually turned out 2 b fake especially when it comes to all his relationships gfs,sisters,etc

  9. Obviously Prince ?

  10. Mandana should not win! she seems to be so low as a human being – everything is about her!

  11. Plus if Indians cant choose an Indian to win – what a shame that would be!!!

  12. Prince ?

  13. I wish if i could still see keishwer in the house but no doubt for now prince will win it…though keishwer deserved this title more…

  14. Mandana u have to show the people who don’t like you that u can win THIS SHOW

  15. I want mandana to win the show…..#voteformandy.

  16. I am a fan of Kishwar and now supporting Prince. Voted for him.

  17. winner to first day se decided h mandana usi k hne se to thoda hit h…bt i hate mandana…

  18. Welcome prince

    Vote for prince.☺☺☺☺☺☺☺☺☺☺☺☺☺☺☺

  19. prince is so going to win because his situation was abit like gautum gulati from bb8

    1. Ha ha ha such a joke guatum is entely different from that stupid idiot prince…How can u do say thattt

  20. Prince ‘ ll win.

  21. mandana or rishabh…..

  22. Prine will wim and has to win. If mandana wins then its obvious it is all planned as the host salman khan and bigg boss himself always support wrong people. This time they support full of fakeness mandana. Prince will win

  23. Prince u r gonna win the ?

  24. Either Prince o Mandana

  25. winner is Prince Narula

  26. mandana is winner

    1. Nooo mandana vote for her

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