What 10 things makes saas bahu dramas?????

Saas Bahu serials are clichéd but we all enjoy watching those stereotypical Hindi saas bahu soaps, and there’s no denying it. Whether it be the excessive family drama or the cheesy desi romance, these serials never fail to give us our daily scoop of guilty pleasures. They have a pretty basic storyline that won’t even appeal to a dimwit, but the added spice has captured indian audiences for years. Absolutely none of it is relatable, but that doesn’t stop indian housewives from getting sucked into an emotional whirlwind with the characters. If you’re smart enough to avoid that, then these soaps will seem hilarious and you won’t ever run out of jokes to crack in the middle of a supposedly intense scene. Either way, you have nothing to loose by watching them. Even though television shows claim to have evolved over the years, there are always some things that never change. So here are 11 cliches of every indian saas bahu serial.

1.The tortured soul-Yes u guessed it right …I meant the Daughter in law..No one in the house likes her and they’re not afraid to show it every chance they get. So she’s pretty much left to herself. However, the sanskaari bahu that she is, she manages to win everyone’s heart sooner or later.
2.Bahu always saves the day-The bahu of Indian serials is no less than a superwoman. Whatever be the problem, she’s always there to the rescue. After all, she’s the one who’s suppose to be keeping the family together, right? So no matter how she’s treated, she sticks to her duty.
3.Conflicted husband or son-There’s always the male lead who is eternally confused about whose side to take in the constant feud between his wife and mother. Being honest here, we all feel a little sorry for this guy.

4.Evil saas turned good- The mother in law is almost always cast in a negative light initially. She’s too stubborn to accept the changing world and to give up her beliefs. She’s not bad at heart though. The daughter in law helps her see the faults in her old ways.
5.Over friendly devar- Sasural? A new house with complete strangers. Nothing to worry about for the bahu cause here’s the entry of the carefree brother in law to make the the house’s newest member feel right at home. At least one of the family members is on her side.
6.Ridiculously well dressed housewives- Not only do they wake up looking like they’ve just attended a marriage ceremony and always strut around indoors in high heels, but also sleep in the same clothes with full make up.

7.The bad guy- There obviously has to be a villain. And who better than a family member itself? Thus enter the one couple always looking to take over the family estate. They can be recognised by their comically annoying evil laugh.

8.what science?- These serials have absolutely no concept of scientific reasoning. How supposedly dead characters show up after twenty years of absence looking exactly the same is completely lost on me. Or even how some characters are saved from mortal accidents without even a scratch.
9.No drama without the music- The makers are ever so kind that the serial itself even hints at how we are suppose to feel while a particular dramatic scene is on. Whether its the furious chanting of Sanskrit shlokas or a simple romantic Bollywood song, the music is always there to reel your mood.

10.The flashing slaps- A milestone event in Saas Bahu serials is the Slap event. May it be a pativrata bahu slapping her husband or a mother slapping her son, this scene would be shown from 36 cameras from all possible angles with thunder sounds and flashy lights. The teaser, precap, recap and episode will show nothing but this, all the time.

Well I hope u all laughed ur stomach out…Hope u liked it..if u liked it or not do coment..U can also add some sequences that u feel r a part of saas bahu dramas..

  1. Hi guys..Hope u all liked it..Plz do comment yaar.

  2. i really liked it..its really funny although that’s the fact..

  3. totally agree………………………………..i left watching shows now……………only beautiful ffs here…………………….thanks a lot for doing this analysis………………be happy dear………………..

  4. Hahha hahahahhahaah so true lol hindi serials r ridiculously funny I pity the talented actors such a waste of talent :/ 😛 🙁

  5. yaar totally agree nd one more thing yaar in this soaps evn wen they lose their loved ones they nvr stop to apply makeup I mean fr suppose evn if husband is dead wife nvr leave her lipstick behind strange nd fr one slap they show all cast faces with weird faces LOL nd most evnly the dressing sense of thissss soaps is heights of stupidity I mean saas applies more makeup than baahu

  6. superb this is the true fact

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