1 Heart Wrenching Incident? by Ooshi

1 Heart wrenching incident
15 Aug 2018 1:30 am
I always used to say that heart relation never breaks or get week. But never experienced pain of love ones’. I can’t even think of tears in my Love Ones’ eyes and can only allow tears of happiness for them that too very some. But today I get to know about the sorrow we get when our Love Ones get sorrows and it’s heart wrenching.
Before some months my uncle (brother of my mother) died and we don’t use to meet him from almost 9 years. It hurted me and I cried too but not much but today I get to know that my Nabeel’s father has been passed. I get to know it before 2 hours and still i am crying. I met him last 4 years ago and now i will go to his home tomorrow when he and aunt will be crying. To be true I am just fighting with Allah G that why He did this with my Nabeel. He knows that I always said Him to make me cry (in such a way that only I get hurt) but none of my Love Ones ever then why He did this with my Nabeel. Can’t handle any such grief???. Feeling pain in my head. Now will try to sleep.
17 Aug 2018
He didn’t made me meet him before I can meet him He made him left for his village. Then I went to my other friend’s house near by to his’ but just for some minutes. Still having the same question,the same grief,the same pain.
In life nothing is in our control so we should allow nothing to effect us but this heart plays a very important role. Sometimes it gives us the reason to live like Love, sometimes it kills us by losing our Love and the many cases i have explained in my 2nd last article. And sometimes it turns heart wrenching when our Love One is sad/crying and we are helpless and can’t do anything except crying. I don’t know about others but I can’t handle even myself if he will cry, handling him is very far. Although I am also praying for my Nabeel and his whole family for giving them the strength to face this phase of life but on the other hand these questions also exist in my heart. Maybe with time my heart get satisfy but not now.
Never to make my Love Ones cry/hurt/sad. Please??? Allah G please

Bichra kuch iss ada se k rut hi bdl gai
Ik shaks sare shehr ko veeran kr gya

Please pray for everyone not to get any grief when happiness is knocking/is just going to knock at their door. And pray for every person on this world to get rid of their problems/difficulties /sorrows they are facing and will have (Please). Aameen Sum Aameen Ya Rab bul Aalameen
May God bless his soul and souls of all who died with peace and place all of them in heaven.And give a lot courage to the families to move on and handle themselves so as with my Nabeel’s family.
Aameen Sum Aameen Ya Rab bul Aalameen

  1. Agree with Ooshi ,there is nothing more painful in this world than seeing your loved ones suffering…we can bear our own pain but not tears in our loved ones’ eyes….but it is the almighty who decides who to take and who to be left with tears…Except for praying,we ,the mortals can do nothing ….I pray the almighty to give strength to the bereaved family in this hour of grief and be with them to bear the loss of their loved one…

    1. Ooshi

      Thanks Lakshmi
      Happy u commented
      It means a lot

  2. Prettypreeti

    Oo i had experienced a little pain too this month when my friends’s Grandmaa passed away and looking at her gloomy face made me se so much.The girl which i had seen smiling most of the time and suddenly her grandma passed away made her so upset for many days.Really the one we love we can feel gis her pain

    1. Ooshi

      Happy u commented
      Actually I didn’t thought that anyone will comment on this article so thanks for commenting Dear

  3. Ooshi

    Thanks to the people who liked or read this article

    1. JeevithaTK

      Hi Ooshi dear.
      I do agree with you dear tht v can bare any difficulty nd problem to us by nt a single drop of tears of our loved ones. Which is 1000 time more horrible. I hope ur uncle’s fine now I pray that they get the strength to overcome they sorrow. Nd to all the families who is facing it. Love you. Tc

  4. Niyati

    I totally connect this with Appi ….Seeing ur loved one in pain is most horrible thing….I experienced it…I hope ur uncle faimly is better now….May God give them strength to overcome from that sorrow

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