Love Blossom – Accident and meeting

Hai friends , Sry ,sry again . I was a little busy in studies 😅 that’s why ,I have not updated .

Note – Tomorrow two updates,

Will be friends forever (At night ) Small chapter

Realising my Love (Small chapter , afternoon)

I am continuing love blossom 🌸 ff on behalf of Kifu ,our Friend . And thanks heena00 for giving me opportunity. I will try my best to let you enjoy this ff . No pics

Recap – Sanam and ahil fight , shaadh hold Sanam , Naksh Aditya fight , Misunderstanding between gaya and raahat , naira gets job , Lakhan is revealed to be ex of naira , Behir talk ,mahir console Bela .

Episode Starts ,

Mahir is confused and thinks to help Bela .

They reach saloon .

Bela – Thank you Mahir ji .

Mahir – No worries.

A girl is seen . She takes the photo of Bela and Mahir together and smiles . She is revealed to be ruhi .

Ruhi ‘s pov

My plan is working , without any effort . Now ,you see miss favourite . Now you see , you and your sister will be out of the house . And everything will be mine . Where is that idiot ! Let me call him .

And laughs .

Mahir goes and Bela too enters the parlour .

While, Bela is walking she hits a lady .

Bela – Oh , I ‘m sorry aunty . Let me help you .

She makes her stand up .

She is reshma .

Reshma – Arre , Sanam . What are you doing here ? (Confused look)

Bela – Aunty , I think so you are wrong . I am Bela not Sanam .

Reshma – Why are you lying Sanam ? Did you run away ? Oh no ,I should call dilshad and ask her .

Bela – Aunty you are wrong . I am not Sanam.

Reshma is confused 🤔.

Reshma – But ,

Bela goes out of parlour and get’s angry 💢 .

Reshma – Sanam , uhh , Bela ,Bela .

But bela has already crossed the road .

Bela’s pov

Who is dilshad ? Why was she calling me Sanam ? Don’t know what is happening .

Bela sees Naira’s car and goes .

Bela – Hey Naira , do you pass the interview .

Naira – Yes di .

Bela – Wow , it is awesome .

Naira – But why are looking worriedly .

Bela – umm , let’s go home . I will tell by road .

Bela tells Naira about an aunty and everything that happened in parlour.

Naira – Umm .

Scene freezes .

Meanwhile ,

Shahad and Sanam break the lock and ahe stands up .

Sanam – Thank you Mr

Shahad – I am Shahad . Nice to meet you .

Sanam – Thank you again . I am Sanam .

Shahad – I should say sorry . Sorry for my brother’s act .

Shahad – Let me drop you .

Sanam – Ok .

They go and sit in car .

Sanam is still lost in Ahil .

Shahad – (shakes her) the stop came.

Sanam – Thanks shahad again . Here is my card .

They exchanged their number and goes .

Scene freezes

Haya ‘s pov

I don’t know what was he talking about .

While she was moving , Some dust came into her eyes , she can’t see clearly anything due to dust . A truck is coming . The breaks fail and hits haya . Haya loses unconscious .

A boy takes her to the hospital .

Raahat – Ya allah , save her .

Scene freezes .

Kartik (in office) pov

Why I am thinking of naira again and again . I liked her confidence ,maybe . Girls are same like that one .

Scene freezes on angry face .

Episode Ends .

Precap – Naira’s past , who is the man who ruhi called idiot , Mahir meet reshma , haya is critical , shahad Sanam talk , Sanam to change Ahil , truth to be revealed soon of Sanam and Bela

Sry for a short episode and no keesh scene . Hope you like it . Don’t forget to comment your views .

Stay safe

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  1. Tina03

    Episode 4 .
    I forgot to add .

  2. Tina03

    And the thumbnail will be changed in next part . Hope you will like that art .

  3. Hey nice episode I don’t know kisi personally but I have read his / her comments on other ff I am glad that you are continuing your friend ff

  4. Heeena 00

    It was really awesome 😊.I loved how you are really a great writer 😊.

    1. Tina03

      Thank you heena .

  5. Nice episode! I really loved it. Bela and Sanam are sisters, right? You are making Kifu’s stories complete, that’s actually a great deal. I loved it.

    1. Tina03

      Thank you Zingo

  6. Jasminerahul

    Thank you so much for continuing kifu’s ff.its a great favour.thanks again as you posted a long chapter after a long time.
    Mahir deciding to help bela was nice.ruhi plotting against bela was so cheap.reshma mistook bela got sanam which was interesting. Is she sanam’s lost sister?sanam shaad scene was nice.sanam lost in aahil?is she attracted towards him? Karthik too falling for naira which was nice.haya’s accident was shocking.but glad that raahat took her to hospital.

    1. Tina03

      Wlcm , thanks again . Yes she is Sanam ‘s lost sister , there is a twist with them . Haya’s accident will bring a happy news soon .

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