Zombies Attack (Part 13)


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swara is shown crying. she is standing in a corner. sanskar comes behind her back. he puts his hand on her. swara wiped her tears and turned around. she didn’t look into his eyes. sanskar looks at her. “sorry, swara. I didn’t think about you when Kavitha left me. I’m so sorry. you are my childhood friend and I’m not thinking about you. how selfish I am.” sanskar says. swara is doing nothing. now, she knows that sanskar thinks her as a best friend. “no sanskar. you are not selfish. now, you realize how much important your life. if Kavitha is gone there will another girl for you.” swara pretends to be smiling. “shall we go?” swara asked. “yeah” sanskar says and goes from there. swara walks behind him. ‘I have to forget my love for him. now, I knew what the place he is having for me in his heart.” swara thinks and goes.

ragini and laksh are going to the upstairs by lift. “I’m scared, laksh.” ragini says. “don’t scare, ragini. I’ll be there for you forever.” laksh cuped her face in his fist. ragini smile and hugged him. “I love you” ragini says. “I love you too” laksh says. ragini and laksh are having a eye lock. the lift’s door open. there is no zombies or any sound. they look suspicious. “now only I’m so scared. come, let’s go from here. I think there is something.” ragini says. laksh grabs her hand. “don’t worry. think positive” laksh says. they put their one leg at the same time. then other one. they looks around. there is no one. they starts walking.

ragini feels something from behind. she turned and sees a zombie is flying toward them. “lakshhhh” ragini screamed. laksh turned hit the zombie in the head. the zombie is dead. ragini fell unconscious in state of shock. laksh also shocked.

on the other side, Neel sees a zombie. he shoots it. Neel looks a bit relieved. Neel starts searching. there, he sees akil. Neel gets shocked. “akil” Neel says. akil turned around and comes towards him. Neel walks backwards. “no, akil. I’m your brother.” Neel say. akil comes towards him. akil opened his mouth and start to try biting him. Neel fights with him to safe guard him. at in a state, Neel shoot akil down. akil dies. Neel looks shocked. Neel looks at his gun. he puts it down near akil. “I have killed my brother.” Neel murmurs again and again. he sat near akil and looks at him. Neel starts crying. the zombies comes around Neel because of his crying. they blocked him. Neel didn’t know what to do. Neel sees the gun and takes it. he puts the gun on his head. Neel close his eyes. Neel remember his happy moments with his wife, child, akil, friends, and etc. Neel shoot himself and dies there.

abhay, Tusshar, sanskar and swara hears the gun shots. they gets in to the parking lot. they see each other. abhay and sanskar hugged each other. “where is everyone?” sanskar asked. swara looks around. “we all are separated to search a way.” abhay say. Tusshar looks at him and swara. “where is Kavitha?” abhay asked. “she is left sanskar” swara says. “what? abhay asked. sanskar told the full story. “what a cheap mentality girl.”Tusshar says. sanskar, abhay and swara look at him . “sorry” Tusshar says. “it’s okay. you are saying right.” sanskar says. they all goes from there and search where the gun sound comes from.

“aaahh” swara screamed. they all comes to her and looks down. Neel is dead in the floor. sanskar closed swara’s eyes with his hand. swara turned and grabs his shirt. sanskar puts his hand on her head. Neel’s phone rings. abhay picks it up. ‘hello, dad where are you. I’m waiting for your gift.” a child voice comes. abhay disconnected the call. “so sad, how can he die. he have a gun. and his child. so sad for the child.” abhay says. swara turn and worries for the child. “so sad” swara says. sanskar looks her caring nature.

paridhi utkarsh are searching for sanskar and swara in the parking lot. “god, where is swara and sanskar.?” paridhi murmurs. “don’t worry. they will be safe and sound.” utkarsh says. “I’m also thinking that.” paridhi says. utkarsh checked his phone for signal. but, there is no signal. “there is no signal to call sanskar.” utkarsh says. “I don’t what to do ” paridhi says. they walks and sees their friends. the all stands opposite to them. sanskar takes the gun and shoots at paridhi and utkarsh. they screamed to their death.

but, they are not shot dead. behind them that zombie is died. paridhi and utkarsh comes towards them. paridhi hugged swara. utkarsh hugged abhay and sanskar. paridhi looks for Kavitha. “where is Kavitha?” paridhi asked. utkarsh also realize that Kavitha is missing. “she is left me” sanskar says. and told the truth. “how can a girl be like this? utkarsh says. “okay, guys. it’s ended. let’s go” paridhi says. they goes from there.

Aaliyah and Nikhil is shown looking at the moon. Nikhil stands behind her. “Aaliyah” Nikhil says. “hmmmm” as Aaliyah says. “I want to speak to you” Nikhil says. “Say” as aliyah says. “I’m so sorry. I have realized my mistakes. I have blind fold by Tanu beauty. now, I realized that love never comes from beauty but from heart. I love you” Nikhil says. Nikhil grabs Aaliyah hand. Aaliyah takes her hand. “I don’t want to be dump wife again, Nikhil.” Aaliyah says and goes. Nikhil looks sad.

Precap : laksh is doing something with the fire alarm.

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Credit to: Tamizhacchi

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