Zombies Attack (Part 9)


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swara, ragini, paridhi, Tanu stays in the office. they all said to the men’s to be careful. they looks worried.

sanskar, laksh, utkarsh, Neel, Nikhil, abhay and Tusshar goes to the 6th floor in search of the two men. when they get into the 6th floor a zombie tries to attack. Neel shoot the zombie down. “thank you” laksh and sanskar says. they all again walks. behind them more zombies comes. they get’s scared. “you all go and get them. I’ll manage the zombies” Neel says holding gun in his point. “be careful” they all said. Neel nods. the zombies at the gun point of Neel.

they all goes to the bathroom. they get’s in. they all search in scare. laksh goes to open the door of toilet. but he changed his mind. he look at Nikhil beside him. “you go and open” laksh smirk. “I won’t. why I want to open. you are the security. you have to brave. go and open” Nikhil says. “why I have to be the first in always. you want you to be live? then go” laksh said. Nikhil think. “stop your argument and open the door” sanskar says. laksh and Nikhil looks.

ragini, swara and paridhi get scared but they Alsop gets to worried about laksh, sanskar, utkarsh and abhay. Tanu didn’t worried for Nikhil instead she gets worried for her. behind them akil tries to escape by shaking himself. the sounds make them more angry.

“okay, I’ll open it and you open that door. okay?” Nikhil says. laksh thinks and accept the fact. sanskar and utkarsh shake their heads. Nikhil open it slowly. there are no one. next, laksh open the door. there are also no one. again Nikhil’s turn, but there are no one. one more toilet is there. laksh slowly walked to the last door. he opened it. the two men is there and starts to scream. “shut up!” laksh said. utkarsh comes infront about give one of them a tight slap. they closed their mouth.

ragini and swara and paridhi tries to get out to look for them. but, Tanu didn’t approve themselves to go from there. ragini, swara and paridhi stays. they chants a mantra for their men’s safety.

the two man looked on. “what’s your name?” laksh asked. “my name is apoorva and he is rajat.” the man says. “okay. but you said that you are not saying your name to me?” rajat and apoorva looks apologizing. “it’s okay.” laksh said. “we have no time to stand and speak. we have to get to Neel.” sanskar and abhay says. laksh looks. they all gets out of the bathroom.

they see a few zombies rounding there. they get’s panic. “what to do?” they asked each other. the zombies walks. they get’s into the bathroom. utkarsh abhay in a bathroom. Nikhil and Tusshar in a bathroom and laksh rajat and apoorva in a bathroom. they all in silence. they hear the zombies sounds and walking in. utkarsh and abhay closed their eyes. Nikhil and Tusshar embrace in scare. laksh, rajat and apoorva looks wide open. rajat’s hair create havoc by goes in to laksh’s nose. laksh sneezed. the zombies hear. they get’s panic. when the zombies open the door, laksh hit them with the metal rod on his hand.

the zombies died there. they all gets out of the bathroom. they sighed and gets out. they starts runs to Neel. when they reach they didn’t see Neel. they stands there. someone put hand on abhay and Nikhil. they screamed. others turn and sees Neel. Neel looks on. they told the story of them in the bathroom. they goes from there to downstairs. when they in the downstairs, ragini comes running toward laksh and hugged him. he hugged back. paridhi hugged utkarsh. Tanu hugged Nikhil. swara comes running towards sanskar. she cares for him. he looks on. swara then hugged sanskar. paridhi look at them both while hugging utkarsh. utkarsh smiles because he now know that paridhi is in love with him.

after a while, swara realized and break the hug. she turned around and wipes her tears. sanskar looks confused. he get a call. he picked it up. “hey, sanskar. I’m coming to the mall to see you.” Kavitha says. when sanskar says about the situation, the call ended. he tries to her. but doesn’t get answer. he gets worried. swara stands a side. paridhi comes there. “I said that you will say your love. now, that is coming true.” paridhi says. swara tries to change them topics. paridhi understand her plan. she goes from there. swara cried.

laksh and ragini caring for each other. after a while, they all gathered in the office. laksh asked about the zombies. they say that they didn’t know. utkarsh gives tight slap to both of them. but they didn’t say anything. Neel gets angry and gets them both by their shirt to akil. akil tries to bite them. they screamed but didn’t get them a side till they accept to tell the truth.

at last, they accept. they make them sit. they all sit around them. “I don’t know about the zombies first. I know durga Prasad a months ago. …” rajat says. “who is durga Prasad?” laksh asked. “the tantrik” apoorva says. “he is a lawyer by professional. he is a tantrik also. he gets a book named “the blacks”. after that only he changed in to a tantrik.” rajat says. and say that he knows that only.

“what is the book for? laksh asked. “I don’t know.” rajat says. they looks on. “I know” apoorva says. laksh, swara, ragini, sanskar, paridhi, utkarsh, Neel, abhay, Nikhil, Tusshar, rajat and Tanu looks at apoorva. apoorva looks at them …

Precap : laksh, swara, ragini, sanskar, paridhi, utkarsh, Neel, abhay, Nikhil, Tusshar, rajat ,apoorva and Tanu strands in the hall. all are having a tool for their safety.

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Credit to: Tamizhacchi

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