Zombies Attack (Part 8)


hi guys… sorry for late… I’m busy in preparing for my exams. forgive me… let’s start the episode, guys.

they all runs upstairs. they stopped to run because of their breathing. they breathing heavily. “we should go” swara tried to catch he breathe. “yeah, we should” sanskar followed swara’s words. “we can go but before that just relax” laksh said. “how we can relax.” ragini says. “yes, you said right” Tanu and Nikhil says.

while, on the other side, Tusshar is shown calling for help. akil makes sounds but didn’t get his face from his knees. Tusshar calls akil and for help. akil at last shows his face to Tusshar. Tusshar start screaming, very soundly. akil gets up and stands in front of Tusshar. akil turned into a full zombie form.

they heard Tusshar screaming. they run again to the office. when they get, akil tries to bite Tusshar. Tusshar shake his head left and right, trying to escape. abhay and Neel comes together and grabs sees akil. akil tries to bite them. but, sanskar comes and grabs his hair to control him from biting anyone. “what happened to you, akil” Neel cries. “he is turned into a zombie. we can’t save him.” laksh said. Neel cried.

ragini and swara roped out Tusshar. Tusshar gets up and says thanks to them. abhay and Neel grabs him towards the chair. akil tries to free himself. he increases his power and tries. Nikhil and laksh comes and grab akil. they make him sits in the chair. utkarsh roped him. “we cannot change. first, we have to get out of here.” laksh said. “yeah, you have the key of the mall, right?” paridhi asked. “yes, come we go to the door” laksh said. they all goes together.

while, they were in the showcase area, they noticed few zombies there rounding. “what should we do?” Tanu asked. “we have to cross them to get out” sanskar says. “is there any other way?” swara and paridhi asked. “I don’t know” laksh said. Neel remember something and says that he knows how to get out. they looks. “when akil and I escaped, I saw a way for cars to come in and got out” Neel says. “then we go” laksh said. “but how there are so many zombies” ragini says. “we have to think” utkarsh says. paridhi stand beside him.

akil now zombie tries to get himself free. on the other, the zombies who gets trapped in the room by sanskar overpowered them. they broke the door and gets out. they walks upstairs. laksh, ragini, sanskar, swara, Nikhil and etc stands there thinking. while they think, Tanu sneezed. they all looked shocked. the zombie comes there. they runs. they comes to the office and Locked the door.

abhay stand infront of CCTV camera, catching his breath. he sees two man runs to a toilet. “security” he called. “what?” laksh comes there. laksh sees them. ” we have to catch them.” laksh said. “but, why?” paridhi asked him. he says the scene that held in between them before this zombies come. “oh-ho, so you’re saying that they will be in the crime” Nikhil says.
“yes” laksh said. “I can’t.” Tanu says. “who will come with me to catch him” laksh asked. Neel remember how akil got attacked. he looks at akil. “I will” Neel stands for him. laksh shakes hand with him. then, utkarsh and abhay and Nikhil and Tusshar stands. the girls are in the room. while, the mens are goes to hunt the two man.

how is it… sorry for the short summary…

Credit to: Tamizhacchi

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