Zombies Attack (Part 7)


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Laksh, ragini, sanskar, swara, Nikhil, Tanu, abhay, paridhi and utkarsh follow Neel. akil called Neel. “what is happening?” Neel asked. “it’s paining” akil cryed. “what can I do, akil? I have no idea how to treat you.” Neel cared for akil. Neel compares akil as his brother. “akil, you stay here. Tusshar, you take care of akil” laksh said. “but sir how I can take care of him while you roped my hand and legs” Tusshar says. “nice, you are trying to get yourself free. if you escape who will take care of him. and this is the punishment” laksh said. Tusshar looks so poor.

they all goes to the parking lot. they didn’t see any human except them. they all looks at Neel. Neel convice them that the type of humans are here. laksh says to them to search. Nikhil and Tanu goes to a side in search. swara and sanskar in other side. paridhi and utkarsh a side. laksh and ragini a side. and Neel and abhay a side.

ragini search full focus. laksh follow behind her. laksh grabs her hand. ragini feels it. “what are you doing. we have to search” ragini says. laksh stands closer to her from behind. ragini closed her eyes in full of shyness. laksh puts her hair a side. ” I said them to search for our privacy. there are no one here except we. there is no type of human animal.” laksh murmurs in her ears. “hmmmm” ragini sings. “I love you, ragini. I’ll be forever with you.” laksh said and kisses her ears and cheek.

swara and sanskar searches. swara is scared. her scarf got stuck in a new as nail on the wall. she calls sanskar out of her scare. sanskar turned. “what?” sanskar asked. “someone is pulling my scarf. I’m scared, now.” swara says. sanskar walks towards her. he sees her scarf got in nail. he gets the scarf out. “be brave. no one is pulling you.” sanskar says. “thank you” swara stumble.

swara walks but her heel gets broken. she falls. sanskar runs towards her and catches. he puts his hand around her waist. swara put her hand in his shoulder. swara closes her eyes out of panic. sanskar looks her. he is amazed by her beauty. swara opened her eyes. swara gets up. sanskar broke his stare. “let’s walk” swara says. “but, you’re heels…” sanskar says. “I know. I’ll left it here” swara says. “but if you hurts while walk with bare feet.” sanskar says. “it’s not that feel hurt bad with compared my sorrows.” swara says and walks. sanskar looks confused.

paridhi and utkarsh searches. utkarsh talks about his feelings for her. paridhi didn’t respond. she smiles with the words he is saying. “I love you” utkarsh says. paridhi excited. “I’ll wait for your answer.” utkarsh says. “okay, I’ll say in morning.” paridhi goes. utkarsh smiles.

abhay and Neel and Nikhil and Tanu comes across. Nikhil says I didn’t saw anything. Neel looks on. they get a creepy sound.. they looks. Tanu grabs Nikhil shoulder. they all walks. there is a door. abhay opened it. the door creaked open. there is a few humans. they all looked as Neel saw. they sees the humans are eating the organs of a human body. they gets shocked.

on the other side,

Tusshar is shown singing a song. while, akil cries out of pain. suddenly, the crying sounded of akil stopped. Tusshar stopped singing and looks at him. akil puts his head on his knees. “akil” Tusshar called. akil sounds creepy. Tusshar gets scared.

Tanu stands in the parking lot alone. she calls laksh and all. they comes to her, after few seconds. “we found them” tanu says. “who?” laksh and ragini asked. “the humans” Tanu says. “is it true?” utkarsh asked. “yeah, I see the humans in a room with my own eyes. I was shocked.” Tanu says. “let’s see.” paridhi says. they goes to the place where others are.

they all see the human animal types. “yes, you’re said true. and, they are zo” laksh said. “I know” Neel says. they looks at each other. “what to do now?” laksh asked. “you’re the security. you have to find the solution.” Tanu says. “okay, first we have to get out of here” laksh said. they backed off without any sound. paridhi makes a sound by pushing a vase in there. the zombies looks at the. they comes. sanskar locked the door.

the zombie starts to knock out. they all runs from there to the CCTV camera office

Precap : Akil tries to bite Tusshar.

how is it?

Credit to: Tamizhacchi

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