Zombies Attack (Part 6)


hey guys, I come here for another episode of Zombies Attack for entertainment you all. I hope you will all like my ff.

Durga Prasad sees the two men running away. he didn’t care about they are running without changing into a zombie. “now, you all are my commanders. we will be the king and commenders of this world and for the god.” durga Prasad giggled. “yes, yes, yes..” the humans now turned into zombies says. “now you go from here and turn the humans in the mall into zombies. after that we will get into the public and change them.” durga prasad says. “hmm …” the zombies says at the same time. the zombies stands goes out of the room.

The joker looks on. he didn’t move. the boss of him comes and asked what. “Neel, oops sorry. boss, I’m try to control him without hurting him. but he is tries to beat me. so, I hit him with a metal tool on his head.” the joker says. Neel check the man’s breath. he didn’t breath. “he is dead, akil. you murdered him” Neel says. “what are you saying, boss. why are you scaring me by saying I’m the murderer” akil says. “it’s okay. I’ll manage the problem. you first put him into the car bonnet. and you are the who hit him. see, his blood spread all around. so, clean it. I’ll wait for you in car.” Neel says. “always I’m the one who is the fool to them” akil looks on.

Neel gets into his car. he locked the door and starts listening songs. then, he sleeps. outside of the car, akil takes the man’s body in his arms. he walks to the back of the car and open the bonnet. akil puts the body into the bonnet. he goes to the bathroom and takes the mob and bucket water. akil then starts to clean.

akil sings songs while cleaning. he hears a sound like when a dog is in angry, it will sounds. he turns around. but no one is there. akil thinks its his dream. he starts cleaning again. into the car, Neel sleep while listening. akil hears the sound again and turns around again. he didn’t see anyone. akil gets scared. when he turns to clean, he sees a man coming. he looked at the man. the man looks so ugly. his body and face full of blood covers. akil tries to sound. but, his voice didn’t come. akil knocked the car door. he didn’t get response. he look into the car, Neel is sleeping. “oh my god, it’s now be a tough task for me to wake him up” akil says to himself and starts to call Neel. the zombie turns into his direction. Neel wakes up and sees the zombie. he unlock the door. akil tries to open but his hands are shaking. the zombie catches akil and tries to bite him. akil open the door and throw the zombie away. he gets into his car. they drove the car. but the zombie again catch akil and bites in the nose. Neel drive the car to a wall. the zombie hits on the wall and fell unconscious. akil cries because of the pain in his nose. Neel conceled him

into the room, utkarsh, paridhi, abhay, saskar and swara are goes to their bed without the realization that the mall is in control of zombies. swara didn’t get sleep. she reminiscences how she and sanskar are best buddies and how she gone to propose him and he tells that he loves Kavitha. and, how she left heart breaks. her eyes filled. but she starts to reminisce their sweet memories and sleeps.

sanskar also didn’t sleep. he worries for Kavitha that why she changed so much. because, they were used to be a happy couples but, now they are fighting and she is always asking him a costly things. he also remember swara. he worries why swara changed from a bubbly person to a sad person. what is the problem into her. sanskar changed his position but didn’t get sleep. he start listening songs in his MP3 player. he sleeps.

laksh sitting in his chair and talks with Tusshar. after a while, laksh sees the CCTV camera. laksh gets a glimpse of a person. the person hides her face with a scarf. laksh gets suspicious and check deeply. the girl is shown to come to CCTV camera office. he takes his metal tool. “Tusshar, there is a thief coming to this place. so I’ll hide behind the cupboard. if she comes. give me any signal. okay?” laksh asks. “okay, sir” Tusshar says. laksh gets into hidden. the girl comes. she looks at Tusshar. Tusshar signals by whistling. laksh comes behind her. ragini turns. they looks at each other.

“whata Roman(what a romance)” Tusshar says and looks excited. they broke their eye lock. “ragini, what are you doing here?” laksh asked. “I came here to see you, how you work” ragini moves her fingers in his shirt. “oh, yes. then see me how I work laksh said and comes closer to her. ragini walk backwards. she stopped walking behind when she hit the wall. ragini looks into his eyes. laksh comes closer. Tusshar sees them both without closing his eyes. ragini closed her eyes and her heart beat rises. laksh stopped and looked at Tusshar. Tusshar looks at them even not realizing raglak is seeing him. “Tusshar, what is this. we are couples. you are seeing us like this. it’s not in manners” laksh said. Tusshar looks sad. ragini laughed. her her head in his chest.

“come, ragini” raglak goes outside. they are standing at the front of the wall. laksh gets romantic. he comes to kiss. ragini closed her eyes with shyness. “security!” a voice comes. laksh gets frustrated. laksh punched the wall. ragini conceled him. Neel comes there and starts to scold laksh. laksh didn’t understand.

“you are keeping some human animal?” Neel asked. laksh didn’t understand. “what are you saying, sir? I cannot understand.” laksh said. sanskar, swara, utkarsh, paridhi and abhay comes down. “what happened?” utkarsh asked like he wants a fight to take place in there. laksh tries to convince them. Nikhil And Tanu also comes there. Nikhil starts to scold laksh for disturbing them. laksh and ragini looks on. the others are looking at laksh. laksh talks with them about he is new here. while they talk, Nikhil stares at ragini. ragini didn’t like it. she sees down. she took her heel out of her feet and looks. Nikhil stare at her. ragini looks at him and then her heels. Nikhil understand what ragini is saying.

Nikhil looks at laksh then. ragini laughed silently and gets her heels into her feet. Tusshar looks at the fight. “sir, what happiness? (what is happening)” Tusshar called laksh. laksh turned and looks at Tusshar. “if you speak any other words. I will kill you.” laksh said. Tusshar says sorry and silently watch. “wait sir, I’ll watch in CCTV camera laksh said. laksh and ragini goes in and checked. the CCTV camera are didn’t working now. laksh looks on.

laksh comes and says that show me tthe zomies. ragini looks at him. others also looks on. “follow me, I’ll show you ” Neel said. he look at laksh…

Precap : They all except Tusshar and akil goes to the parking lot.

so, guys how is the episode? I hope you will like it.

Credit to: Tamizhacchi

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  1. Awesome yaar no words I am big fan of ur ff I like ur unique concept plzzzzzzz update one more chapter plzzzzzzxxxzxzzzz

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